Everyone looked at her because of Chu He’s words.

Gu Tianhao asked first, “What is it?”

Qin Chong also looked at Chu He in surprise.
“What good plan do you have?”

Seeing everyone looking at her, the corners of Chu He’s mouth curled up.

“If you want to know the premise of this plan, you have to promise me one thing.”

Gu Tianhao frowned and reprimanded, “You’re still bargaining at a time like this!”

Qin Chong asked Chu He directly, “What do you want us to promise you?”

Viciousness flashed in Chu He’s eyes.
Her red lips parted slightly and she said something that surprised Gu Tianhao and Qin Chong.

Only Qin Jun frowned when he heard these words, revealing his dissatisfaction with Chu He’s plan.


At this moment, after Li Jing drove the car away from the Gu family and away from danger, her worried heart finally relaxed.

“I was kidnapped.
I didn’t come to the Gu family voluntarily to cause you trouble.” She looked at Gu Qingcheng, who was beside her, and she could not read her emotions.
“Qingcheng, I know you don’t get along with Chu He.
But this is the Gu family, after all, which is also Chu He’s territory.
She deliberately provoked you, so she must have thought of a way to deal with you.
I won’t allow her plan to succeed and hurt you.”

Gu Qingcheng knew that Li Jing had taken her away for her own good.

She was not afraid of Chu He scheming against her.
As long as the inheritance was in her hands, Chu He and Gu Tianhao would not be able to do anything to her.

However, she was worried that Li Jing would be implicated when Chu He plotted against her, so she chose to leave.
Otherwise, Li Jing would not be able to drag her away.

However, she felt terrible and blamed herself.

The last time she took her luggage back to the Gu family, she forgot to take the vase that her mother liked.

If she took the vase away, Chu He would not have the chance to break her mother’s treasure.

In the end, it was all her fault.
She only cared about torturing scum and forgot that Chu He had used this to provoke her.

There was a hint of self-reproach in her hoarse voice.
“Teacher, that vase was my mother’s favorite and also her treasure.”

Li Jing’s expression froze.
She immediately understood why Gu Qingcheng was so angry when she saw the vase being smashed.

She opened her mouth for a long time before she spoke up to comfort Qingcheng.
“Qingcheng, although the vase was left behind by your mother, it’s not like I’m your mother.
But your mother doesn’t want to see you in danger either.
She also hopes that you can leave the Gu family as soon as possible.”

Gu Qingcheng turned to look out of the window.
The sky was covered in thick, dark clouds, and it was as dark as her heart.

She knew that Li Jing was comforting her, but she felt even sadder inside.

“Teacher, let me off when we reach the city.”

Li Jing asked Gu Qingcheng worriedly, “Where are you going?”

Gu Qingcheng didn’t respond to Li Jing.
She got out of the car in the city and took a taxi to a certain place.


At this moment, in Wanmei Villa, Mr.
Zhao’s dislike for Gu Qingcheng was much greater than his affection for Ji Sisi.

He smiled at Ji Sisi, who was dressed up beautifully but appeared very reserved.

“Miss Ji, you don’t have to be nervous.
Young Master has just returned.
He went to the study to settle some matters and will come over to have dinner with you.” He comforted Ji Sisi and asked gently, “What else do you need? Do you want a glass of wine or juice?”

Ji Sisi was wearing a purple knee-length skirt.
Her exquisite makeup could not hide her nervousness.

During the day, Chu Yu had warned her to go home and rest.
Before she could even take a sip of water, he had brought her to President Huo’s house.

She asked Chu Yu why he had asked her to go to the villa.
Chu Yu had been silent the entire way.
Up until now, she did not know what had happened.

However, she still put on beautiful makeup.
After all, this was President Huo’s home.
It was obvious how important she was to President Huo.

When she thought of President Huo, she couldn’t help but blush.
She looked up at the candlelight dinner on the table with a shy expression.

At this moment, Huo Sicheng, who was in the study, was holding a document that he needed to deal with immediately.
However, his cold face had a hint of a trance.

Chu Yu stood in front of his desk.
He sighed silently as he looked at Huo Sicheng.

He didn’t need to think to know that Huo Sicheng was thinking about Gu Qingcheng.
After all, only Gu Qingcheng could distract President Huo.

“President Huo…” He spoke carefully and appropriately.

Huo Sicheng snapped back to reality.
He picked up a pen and quickly signed his name on the document before handing it to Chu Yu.

“Don’t let Ji Sisi go to the company for the next few days.
Let her rest at home.”

“President Huo, have you forgotten?” Chu Yu was stunned.
You told me to bring Ji Sisi to the villa.
She’s already waiting for you in the dining room for dinner.”

Huo Sicheng’s eyes flashed.

Damn it!

Gu Qingcheng’s bashful look was still in his mind, and it even messed up his mind, making him forget that he had brought Ji Sisi to the villa.

He pressed the button on his wheelchair and headed for the door.
If Gu Qingcheng saw Ji Sisi in the dining room, how would she react?

“President Huo…” Chu Yu quickly followed behind Huo Sicheng and said carefully, “Your relationship with Ji Sisi is trending online.
However, the matter of Star Dream Entertainment deleting the trending searches still needs President Huo to handle it personally.”

Huo Sicheng’s wheelchair stopped in an instant and he looked at Chu Yu coldly.

“Because it concerns Madam.” Chu Yu shivered in fear when he saw Huo Sicheng’s cold gaze.
He explained in an aggrieved manner, “Are Star Dream Entertainment’s CEO, Qi Shaoze, and Madam classmates or good friends? He was the one who spread the scandal about superstar Jiang to suppress President Huo’s trending searches, and he was also the one who deleted the trending searches.
If we destroy Star Dream Entertainment, it’ll be hard to explain to Madam.”

When Huo Sicheng heard Qi Shaoze’s name, a complicated look flashed across his eyes.

“I will handle this.”

“Yes, President Huo,” replied Chu Yu.

Offending President Huo meant one had to be prepared to die.

However, there was only one exception to this sense of death, and that was Gu Qingcheng.

He didn’t know what would happen to Star Dream Entertainment in the end, but he was sure that it was the only company that could still exist in Jiang City the next day after offending President Huo.


A bolt of lightning as bright as day split the skies above Jiang City.
The first thunder of early summer came with the heavy rain.

The lightning stopped Huo Sicheng, who was on his way to the dining room.
He looked up at the heavy rain outside the window and felt inexplicably annoyed.

Zhao came out of the dining room and saw Huo Sicheng standing by the window in a daze.
He quickly went up to remind him, “Young Master, why are you here? Miss Ji has been waiting for you in the dining room for a long time.”

Huo Sicheng frowned.

“Madam isn’t back yet?”

Zhao didn’t like the young master mentioning Gu Qingcheng, but he didn’t want to upset him either.

“She hasn’t come back.”

Huo Sicheng’s frustration intensified when he heard that Gu Qingcheng hadn’t returned.
He tugged at his tie.

However, the loosening of his tie did not calm him down.
Instead, he became more and more agitated.

In the end, he took out his phone and turned on the GPS.
When he saw the location of the red dot on it, his breathing stopped.


Another lightning bolt split the sky, and the rain became heavier than before.

He looked at the torrential rain, his eyes filled with panic, and his heart was filled with unease.

“Damned woman!” He hurriedly left.

“Young Master…” Mr.
Zhao was stunned.
“Miss Ji is still waiting for you in the dining room.
Where are you going? What are you going to do?”

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