But when it’s Leila’s turn, the gatekeeper’s expression changes when he sees her card.

Leila doesn’t seem too bothered by it.

“What are you going to do now, Sora?”

“We’re going to stay in an inn for now, but is there a way to rent a house here?”


I answer Leila’s question with a nod.
I don’t know when Rurika and Chris will be coming here, so if renting a house is cheaper, we could go for that option.

Staying in an inn comes with its privileges, but we’ll probably have more time in a rented house, if Mia is going to practice her cooking.

“I see.
I will be going home for now, so I will ask if they know anyone who can help.”

And are there any inns you recommend? Especially ones with nice meals.”

“I do, but it might be a little expensive, you know? Are you all right with that?”


And so, Leila guides us to an inn.

This city gets a lot of monster meat from the dungeon, and apparently this inn is popular in Majolica because of the refined meals they serve.
I ask for a room for four people for three nights.

I’m not wasting time resisting, I’ve learned my lesson.


“I will have to go to the academy tomorrow, but I will come visit again at night.”

“Then I’ll take care of some things during the day too.”

And so, we say goodbye to Bloody Rose for today.

They all live in the academy’s dormitory, but Leila and Casey are going to be visiting their homes.
I’m sure their parents are worried about them going to another country, even if they are B ranked adventurers.

The other four aren’t from here, so they’re going straight back to the dormitory.

I head to the merchant guild the next morning.
People in the inn told me where it is.

This world doesn’t have guide maps or anything, so if you want to go someplace, you have to look for it yourself.
That’s why I end up asking gatekeepers and people in inns a lot.

Map shows me buildings, but I can’t tell what they are.
Once I know what they are, it just sort of learns it too.

“How may I help you?”

“I was thinking about renting a house.
Is it possible to do this through the merchant guild?”

“Yes, no problem.
What kind of house are you looking for?”

“A detached house that can accommodate at least six people, preferably with a separate room for all of them.”

“Are you planning to stay here long?”

“I’m a traveling merchant, so I’m thinking of going to the dungeon to gather materials.
That is why I need a base of sorts.”

I hand my card.

“Very well.
We have a few options.
Would you like to see them in person?”

“That would be great.”

Please wait while I call someone who can guide you.”

This person is very competent.
It all got taken care of really fast.

After a while, a woman that kind of reminds me of a small animal walks out, who will be my guide as I check out the houses.


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