Tasting the red liquid oozing from Carters neck, Lucians eyes went wide.

This taste… Its amazing! I don remember ever drinking anything this good before!

Losing himself in pleasure, Lucian kept drinking Carters blood.

Forgetting everything else, he completely succumbed to the intoxicating taste.

Lucian only stopped when he felt the blood in Carters body completely run out.


[You Have Quenched Your Thirst For Blood. THIRST bar has been reset to 0]

[You have received 10 Exp for killing an E-rank mortal]

[You have received 20 Exp for drinking the blood of an E-rank mortal]

[Quest Completed]

[Quest: Drink Blood]

Quest Completion Requirements:

– Drink 100% of a mortals blood.

Quest Duration:

– 24 Hours

Quest Completion Rewards:

– Victims Ability (Warning: currently does not work on victims with abilities greater than E-rank)

[Ability Plunder Has Activated!]

[Plundering E-Rank Ability: Iron skin…]

[Plundering Successful!]

[New Ability: Iron Skin]

[Ability Description: Cover your body with a coating of metal. Significantly increases defence durability.]

[Cost: 1 Ability Energy every 10 seconds of use.]

[Gained 20 Exp For The Completion Of A Quest]

”Hmm? ”

Lucian read through the notifications and smiled to himself.

He closed his eyes and focused his power.

The skin around his fist began to change colour, turning from pale-yet-peachy colour into an onyx colour.

Opening his eyes, he slammed his fist onto his chest, which was covered with a similar coating.


The sound of metal striking metal rang out.

”It works! ”

Lucian turned his attention to the dried-out corpse on the floor.

”I thank you for your contributions. ”

Lucian picked up Carters dried-up corpse and brought it near the shattered beer bottle, and threw it on the ground.

He patted down Carters corpse finding a lighter and a half-finished pack of cigarettes.

Putting those into his pocket, Lucian left the dining room and entered the kitchen.

Walking over to his fridge, Lucian pulled out a few bottles of vodka and brought them back to Carters corpse.

Unscrewing both of them, he dumped the contents onto carters body, making sure that all of it was covered in vodka.

Lucian dug into his pockets for the cigarette and lighter he got earlier, pulling one of the cigarettes out of the container.

He put the rest of the pack safely back into Carters pocket.

Taking the lighter, Lucian lit one of the cigarettes, throwing it onto Carters vodka-covered corpse.

The instant the small sparks from the cigarette hit the vodka, a massive fire roared to life engulfing the entirety of Carters body.

”Carter Owenson age 43, died in a fire in his house after coming home drunk. Tripping and spilling alcohol on the floor, while smoking, he burned to death. A fitting end for someone like you. Not that its my place to judge you. After all… I may not be any better myself. ”

Lucian turned around and left the burning corpse.

The fire spread to the surroundings setting the entire house up in flames.

Lucian quickly left through the front door, locking it behind him.

After he climbed into his car, he heard the sirens of firetrucks heading his way.

He spared one look in the direction of the noise, before closing his eyes.

”Alecia, lets get going. ”

”Yes, master. ”


After Lucian made it back to his house, he made a beeline for the underground research facility.

Immediately after the elevator doors opened, Lucian walked over to one of the tables and grabbed a small scalpel.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, brought the scalpel closer to his forearm and plunged it into his skin.


Lucian clenched his teeth tightly to suppress a cry of pain.

Gingerly pulling the scalpel out of his skin, Lucian looked at the bloody hole in his flesh.

”Lets see if this works ”

[Highspeed Regeneration]

For a second after using the ability nothing happened.

”I guess thats to be expected… No way did it get faste- ”

Lucian saw something which immediately caused him to stop mid-sentence.

The flesh around the injury site began to wriggle, melding together and covering the injury.

Within seconds the wound had completely healed, not even leaving a scar or scab behind.

It was as if no injury had ever taken place.

[Injury healed. Thirst -5]

The feeling of satiety that Lucian was enjoying disappeared.

Leaving only a fleeting feeling of hunger.

”Welp… I should have done this before I killed Carter… ”

Unfortunately, no matter how much Lucian wanted to complain, he knew that there was no point in doing so.

If he really wanted more blood, he could always go pick some more after all.

Countless ex-convicts didn pay for their crimes, so Lucian didn care too much about killing them.

If it was before, Lucian didn think he could kill humans that easily.

Hed probably have even had second thoughts about claiming Carters life.

He didn know if it was because of his desperation to not die or if it was because hed turned into a vampire…

Something changed in him, allowing him to murder Carter without much remorse.

In fact…

Lucian felt it was only natural that he had killed Carter.

As natural as a shark swallowing a fish, or a wolf devouring a sheep.

His place in the food chain had shifted.

He was no longer a normal human.


Normal humans were the prey, and Lucian was the predator.

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