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F Stands For Failure

Lucian bolted through the halls as fast as he could.

Im so dead!

The surrounding students all gave him looks of disgust upon eyeing him.

Some even hurled profanities at his back.

Lucian didn care though.

After all…

His life was at stake!

Lucian dashed up the stairs to the second floor of the building, quickly spotting his destination.

His classroom door.

As long as he could get there fast enough, he would be safe!

Reaching the door, he was about to open it, but his hand froze on the door handle.

He could feel a chilling gaze fall into his back, causing him to stiffen.

This was the exact scenario he wanted to avoid.

Im done for…

Lucian braced himself and turned around.

Surprisingly, the person behind him was a girl around his age.

She had long lustrous dark blue hair that reached all the way down to her waist.

Her figure was a solid 10/10 as well, being slim while not lacking in the necessary areas.

In fact, her assets were quite bountiful, to say the least.

She looked a little bit older than Lucian but not by much.

Maybe only one or two years.

The girls teal eyes bore a hole into Lucian.

Even though the girl appeared to be smiling, her smile didn quite reach her eyes.

”Oya? Why are you running Lucian? ”

Beads of sweat began to form on the back of Lucians neck.

”Um… I was worried I was going to be late for class! ”

”Hmm? Even though class doesn start for another 15 minutes? ”

Lucian gave her a serious look.

”I am a dedicated student who is eager to learn! Coming 15 minutes ahead is the least only normal! ”

”Yet, I hear youve been sleeping in class? ”

”That was just me meditating! ”

”While snoring? I heard it was quite loud. ”

Lucians smile twitched.

Which bastard ratted me out?

”If you
e wondering who told me, it was none other than the other two stooges in your trio. ”

”No way those guys would never do something like tha- Ill kill those **ers! ”

”Lucian… your true thoughts are leaking out. ”

At this point, Lucian only had one last card up his sleeve.

”Ahem. Anyways, I REALLY need to get back to class now, so Ill see you later! Bye! ”

He decided to use a certain well-known anime familys secret technique and bolted in the direction which he originally came from.


All he had to do was reach his car.

Thats all he needed!

Sadly at this point, Lucians luck ran out.

He could feel a soft and delicate hand on his shoulder.

But despite being soft and delicate, it carried an almost unbelievable amount of strength behind it.

”Do you… need something, Stella? ”

”I feel like I haven seen my fiancés face in a long time! How about we have a heartfelt one-to-one chat, and catch up? ”

Lucian grimaced.

Having a nice one-on-one conversation with a girl as beautiful as this was the dream of countless men, especially considering the girl was the one who proposed it.

However, Lucian saw it as nothing more than a death sentence.

After all, that person was none other than his fiancé and childhood friend.

”I have class in 15 minutes! ”

Lucian tried one last attempt at trying to play the diligent student.

”You mean you have homeroom. Lets be honest, no one will pay much attention even if you don show up. ”

Lucian cringed at the ruthless insult.

”Do you need to be so mean to me? ”

”Its not mean if Im simply stating the facts. Is it? ”

At this point, Lucian gave in and decided to comply with his fiancés request to alk.

Some of the other guys in the hallway threw hateful stares at Lucian.

How dare that bastard get so chummy with her!

Stella swiped her hand, creating a small portal-looking hole in the air and dragged Lucian through it by his ear.

”Eyaaa! Owwwww! ”

Lucian cried out in pain from her manhandling.

Stellas mouth curved up into a small smile.

”That might have worked if I didn know you were faking it. Nice try though. ”

Lucian stopped screaming in pain, and shrugged his shoulders

”Well, it didn hurt to try. ”

After they finished going through the portal, Stella snapped her fingers, promptly closing the portal.

Lucian looked around, only to find himself at the top of a building.

Their schools building to be exact.

”So… What do you need? Surely you won hurt me right? ”

Lucian looked at his fiancé with puppy-dog eyes, trying to garner as much sympathy as possible.

Sadly his foe this time knew him just as well as he knew himself.

There was no fooling her.

”I want to ask you a question. ”

Stella took a step forward, prompting Lucian to take a step back.

”Who was that girl earlier? ”

She took another step forward, and Lucian took another step back.

”Umm… I bumped into her! I was just trying to help her up! ”

Stella kept walking toward Lucian, as he continued to retreat backwards.

Until Lucian felt a cold metal bar press against his back.

Fuck! I have nowhere else to go!

Seeing that Lucian couldn back up any further, Stella closed in on the distance between them.

Stella was close enough that Lucian could even smell the scent left behind by the shampoo from her morning bath.

”…Is that so? Can you prove it? ”

Lucian was flustered by the current turn of events, however, he stood his ground.

”No… But you know what kind of person I am! I would never do anything to hurt you! ”

”Hmm… You are right about that… I guess I just jumped to conclusions. ”

Lucian breathed out a sigh of relief.

But, he soon regretted letting down his guard.

”However… Don think that you can get a free pass for sleeping in class. ”

Lucian froze.

”Um… Can we just sweep that under the rag? Please? ”

Stella gave Lucian a cheerful smile.

”Nope~ ”

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