A sleek red sports car rolled down the street, causing countless nearby pedestrians to stop their actions and gawk.

Just from the exterior design, they could tell it must have cost a fortune, especially considering the shiny metal logo brightly displayed on it.

Twin blood-red dragons spiralling around a western-styled sword.

That was the logo of Sanguine Motors, a luxury car brand enjoyed almost exclusively by the top brass.

After all, the cheapest car they had to offer cost half a million dollars.

Average citizens like them didn have any hopes of being able to buy such a car.

The sports car passed by countless intersections, only slowing down when it came close to a high school.

The car rolled into the schools parking lot in an available spot not too far from the academys entrance.

The drivers door slowly opened, revealing a handsome young man with jet black hair and icy black eyes.

He had a somewhat annoyed look as he walked towards the school entrance.

As he strolled towards the entrance, his shoulder coincidentally bumped against the girl to his right.

The girl, far too engrossed with her phone, neglected to watch where she was walking.

”Kya! ”

The girl cried out in shock as she lost her balance.

Falling backwards, she landed square on her butt.

”Oww… ”

She rubbed her aching behind as she looked up to see who or what she ended up bumping into.

She was about to yell at the person to watch he was going, but one look at the boy before caused her attitude to do a complete 180.

Those cold black eyes, I feel like I could stare at them forever….

The girl couldn help but admire the beauty of the guy before her.

While she hadn been at this academy for very long, she hadn seen a guy quite as visually appealing as the one before her.

There was nothing to nitpick about his face either.

The boys nose wasn too big nor too small.

His lips were somewhat small, but that only added to his charm.

Furthermore, his eyes…

It felt like they could pierce directly into her soul.

The boy turned to face her, offering his hand to help her.

”Are you okay? That was quite the fall. ”

Even his voice was quite pleasant to the ear.

”Y-yeah, thanks. ”

She nervously took the guys hand and let him help her up.

Is this destiny?

She couldn help but look at the guy with a mystified gaze.

The guy quickly turned around, scanning the nearby vicinity for something.

When the guy looked at one of the schools windows, his expression visibly paled.

While the girl was slightly intrigued by the guys actions, she didn think too deeply about it.

Maybe he was just nervous being so close to a girl?

The guy looked at the girl.

”Anyways, I need to get going now. See you later! ”

Before the girl could say another word, the guy bolted towards the academy doors.

”I didn even get to ask his name…. ”

The girl lamented the fact that she wasn able to keep the conversation going.

Who knew if and when she would have another chance like this?

As she stared longingly at the entrance door, she heard a voice call out.

”Sarah! Are you okay? I saw you fall! ”

Sarah turned around to see her best friend Alice looking at her worriedly.

”I-Im fine. More importantly, who was that guy? He was… quite handsome…. ”

Alice looked at Sarah with a look of blatant disbelief.

”THAT GUY? You really fell for that trash? Well, since you had only transferred in a week ago, you wouldn know much about that guy… Hes somewhat of a celebrity here, and almost everyone here knows who he is. ”

Sarah gave Alice a confused look.

”If hes popular, why is it so bad? Ah! Is he one of those dirty womanizing scum? ”

Alice shook her head.

”Far worse. Hes trash with an F-rank power. ”

Sarahs complexion fell.

”F-rank… Yeah, its best if I forget about him then. ”

”Also, ” Alice continued, ”Have you ever heard of SaguineCorp LTD? ”

Sarah nodded her head.

”I would have had to live under a rock to not know about it! They had an almost unstoppable meteoric rise until a few years ago! ”

”They were a conglomerate giant, which had businesses in almost everything. From restaurants to technology, SanguineCorp dominated the economy! ”

”But… I heard that the company started falling apart a few years ago. Its only a mere shell of its previous self. Why did you ask me this? ”

Alice sighed as she looked at the entrance doors, where the guy from earlier had fled in a panic.

”That guys name is Lucian Sanguinis… The current heir to that doomed company. ”


Authors Notes: Thank you for reading the first chapter of my new book! By the way, the man in the first chapter was the mc for those who didn get it.

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