”Lucian! Come give me a hug! ”

”Im coming! ”

A young child dashed into a womans widespread arms, relishing in the warm feeling of comfort that washed over him.

Being with this woman made him feel safe.

It was as if everything would be alright as long as she was there with him.

”Aww? No hugs for me? ” a mans voice questioned.

Lucian turned and looked at the man.

”Its free for mom, but you need to pay. 1 hug costs 1 ice cream cone, and don try to swindle me this time with an empty cone. I want actual ice cream on it! ”

The man smiled.

”Cheeky brat! Fine, Ill give you your ice cream cone, with ice cream on it. Do we have a deal now? ”

Lucian nodded his head and dove into his fathers embrace.

”Thats more like it! ”

Lucians father rustled Lucians hair with his left palm.

Despite seemingly happy while hugging his dad, tears began to leak from Lucians eyes.

Noticing it, Lucians dad smiled somberly and gently rubbed his sons back.

”Good job on holding out this long son. Im sure your
eal parents would have been proud. ”

Lucian pulled his head off of his dads chest.

Wiping his tears with his sleeve, Lucian did his best attempt at a smile.

”Im fine dad, see! Theres no way your son wouldn be able to handle something as little as this! I promise to take care of the company! Otherwise, how could I call myself a Sanguinis? ”

Lucians mother also joined in on the embrace, wiping the remainder of Lucians tears off with her delicate fingers.

”Im sorry the two of us couldn do a better job in raising you, but Im sure we would be proud of the man youve become. ”

Lucian shook his head.

”You don need to apologize, I know whatever happened was out of your control. ”

She smiled sadly.

”Also, ” Lucians father spoke up, ”Make sure to treat Stella properly. You know how much she cares for you. Don make her cry. ”

Lucian threw his dad a look of disbelief.

”You do understand the power dynamic in our relationship, right? That gorilla-woman is the one who makes me cry! ”

”Don let her catch you saying that. ”

Lucians body shivered.

”Ive already learned that the hard way. ”

Lucians mother chuckled.

”It seems our dear boy has his work cut out for him! ”

Sighing, Lucian nodded his head.

”You have no idea… ”

The three of them spent their time idly talking, however, it didn stay that way for long.

Lucian suddenly felt his connection with this place growing weaker by the second.

Understanding that it was time for him to go, he slowly stood up.

”Mom, Dad, thanks for seeing me again, even if it was just a dream. I promise you that I won let those greedy bastards take what belongs to our family. Don worry, I won let you down. ”

”Silly child, we
e your parents, no matter what, we will always worry for you. It doesn matter how old you get, you will still be our son. ”

”Go give them hell! Show those two-faced bastards what my son is capable of! ”

Lucian gave his parents one last hug before he closed his eyes.

When he re-opened them, he found himself on a white bed in what appeared to be a hospital room.

However, this room was somewhat familiar for Lucian.

After all, this was just another room in his house.

”I haven dreamed of them in so long… Maybe this was a byproduct of that thing going into my brain? ”

Climbing out of the bed, his eyes coincidentally landed on one of the mirrors fixated on the adjacent wall.

Almost nothing about him was different from before.

Except… For one major difference.

His eyes were glowing blood red!

Lucian staggered towards the mirror in disbelief.

”W-whats going on? Alecia? ”

Just as Lucian was about to close his mouth, he paused.

Something was off about his mouth.

Something about his teeth seemed different from before.

In a panic, Lucian opened his mouth wide.

Only to find two extremely large fangs protruding from his upper jaw.

He ran his finger across his left fang in disbelief, accidentally cutting said finger in the process.


He had barely applied any pressure and it still managed to cut his finger.

”Whats going on? ”

Just as Lucian fell into a panic, he noticed a large rectangular box appear again in his sight.

[Vampirization Process Complete]

”Vampirization process? Blood red eyes and sharp fangs? Oh no… Don tell me… ”

The doors to the room opened and a humanoid-shaped robot entered.

”Its as you have feared. You appear to have been turned into a Vampire. ”

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