Chapter 5 : Add a friend

A player…

The little mage turned out to be a real player!

Li Xingqiao was numb: “Brother, look at what you’ve done!”

Must not think, just recalling it, as a bystander, Li Xingqiao already felt his scalp numb with embarrassment.

The Internet is not an illegal place, and the “evidence” is not that clear!

Look at those rambling words, look at that messy blind teasing.

In the end, Old Du just turned his face and was not a human being.
He killed the little girl… countless times!

It’s just a little girl, but if it’s this fierce demon, then…

Li Xingqiao is even more numb!

Look at that little mage on the screen.
It can’t be called level 20 anymore.
After being killed so many times, she dropped so badly.
If it wasn’t for the system to protect her from losing experience after she dropped to level 10, perhaps she would have been killed back to her birthplace and forced to start from scratch.

Thinking about putting himself in her shoes, Li Xingqiao felt autistic1 for the little mage.

Level 20, a proper rookie newcomer.

Who would have thought that not long after playing the game, she would have to endure such a weight that no life could bear.

They must have an intention of perishing together2!

After feeling sorry for the little mage, Li Xingqiao began to sympathize with his roommate, who was targeted by the dog’s schemes.

He turned his head and looked at Shen Du staring at the screen.

The faint flashes of the Black Rock Devil’s Cave were reflected in his lacquered eyes, and under his tall bridge nose were his tightly pursed lips.
Followed by his thin jaw line, and his long, slender neck that is white as cold frost.

Master Du has no expression on his face.
Master Du is extremely dangerous!

Li Xingqiao was so shocked that he had no time to sympathize.
He was afraid that he, the only insider who witnessed Shen Du’s “dark history”, would be killed!

This is just after the lunch break, not even two o’clock in the afternoon, so Li Xingqiao opened his mouth: “Old Du, are you hungry? Do you want to have lunch? I’ll order it for you… I’ll order from Spring Moon Pavillion3!”

Spring Moon Pavilion has an average of 3804 per capita.
The poor student Li Xingqiao can’t afford it at all.


If he doesn’t slip away now, until when will he wait?

He didn’t want to die thousands of times like the little mage!

As if the soles of Li Xingqiao’s feet were smeared with oil, he came and went like the wind, as if there was a scourge behind him that could eat people without spitting out bones.

He slipped out so quickly that he didn’t even close the door properly.

No matter how the old building was renovated, there are always some creaky places.
The door of the dormitory was carelessly treated and it opened wide.

In the winter, a cold wind blowing into the house will be absolutely chilling.

Shen Du let go of the mouse and got up from his swivel chair.

He showed a tall stature when he slouched while sitting.
After standing up, his wide David’s clothes fell, covering his thin waistline, but cannot suppress his straight long legs.

Because this is the dormitory, he just kicked his slippers casually.
His slacks were hanging loosely and only his ankles were exposed when he walked.
The black fabric made his skin smooth and clean, and when he raised his ankle, it showed the strength of year-round exercise.

When Shen Du closed the door, his hand paused.

The picture just now flashed through his mind, the little mage in green clothes in the game stood covered in blood, her round almond eyes were full of determination, and the words she spoke were quite fitting—— I just want to marry him!

Quite into the play.

Shen Du bent his lips and locked the door of the dormitory.

At this time, Li Xingqiao didn’t know that if he couldn’t order from the Spring Moon Pavillion, he would be sleeping on the streets tonight!

Shen Du returned to the table.
The game screen has already been cut out from the Black Rock Devil’s Cave.
He clicked on the friend column and entered the ID in the search box: Its you Pianpian.5

System: “Do you want to apply to become a friend of ‘Its you Pianpian‘?”

Shen Du clicked on the application.

Ji Pianpian completed the hidden mission and was teleported back to the city.
She was still somewhat stunned until she stood in the safe zone.

What’s going on?

She just died and died, but the task is completed?

She didn’t do anything, so how did she steal the Dragon’s Heart?

This hidden mission is a pit from beginning to end, but fortunately, the final explanation is fairly detailed.

Ji Pianpian was originally not interested in those background stories, but this time, she was curious and watched it with interest.

“So that’s it.”

The young girl was cracking melon seeds6 and watched with gusto, and she finally knew why she was able to complete the task.

It could be said to be an accident, but also her perseverance.

It was her persistence in not giving up that finally completed the hidden mission!

In the settings of the hidden mission, her character and the Fallen God have a love affair.
It’s an old fashioned dog-blood sadomasochistic relationship7!

The process is not mentioned, but goose bumps keep popping up, since the result is that her character has fallen deep in love with the Fallen God, but she could not betray her own race, nor could she accept that the Fallen God had ruined her home.

In the end, the desperate girl chose to die with the Fallen God.

The so-called pretending to be the devil’s bride is also a dream that is out of her reach.

——She wants to be a Fallen God’s bride.

Even if it’s only for a moment.

Human race and demon race cannot be together.
The curse of thousands of years will kill the human girl.
Only the Dragon’s Heart can resurrect her from the dead.

And without the Dragon’s Heart, the Fallen God will also lose his immortal body.

The background story is written like this, and the settings in the game is—— Ji Pianpian had to be killed again and again if she wanted to complete the task, and after being killed, she had to resurrect in place with perseverance until the Fallen God had to take out the Dragon’s Heart to save her.

In this way, she can complete the task, and thank the night elf for killing her thousands of times.

Pei8! Thanking a ghost9!

The Fallen God, who is a demon, is more like a person than that night elf!

But as long as she did not resurrect on the spot once, then she not only would have lost the hidden mission, but also lose her levels for nothing.

It’s not easy to upgrade, she worked hard for more than ten days to get to level 20!

Ji Pianpian threw that terrible night elf out of her head, and carefully checked her little mage.

Good guy, before she could even feel her liberation, her equipment was completely worn out, and the gray-headed human girl looked exactly like a beggar.

Okay, ba, she dropped a full ten levels.

Ji Pianpian gritted her teeth and scolded the night elf.

If the reward of this hidden mission is not rich enough, she will call the game’s customer service to complain.
What a broken game experience, making people not want to play it anymore.

She just filled out a 50 yuan monthly game card.

The reward for the hidden mission is in the mailbox, and Ji Pianpian controlled her little mage to receive it.

After getting it, Ji Pianpian clenched her fist even more.

Unexpectedly, there was only one small wooden box.
And in the box lay only a small, unattractive10, gray, and shabby book.

This, this!

Ji Pianpian decided to give the game one last chance, and see what the book was all about.

System description: God-level skill book (unidentified), after identification, a god-level professional special skill will be randomly generated.

God level.

Ji Pianpian’s eyes lit up, it sounded good.
If she could use a mage’s god-level skill, won’t she be able to take revenge?


Mage mage mage, it can also be a priest (Fu Xuehui’s profession is a priest).11

Ji Pianpian silently chanted countless times in her heart, then clicked on the appraisal.

A golden light flashed, and the skill book was activated.
The moment Ji Pianpian saw the profession in it, her whole body was not good!

Skill Book: Frozen Judgment.

Level: God level.

Profession: Dark Night Assassin.

Race: Night Elf.

Dark Night Assassin, Night Elf.

If it was not because Ji Pianpian couldn’t bear to spend money on the computer repair, she would have lifted the table long ago out of anger.

What is this?

The ghost isn’t gone yet!12

As soon as she opened the God-level skill book, the announcement of the whole district swept the screen again.

——Congratulations to the player “Pianpian XX” for obtaining the God-level skill book [Frozen Judgement].

As soon as the announcement fell, the World Channel saw another stormy sea.

[God-level skill book? The first god-level skill book in the district!]

[lol lol lol13, it turned out to be an exclusive skill book for the dark night assassin!]

[Dark night assassin is really the Heaven’s Cry’s son, hahahaha]

[Don’t be so personal, dog game planner.
Are the players in our bright camp not humans?]

[The hidden mission is from the Ice Territory, and the skill book is from the Ice Territory.
What kind of dual camp Heaven’s Cry has, let’s just renamed it to Ice Territory!]

The players of the Bright Alliance and the Dark ice territory unsurprisingly strangled each other, and there was also a group of people shouting in the middle.

[Big boss Pianpian14, asking for the skill book, you can open the price!]

[I offer 10,000 crystals!]

[Ten thousand? You are so poor.
The god-level skill book is worth hundreds of thousands, okay.
And this is the only god-level skill book in the entire region!]

[I offer one million crystals.]

[One and a half million!]

[two million!]

The world channel is boiling even more.
Countless people were asking for Pianpian’s ID and wanted to add her as a friend to talk about the skill book.

Ji Pianpian was stunned.
Although she didn’t play this game for a long time, under Fu Xuehui’s popular science, she generally knew the “prices” in Heaven’s Cry.

Heaven’s Cry has a monthly game card.
The official does not sell any props, all equipment, props, and even pets can only be obtained by players themselves: Either go through a dungeon, or do a mission, or the player will do trades and sells on his own.

The unit currency in Heaven’s Cry is the crystal.
In offline trading houses, Heaven’s Cry crystal and RMB are about 100:115.

Two million of Heaven’s Cry crystal is equivalent to 20,000 R.

Twenty thousand yuan?

This skill book is worth 20,000?

When Ji Pianpian saw this message, she felt relieved in an instant.

The money was enough for her to hit Ji Heyu and buy his broken laptop.

Who would have thought, Ji Pianpian is not only a gaming genius, but also a money-making genius.

As expected of her, she’s a strong person who has died a thousand times, and can still face life with a smile!

Amazon, amazing.

Ji Pianpian, who was in a good mood, studied her friend system.
She didn’t want to add anyone, she just wanted to understand it.
The value of the skill book is too high for her to be its master alone, so she can only wait for her family big devil to be free and let him deal with it.

Ji Heyu is also a veteran player of Heaven’s Cry.
And he is also a well-known treacherous 【crossed out】businessman.

As soon as Ji Pianpian clicked on the friend system, she saw a friend request.

System reminder: The player “DuWo16” requests to be your game friend.



The face that could not be covered by pixelated flew into her mind, and Ji Pianpian’s thin white fingers holding the mouse trembled nervously.

In less than half a second, Ji Pianpian calmed down.

This is not necessarily the original.
The system did not reveal her ID, even if Du-shen wants to buy this skill book, it is impossible to add her.

Think about the various “DuWo” all over the world channel, how can Ji Pianpian not understand?

High imitation account, this high imitation account again!


There is only one high imitation account that knows her ID.

It’s that damn night elf b*****d who killed her a thousand times!

Ji Pianpian didn’t hesitate at all, and pressed the mouse quickly.

Who wants to be friends with him?

He must be holding a bell in his arms—— ringing (thinking) beautifully!

On the other hand, Shen Du received a reply from the system: Sorry, the player “Its you Pianpian” rejected your friend’s application.


The author has something to say:

Hahahahahahahahahaha Pianpian did a beautiful job 【bold and confident17】!

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