Chapter 34 – Hunting quest – Part three

“Can I ask something?”

We finish eating, and after doing a lot of thinking, I face Lantz and decide to ask him something.


“Do you know how many orcs are there and how many people were taken?”

He looks at me with dubious eyes, but I can also see hesitation in them.

His expression makes me think there’s a conflict going on inside his head.

“Why are you asking?”

“I’m just curious.
I’m sorry if that’s insensitive.
I was thinking about this yesterday before I fell asleep, but I will hunt the orcs if you can help.
No, I think all I can do is draw them away, but I’ll help rescue the people they took.”

This house is too big for one person, and the amount of tableware seems strange too.
And above all else, the back and forth between Lantz and that other villager yesterday makes me think he’s trying to stifle something inside him.

“If what they said yesterday is bothering you, forget it.
That’s just what being an adventurer is like.”

“Are you speaking from experience?”

“…I am.”

“It’s not really about people here.
I want to fight orcs.
Rather, I want to see if I can take them down.”

“Are you saying it’s just a test of strength? Is that…”

“I’m not trying to get permission or anything.
If you can’t do it, I’ll ask the people from yesterday.
I’m sure they will say yes.”

Although to be honest, I want Lantz to come along if that’s possible.
All the others who spoke to me yesterday were regular villagers.
One of them was a hunter, but I doubt he knows a lot about orcs.
Not that I know a lot either.

Lantz stares at me without looking away, and I respond in kind.

I don’t know how much time passes, but eventually he turns away first.

“Why are you going that far for complete strangers?”

“Well… I was treated kindly by complete strangers too.
And I really do want to fight orcs.”

If I was asked if I really do want to fight, I would have to say that’s half true, if I was completely honest.
I feel like it would all come to nothing if I ended up dying.

But I think what I’m feeling right now makes sense.
Rurika, Siphon, and all the others probably didn’t teach me all those things just out of the goodness of their hearts, but still, for someone like me who was fumbling around in this world, their outstretched hands made me happy and helped me a lot.

“This is just for my own self-satisfaction.
Don’t worry about it.”

I say that bluntly and wait for a response.

Lantz seems indecisive.
It’s like he’s weighing his options as a former adventurer, villager, lover or parent.
He seems like a genuinely nice guy with a kind heart.

“All right.
I’ll speak to everyone.”

I can draw the orcs away, but I don’t know how many people were taken, so you’ll have to get the people to rescue them.”

I actually do know, but I obviously can’t explain it.

They talk in the village chief’s house, and in the end, it’s decided that five villagers, Lantz included, will be coming along.

As for the others, young people who are fast runners will be running to the guild to put out a quest, and the rest will stay in the storehouse.
The storehouse is tougher than the other buildings, and has a basement that can be used as a shelter.

“Please be careful.”

Says the village chief while bowing deeply.

We move out with Lantz leading the way.
They don’t know exactly where the orcs are, so we head in the direction where the villagers say they saw the orcs go.

After advancing for a while, the forest starts to become thicker.
I also pretend to look around for clues, and guide people by pointing to things that might be tracks.

Lantz looks at all of this like he thinks it’s strange.

“I’ve been to forests a lot because of picking quests, so I’ve gotten into the habit of tracking monsters and beasts without even thinking.”

I say, and apparently he accepts it.

I actually do see some tracks as we head there.
Some trees were damaged, probably in a show of force.

“Wait… There is a clearing up ahead.
Wait here while I go check it out.”

“On your own? Are you sure?”

“It’s better if no one is holding me back.
Lantz, you take everyone and hide around here.”

To be perfectly honest, I feel restricted.

It would be bad if they did something wrong.
They’re all on edge, and I’m worried that something might happen that causes them to lose control.
Although that’s understandable, since people dear to them were taken.

“If you move carelessly and are discovered, that will put the people who were kidnapped in danger.
If you can’t follow directions, you should head back.”

I warn just in case.

Some people look unhappy about some youngster telling them this, but I ignore them and look at Lantz.
Are you all right? If you do something careless, you might put the others in danger.

It looks like he understands, and he nods before prompting everyone to move.

I see them go, and move too.

I don’t see any movement from the orcs.
First I have to see what kind of place they’re in.

I get closer while using Presence Obstruction, and see one orc standing alone.
Is it standing watch? From what I can see using my naked eyes, there’s one orc standing in front of a crumbling building.

Look at the building, this place seems relatively big, and behind it is a rocky mountain, so going around and assaulting it would be hard.
I need to find a way to lure those five orcs out.

Would they come out if I attacked directly from the front? Or would they see the attack, and use the people in there as hostages? This might be kind of a gamble.
I don’t think I can make this call on my own, so I should go back and talk to the others.

I check the terrain and the environment around us and go back, where I meet up with the others and explain the situation quickly.


“Yes, we don’t know what the orcs might do.
What I can do now, is use an item I have to make a lot of noise.
If I use it and the orcs come out, I can show myself and lead them away.
If that doesn’t work, I have no choice but to just attack.
Do you know how many orcs there are?”

“Four or five.
I don’t think there are more than that.”

“I see.
So is this how we’re going to do it?”

“…How about we watch for a bit and see if they come out? It’s almost lunch time, so they might come out to eat.”

“Lantz is right.
We should avoid danger if possible.”

“But do orcs have meals the same way people do?”

“…That I don’t know.”

“All right, we’ll take positions and watch.
But if they don’t move, we have to go with the first idea.

There aren’t any more good ideas, so we have to go with this one, even if it’s risky.

If we attacked at night, we would have to escape in complete darkness, unless we took down every orc.

The others know this too, so although they don’t completely agree with my idea, they accept it.

“Oh, and take this.
Use them if you need to.”

I hand over a bag with recovery potions and stamina potions.

Lantz is reluctant to accept it at first, but after imagining the condition of the people inside, he takes it.

Potions are probably high-class items for these villagers.
Would they be surprised if there were ten of each inside?

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