Chapter 6 : Can’t be Coaxed

After rejecting the high imitation account, Ji Pianpian felt refreshed.

What if she dropped ten levels? With this skill book in her hands, she didn’t play this game for more than ten days in vain!

Ji Pianpian carefully put the skill book in the warehouse, and went to the outskirts of the city to fight monsters with great interest.
She has to level up quickly.
Only when her level is high can she get rid of that high imitation account and appreciate the demeanor of a master.

“Stand up, stand up.
Pretty baby stand up!”

A strange alarm sounded.
Ji Pianpian quickly let go of the mouse, and “stood1” against the wall.

This is one of her homework assignments.
Although her main major choice was choreography, she also took a major in Hosting to be safe.

Broadcasting hosts have a need for image.
No matter how you are born with a face, you still need to maintain your figure.

Even if there were no classes for these two days, Ji Pianpian did not dare stay in bed all the time.
She set the alarm clock and would get up and move around in an hour or so.
Either she would stand against the wall, or kick her leg high, or plank for a while…

In short, she has to be active!

Ten minutes later, Ji Pianpian returned to the game enthusiastically.

After playing for so long, it was the first time she had this itchy feeling.

No wonder so many people can’t get enough of Heaven’s Cry.
After finding a sense of accomplishment, it is indeed very interesting!

System reminder: The player “DuWo” requests to be your game friend.

You’re here again!

Ji Pianpian refused with a hand faster than last time.

Not long after the system prompts again: The player “DuWo” requests to be your game friend.

Ji Pianpian did not hesitate: “Reject!”

After three consecutive times, the system prompt went quiet.

Ji Pianpian stared for a while, then pursed her lips: “When killing someone, he’s quite persistent.”

She only rejected him three times, but he had killed her more than thirty times.

Forget it, she doesn’t want to see him anyway!

Ji Pianpina picked up a task in the main city, and then she went to fight goblins outside the city.

This low-level task is fairly simple.
After being tempered, she was no longer yesterday’s little noob2, and her freezing spell is quite accurate.

The goblins were chased by her, and Ji Pianpian killed fourteen in only ten minutes.

The task requirement is fifteen, and she is still one kill short.

Ji Pianpian swept her eyes around the expanse of yellow sand3, and stared at the green, oily big brother goblin.

There it is!

Ji Pianpian manipulated her character and ran over, chanting her freezing spell half-way.

“Ah, uggrruu!”

The goblin fell to the ground, speaking in a language that humans could not understand.

Ji Pianpian’s freezing spell was hit with silence.

Who… robbed her monster!

In the empty outskirts of the city filled with yellow sand, a few black pillars flashing with brown cursed imprints stood straight among the clouds, and in the dilapidated goblin camp, a stranger appeared.

Black short hair, scarlet tip, cold white face with pupils like a deep blood moon in the sky.

The night elf has changed his outfit.
His slender light armor was tightened around his waist, and there are three rows of  silver upside down crosses with chains hanging down from his thin waist, falling on the taut legs of his black trouser, hooking up his cable leather boots.

He wore half of his black gloves, while carrying the head of the big brother goblin.
His gloves were soaked with its black green blood, and looked like emerald points on the back of his frosty white hands.

Ji Pianpian: “…”

If there was no such thing as the Black Rock Devil’s Cave, she may have long taken screenshots frantically at this moment, and show them off everywhere.

The Heaven’s Cry’s modeling and aesthetic criticism, and face pinching system4 have blown up!5

However… At this moment, seeing this high imitation account with the word “DuWo” on his head, Ji Pianpian has only four words in his mind: enemies on a narrow road!6

He has already killed her to level 10, and he still has to rob her monster.

Does this guy really plan to stop being human!

Without looking back, Ji Pianpian manipulated her little mage to turn around and leave.

There are thousands of goblins here, she’s not lacking this one.

The agility of a dark night assassin is no match for a short-legged little mage.
With an almost a breezy flash, the night elf stood in front of her.

Although it is viewed through the screen, in such a good 3D picture presentation, it still has a powerful impact.

The night elf was a full head taller than the tiny human mage.
With his equipment that looks expensive at a glance, the tattered little mage became more and more like a roadside beggar.

Don’t compare, don’t get angry.
Even with such a comparison, he still wanted to rob!

Ji Pianpian: “Get out of the way!”

The night elf’s words appeared in the dialog box almost at the same time as her: “I thought you were an NPC before.”

Ji Pianpian was taken aback.

The high imitation account has amazing hand speed, and soon typed out another line, and the explanation is also clear: “The restricted level of Black Rock Devil’s Cave is 80, and normal level twenty players cannot enter.”

“The hidden mission I received was to escort a human girl.”

“So I thought you were an NPC.”

After reading this, Ji Pianpian’s anger that had been suppressed in her heart for a long time dissipated… I’m a little lost, ba.

She was indignant: “Can NPCs be killed indiscriminately?”

On the other side of the computer, Shen Du looked at the green clothed girl and smiled.

He moved his finger slightly, then the night elf on the screen disappeared out of thin air.
But not long after, the night elf appeared in front of the human girl carrying a half-dead goblin.

Goblins are inferior monsters.

For Ji Pianpian, she has to move to avoid damage, and use her skills to grind the blood before she can finally kill; for the full level night elf, it’s just a matter of raising his finger.

It is not difficult to kill a level 10 goblin, but it requires top operation to leave a drop of blood and prevent it from completely dying.

Ji Pianpian didn’t understand this.
She just looked at the goblin with only a drop of blood left, and her hands felt itchy.


The human girl stabbed her staff into the dying green goblin.

“Ah, Ulugua!”

The goblin’s head tilted and it ascended to heaven, Ji Pianpian completed the kill!

Shen Du typed a word: “En”

Ji Pianpian: “What?”

After a long while, she realized.

Its you Pianpian: Can NPCs be killed indiscriminately?

DuWo: En

The night elf used actual action to tell Ji Pianpian that NPCs can indeed be killed indiscriminately.
For example, she just killed a goblin without holding back.

Ji Pianpian’s loss of anger is gone!

She banged on the keyboard: “Then I also have to kill it 33 times!”

Yes, she remembered it clearly.

In the Black Rock Devil’s Cave, in that terrible place, this terrible man killed her 33 times.

Under Shen Du’s eyelashes were full of smiles, then he typed with interest: “It’s not you, after all.”

Ji Pianpian: “???”

Shen Du typed four words, and he stared at it for a while.

This time, the system did not give him a mandatory requirement, so he shouldn’t have sent this out, but… his slender index finger pressed the send button.

DuWo: “Not as pretty as you.”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

Good guy, it’s the high-imitation copy (old hooligan), that’s right!

Ji Pianpian did not lose in the battle: “Thank you, I know I’m pretty, but you don’t have to kill me 33 times to prove this fact that everyone knows!”

Shen Du tapped this keyboard: “Everyone knows? Then I may not know enough.”

Ji Pianpian held back for a while, then said to him: “You are not human!”

Throwing down these words, Ji Pianpian stopped paying attention to him, and returned to hand in the task.
Then she picked up another task at the next location.

Unexpectedly, she had just arrived, and yet she saw the flirtatious and blind7 night elf again.

So handsome.

First of all, do you really have to get personal!

Ji Pianpian ignored him and rushed to the task monster.

Shen Du didn’t say anything else, and only seemed to abuse the goblins.
He accurately locks the blood, and throws the monster in front of Ji Pianpian, letting her small staff stab them to death.

This thing, ba…

This person is really unpleasant.

Killing monsters is troublesome: losing skills, and if you get out of the position, you have to start all over again.8

If there’s a new mission, the new monster will be refreshed.
As it happened, these strange things were what Ji Pianpian was doing before her level dropped down, and there is nothing new about it.

After completing three or four tasks, Ji Pianpian couldn’t help but speak: “You go, ba.“

Shen Du: “?”

Of course, Ji Pianpian knew what he was after: “I won’t sell you the skill book.”

Ji Pianpian had seen through the night elf’s intention a long time ago.
This person is very bad, how can he help her catch the monsters for no reason, he must have some ulterior motive.

Going this far to scheme something for her?

She’s just a level 10 rookie, but it was something she had.

It must be the exclusive skill book for the dark night assassin worth 20,000 yuan!

Such a huge thing, it’s impossible for Ji Pianpian to just sell it.
She would definitely ask her “guardian”, and even if Ji Heyu let her take care of it, she would rather sell it to the true Du-shen at half price than sell it to her bloody enemy at a high price!

Shen Du understood her brain circuit-after spending a long time with her, the misunderstanding got deeper instead of coaxing the person?

Fortunately, Li Zi Xingqiao is absent.
If he knew, he would call his brothers and sisters for a carnival party: Du-shen also has this day!

Good and evil are really rewarded9, who could bypass the heavens!

Shen Du explained: “It’s not because of the skill book.”

Ji Pianpian is still vigilant.

Shen Du said sincerely: “I have done such a bad thing to you, so I must always take responsibility.”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

Because of this sentence, a thin red flush appeared on the cheeks of the girl in front of the computer.
She lowered her eyes and typed two lines of words with her white fingers on the keyboard.



Shen Du: “?”

Shen Du: “…”

En, he accidentally provokes her even harder.

Regardless of Shen Du calling for the wind and summoning the rain10, in reality, he was born with a hot and beautiful face.
And although he chats with his brothers and friends everyday, he doesn’t like talking very much, and this old beast always just has to hang his ears.

In fact, Shen Du, who is in his second year of research study, has zero experience in coaxing people.

Especially to a girl who was accidentally killed by him thirty-three times.
She was obviously angry, like a pupperfish, he didn’t need to even think about it.

Saying more, the more wrong it became.

Doing more, and he would still be suspected of having ulterior motives, then…

Shen Du clicked on the human girl on the screen and sent a transaction request.

Ji Pianpian’s hand slipped and she clicked accept.

“What for?” She wasn’t going to sell him the skill book!

Shen Du: “Don’t close it down, I’ll send you a set of equipment.”

Ji Pianpian’s intention was seen through, so she resentfully released her hand that was about to be pressed closed.

He was to make amends? She could accept it, after all her little mage was killed by him.

After waiting for a long time, Ji Pianpian was bored, and finally there was a dusty knife in the trading column.

Ji Pianpian: “???”

Shen Du coughed lightly and said, “The other equipment grades are too high, and you don’t have trading privileges at your current level.”

The system protects malicious transactions, and high-end items cannot be traded below level 20.

Ji Pianpian: “…”

Not very damaging, but extremely insulting.

Who cares about this broken knife!

Shen Du typed half-lined in the dialog box: “Although this paring knife has no grade, it is expensive…” Before he finished typing, the human girl closed the transaction box and refused to accept this “poor looking” paring knife.

Shen Du paused, then deleted his unfinished words, and resent a transaction request: “Then give you a pet.”

Equipment cannot be traded, but pets are gifted and bound, and can be traded.

Ji Pianpian looked at the computer screen suspiciously, and after hesitating for two or three seconds, she decided to give the night elf another chance.

Once, just this time.

If the pet is super cute, she will…

Just forgive him for the first three massacres.

The pet transaction went smoothly, and Ji Pianpian finally felt better.
She looked at the cute white lion in the pet bar and clicked to go out to fight the enemy. 

Shen Du: “Don’t let it out first.”

Ji Pianpian: “Ah?”

It was too late.
With abang white mist emerged, and the cute white lion in the pen bar appeared out of thin air.

It was twice as tall as the human girl, sturdy and strong, and its original white ID turned scarlet after seeing the human girl’s level.

System reminder: Trigger the passive skill of the god-ranked holy beast——Master Devourer. 

System reminder: Master Devourer ——Triggers by itself when the host level is far lower than the pet.

System reminder: You were killed by the pet “White Lion King”.

After three system prompts in a row, Ji Pianpian’s screen went black and her little mage was eaten by the white lion in one bite.

Ji Pianpian: “…”


The author has something to say: 

When it comes to coaxing his daughter-in-law, if Du-shen dare to call himself stupid, I’m afraid no one will dare go against it, hahahahahahahahahaha.

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