Chapter 65 – Battle – Part twelve (Leila’s point of view)

I think the coordinated movements of the orcs are a threat, so I suggested that we come to the forest and reduce their numbers as much as we can.

I’m here with Casey, Talia, and Hikari.
This time Sora and Luilui are staying back to defend.

Our strategy is for Talia and Hikari to guide the orcs our way, so Casey and I can finish them.

But even though some time has passed since they went deeper into the forest, there are no signs that any orcs are coming.

Instead, we hear shouts and cries from the orcs.

Casey and I look at each other, and decide to move.
Without letting our guard down of course.

We are mindful of fallen leaves and try to make our footsteps silent.

As we compose our breathing and look for any presences or sounds, no matter how small, we hear the sound of a branch being stepped on.

Casey and I take some distance from each other and hide behind nearby trees.

I carefully peek ahead and see an orc, and then another.

They’re cautiously advancing, but don’t seem to have noticed us.

I give Casey a signal, and we decide on the timing.
First, I use my magic energy infused sword to take down an approaching orc with a single strike.

The other one turns my way as it hears the sound of the first orc falling, but Casey quickly sneaks behind it and pierces it.
The sword passes through it without much resistance, and the second orc falls.

I look at my hands in surprise.

The swords really did penetrate and pass through the orcs without much resistance.
It didn’t even really feel like I cut anything.

Casey is looking at her hands the same way.

But we have no time to be surprised.
After pondering what to do next, I decide we should move forward.

Defeating them so easily has made me greedy, and all I think about now is that I want to thin their numbers a little more.

There is also the fact that Talia and Hikari still haven’t come back.

We go deeper into the forest, while searching for the other two.
Yells and screams are still echoing among the trees.

What are those two doing?

As I think about this, another orc appears from the front.

I don’t jump out, instead I wait until the orc is in the optimal distance for me to slash at it.

I thought I caught it off guard, but it actually reacts by raising its sword to block mine… But its sword is cut cleanly in two.

Even I’m surprised by this.
It happened when Sora was doing a demonstration, but I didn’t think I would be able to do it.

The orc looks even more surprised, and I’m the first one to shake off that shock and transition into the next attack, which cuts off its head.

I start to feel languid, which is a sign that I have spent a lot of magic energy.

This sensation assaulted me a few times when I was practicing.
Sora told me to use that magic item until my magic energy was depleted, so I could see where my limit is.

I take out a mana potion from my item bag and drink it, sending that languid feeling flying away instantly.

It feels like I can fight with a magic energy infused sword as much as I want as long as I have mana potions, but potions are like water, and if I drink too much they will fill my stomach and I won’t be able to move.

And, you know, it brings me close to having to…

Ahem, let us continue.

How many have we taken down? Casey and I have taken four, so there should be eleven left.
Although the screams we hear make it clear that there are fewer than that remaining.

I worry as I wonder how far the other two have gone, when Talia returns.

She tells me she took down five orcs.
Hum… Did I mishear that? Five?

I don’t have a lot of time to be surprised, as Hikari soon comes back as well and tells me she took down three orcs.
I see…

That means there are three left… We all look at each other and talk about our current status.

Is anyone tired? No.

Is anyone hurt? No.

Magic energy? Not a problem.

I see.
But the general is still out there, so we can’t let our guard down.

We head towards the general, when an orc steps forward a bit and is quickly dispatched.

Two left.
We decide to surround them and attack them all at once.

The general is a strong enemy, but after an attack from all sides takes out its buddy, it is left with nothing to defend its back, and the general is cut down without much issue.

We did it.
Honestly, even I am surprised.

Was an orc general always something that could be defeated so easily?

Sora’s words suddenly run through the back of my mind.
This really is a dangerous power.
I can see how it could lead to complacency.

I need to have a good talk with Talia and Casey about this later.

Hikari says she will drain the orc’s blood as much as she can before Sora gets here, and we gather as many corpses as we time allows.

Yes, we can’t bring them all.

Sora gets here, and goes on again about important things to keep in mind about using magic energy.

But I don’t disagree.
Talia and Casey also realize this, and listen intently.

He says ‘well done’ in the end, and I’m simply happy to take the compliment.

However… I still don’t think all the head-patting he does only to Hikari is right, but I would hate for anyone to confuse this with jealousy.

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