away with it.

However, this is an opportunity.
I grab a knife I have on my waist and throw it forward.
At the same time, I change direction and run towards the axe wielding orc.

It stops and gets ready to intercept me, but I raise my sword, and as I get closer, I shoot out my spell.

“Fire Arrow!”

The arrow of fire shot out at close range hits the orc right in the face.

Maybe it’s because its level is too low, or maybe it’s because I’m not used to using it, but it’s not enough to take the orc down.

But it does succeed in making the orc lose its balance, and I swing down at it with my sword.

The sword slashes its neck with little resistance.
I thought the wound was too shallow, but blood starts gushing, its body shakes, and it falls to the ground.

I leave it behind me as I turn around and waste no time moving on.

The orcs just happen to be lined up here, so I close the distance between us, and cross swords with the one in front.
It swings down its sword, I ward it off with minimal movements, and use the momentum to use a skill I haven’t had the chance to really use before, Sword Rush.

This is a sword technique I learned as Sword Master leveled up.
It increases the speed of my sword, and more than doubles its power.

The tip of my sword pierces the orc’s torso and goes in without much resistance.

The blood stains my robe, and as I swing it off my sword, the skill’s effect runs out.
At the same time, I feel like my strength is leaving my body, probably because I used a lot of SP.

Because of this, I’m slow to react.

The remaining orc approaches me without me even realizing it, and swings its two handed sword at me with such force that it would destroy even a fellow orc.

I don’t evade in time…

I use Sword Rush again, although my position means it’s not as fast as before.
But that should still mean I’ll just barely make it.

My sword borrows power from the skill and jumps at the orcs sword, and as they clash violently, the tip of my sword breaks, but I at least succeed in changing its trajectory.
The orc’s sword passes by me and sticks to the ground.

I run away, almost like I’m falling over.
My body isn’t moving the way I want it to anymore.
I check my status, and see my SP is at zero.

I face the orc again, as it swings its sword horizontally.

As I look up at its face, I see it’s smiling, completely confident in its victory.

I take my gun out of the Item Box, and activate a barrier to protect myself from the incoming slash.

The barrier manages to deflect the two handed sword, and the orc’s face is painted with shock.
Since the shield is transparent, only its user knows it’s there.

I pull the trigger multiple times, firing every bullet.

The orc looks like it can’t believe what just happened, and after it slowly falls, it doesn’t move again.


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