Chapter 1 – Confirming my current status

Before I know it, it’s morning.

Apparently I fell asleep as I was doing some thinking.
I guess the environment change made me more exhausted than I thought.

I walk to the window, and look at the city again.

The capital of Elesya spreads out in a circle with its castle in the center.
Closer to the middle are many imposing tall buildings, and as we get further from it, the smaller houses stand out.

I see some clouds slowly floating in the still somewhat dark sky.
Last night I looked up and saw two moons, which made me feel like I’m really in another world.

I’m staying in a cheap inn close to the outskirts.
It has two floors, and the first floor is a dining room.

One night is costing me ten bronze coins, breakfast and dinner included.
It was originally a bit more, but I got a discount because I paid for ten days straight.

The owner looked annoyed when I went to pay with a gold coin, but when I told her it was all I had, she gave me the change.

Some stores don’t like it when people try to pay with gold coins, and I was told that I should have silver coins for stores, and bronze coins or coins with holes in the center for stalls.

The merchant guild does currency exchange, but there is a handling charge for people not affiliated with it.

For a second I wondered if two gold coins would be enough to pay for my lodging, but this is a pretty cheap inn.

Also, it’s good to have money if I’m going to have to live in this world.
I never know when I might need something.

The innkeeper told me there are coins with a hole in the middle, bronze coins, silver coins, gold coins, and platinum coins in this world.

One bronze coin is worth a hundred coins with a hole.

One silver coin is worth a hundred bronze coins.

One gold coin is worth a hundred silver coins.

One platinum coin is worth a thousand gold coins.

Platinum coins are used by royalty, nobility, and the richest merchants, and the average person has probably never even seen one.

I currently have one gold coin and ninety nine silver coins! One gold coin is actually enough for me to live for six months without doing anything.
If I don’t waste money of course.

The innkeeper told me all sorts of things while I ate.
One thing particularly important is that I need identification when entering a town.

Without it, I have to pay every time I enter a town, and apparently some towns charge a lot.

The innkeeper had a surprised look on her face when I told her I didn’t know about this.

She must think it’s strange that I didn’t know, because she figures I must’ve gone through an entrance at some point, if

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