Scumbag Man Tortured, Scumbag Girl Teared Up After Rebirth

Early summer, Jiang City.

With a loud bang, a red sports car lost control and overturned on the edge of the cliff.

Gu Qingcheng, the number one classical dancer in Jiang City, felt her head buzzing after the impact.
She felt as if all her bones had been crushed.

Bright red blood flowed down her forehead.
Her abdomen was split open, causing her to spit out blood.
She was hanging upside down on the car seat, panting in pain.

This was her beloved car, and she knew about cars.
Three hours ago, she had personally checked the vehicle and confirmed its safety.
She only went back to her dance school halfway.
Who could’ve done something to her in such a short time?

She wouldn’t have slammed on the brakes when she saw the roadblock just now.

Who was it?

Who wanted her to die here?

At that moment, a white off-road vehicle appeared after Gu Qingcheng’s car accident, blending into the gray and white walls around her.
The person who got out of the car was her half-sister, Gu Mei.

She was beautiful, but her eyes were filled with malice as she walked over to the overturned car.
She lay on the ground and smiled at Gu Qingcheng, who was still dizzy.

“Gosh, my dear sister, not only are you bleeding from seven orifices, but half of your car is hanging off the edge of the cliff.
Anytime now, you will fall with the car and be smashed into pieces! ” Her tone was filled with schadenfreude.
“It seems that you’re dead for sure.”

Gu Qingcheng endured the piercing pain and glanced at Gu Mei’s smug face.

Ha, Gu Mei came in time!

This was the only way for her to participate in today’s judges’ dance competition, and she had never gotten along with Gu Mei.

She really wanted to scold Gu Mei, but her leg bones were exposed at this moment.
It was terrifying.
She could only use her arms.
Even if Gu Mei did not kill her, she would die here from excessive blood loss.

She held her breath and endured the pain as she reached out to press the SOS button in the car for help.

Seeing Gu Qingcheng’s actions, Gu Mei smiled smugly.
“Don’t waste your energy.
If I can make your car lose control, I can also destroy the distress system in your car.
I want you to die here today.”

The pain only sharpened Gu Q

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