Since she’s asking, I tell her about going to the merchant guild, checking out houses, going around stalls, and all the stuff we did today.

“So you are planning to go to the dungeon?”

“We might as well test our skills while we’re here.
And I want some magic stones too.”

“That means your house won’t get much use even if you do rent one.”

How do you, or rather, how do most people explore the dungeon?”

“Well… Let’s say you start on the twenty-third floor.
You will most likely advance to the twenty-fifth floor, register it, and then use the device to come back.
Of course, you could also advance further if you felt you could still go, or you could go back to the twentieth floor and use the device there if you felt you could not get through the twenty-fourth floor.”

Sounds simple enough.
I ask if there are items used to come back, and Leila says there are, at least in theory.

“There is an item called return stone.
However, it would cost at least three hundred gold coins, although it also appears rarely in treasure chests in the dungeon.
If put up for auction, it is guaranteed that one of the major clans will buy it.
It can also be acquired in treasure chests dropped by defeated bosses.
We have gotten our hands on one before.”

Of course, there are some people who won’t sell them.
It’s an item that could save their lives after all.
Apparently the guild has a few in case of an emergency.

“You will probably be staying in the dungeon a lot.
Some of the people who rent houses do so because they are afraid they won’t find an inn when they return, or rent one together with people they know.”

Leila and her party stay in a dormitory, and worst case scenario, they can go home.

And also, while this isn’t common, some people hire others to take care of the houses they rent while they’re away.
They cook, do laundry, and all sorts of other chores like it was an inn.

This can be arranged through the guild, and some adventurers, mostly veterans, even buy slaves just for this purpose.

Mia, who has been quietly listening this whole time, looks up and reacts for a second, before returning to her original position and quietly listening again.

“Also, I’m sorry, but I asked people about renting houses, and no one I asked was very familiar with it.”

“Thank you for asking.
I’m sure you’re busy since you just returned to the academy.”

“You have done more than enough for us, so don’t worry about it.
We will have to attend the academy for the time being, so we won’t be able to explore the dungeon with you, but how about we go together when we have some time?”

“Sounds good.
By the way, how far have you gotten?”

“The twenty-seventh floor if I remember correctly.”

“Then that will be our goal too.”

“I’m sure you can do it, but don’t overdo it.
The dungeon is not like a normal hunt.”

It’s getting late, so I propose that I accompany them back, but they say it’s fine because they will be going by wagon.
Apparently there are wagons going around the city at specific intervals.
They sound like regular buses.

Still, I leave the inn with them and accompany them to the wagon.
I feel people’s attention on me, but I don’t really know why.


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