Chapter 20 : The Date is Over (1)

Ji Pianpian didn’t want to cry at first.
She was just like being struck by lightning, despairing and desperate…really, not, thinking, of, crying.

But after hearing Shen Du’s words——


Tears fell down.

They are still in Tian Mu Cinema, and each time they have five or six minutes of admission time before the opening.
The cinema is huge, and what you see from different angles is different.
They change direction every time they look at it in order to experience the fun of the multi-angle 360° cinema screen.

This time, they happened to be sitting in a remote corner with no one around.

Before the broadcast, the hall was fully lit.
The cold incandescent light hit the girl’s slender face, making her look like a white porcelain.
Her eyelashes were long and curled, and with slightly drooping eyelids, which were wet after being dipped in tears, she looked even more innocent and aggrieved at this time.

The girl cried silently, but her tears were big and many, and the tip of her nose turned red.
She was so sad that she felt like she was being bullied by the whole world.

Shen Du couldn’t help but scolded himself.

“I…” Shen Du’s expression was rarely at a loss, and his tone was far from being as calm as before, “I wasn’t being mean to you just now.”

He told her not to cry, he just didn’t want her to cry.

Ji Pianpian nodded, and because of this action, the tears that poured out of her eyes fell down her cheeks again.

The man sighed lightly, tried to soften his voice, and said warmly: “Don’t cry.”

Ji Pianpian was speechless and could only nod her head again.

Shen Du: “…”

She was so good, but she couldn’t stop her tears.

It could be seen that she was trying hard not to cry, but her tears were not as obedient as herself.

In the end, Shen Du raised his hand and pressed the top of the child’s soft black hair, and his low voice was slightly helpless: “Child.”

The tip of Ji Pianpian’s nose was sour like being squeezed with lemonade.
She tried to dry her eyes, but it was useless, and only rubbed her eyes red.

“Senior…” As soon as she opened her mouth, her nasal voice, plus crying accent, coupled with a pleading tone, she sounded sticky as white double-skinned milk: “You, don’t tell Senior Li if you’re okay.”

Shen Du: “…”

Ji Pianpian choked, she regretted that and wished to slap herself to death: “Mumu really likes Senior Li…”

Shen Du didn’t look at the girl beside him, he looked straight ahead and asked her: “Are you the art candidates this year?”

Ji Pianpian: “En…”

Shen Du: “Third year of high school?”

Ji Pianpian could only continue to answer: “En.”

At this point, how could Ji Pianpian not understand?

She was a little stupid, but not so stupid that she fell into the pit and didn’t know it.

No wonder she was invited to the amusement park, no wonder she was able to meet Shen Du again…

It turned out to be to deceive her.

Li Xingqiao didn’t fully believe Jiang Muxue, he deliberately let them relax their vigilance, waiting for a hit.

Also she…

Still she’s…ten times more stupid then when she was in the car!

The more Ji Pianpian thought about it, the more sad she became, and the more she thought about it, the more she blamed herself.
She didn’t cry so hard, but it was hard to stop her choking: “I know, the senior came to the amusement park just to set me up, I…”

She put Shen Du and Li Xingqiao’s “plan” into perspective, she did not mean to accuse, but only to review after coming to her senses.

Spot on.

It was right then that Shen Du understood: He did bully her.

Ji Pianpian talked and talked about Jiang Muxue, she still had a glimmer of hope, and looked up at Shen Du and said: “Mumu is an adult.
She’s already eighteen years old, you can look at her ID card if you don’t believe me!”

Ji Pianpian then said again: “She really doesn’t want to be separated from Senior Li.”

Shen Du: “…”

The girl stopped crying, but her eyes were red, with teary eyelashes, her nose was red as well, and she was biting her seeping cold white red lips so hard, provoking people’s distress and pity.

Shen Du’s voice was neither light nor heavy: “It was a deceitful feeling from the beginning, is it worth maintaining?”

Ji Pianpian felt a burst of sourness in her throat.
She held back her tears, and tried her best to say: “If…if Mumu didn’t lie, would Senior Li be with her?”

Shen Du didn’t say anything.

Ji Pianpian said something Shen Du had never thought about.

A learning scumbag and a learning tyrant live in two different worlds.

People in love always want to be worthy of each other.

For Jiang Muxue, it was not only a matter of age, but also towards her own inferior status.

If she’s a senior high school student with excellent grades, she might not hide it.
After all, she still has hope, she can go to the same university as him, and she can enter his “world”.

But she…is far from him.

Not everyone is suitable for cultural classes.

Shen Du remained silent.

“Mumu…” Ji Pianpian gritted her teeth and said her final plea, “Mumu promised me to wait until the professional course…as soon as the professional exam is finished, she will tell Senior Li.”

Ji Pianpian looked at Shen Du: “Just a month, can you wait for a month?”

In fact, after saying this, Ji Pianpian has given up hope.

Although she has only met Shen Du twice—— the dinner, and this time at the amusement park—— they were not that familiar, and she understood it, but she could see: Shen Du is a very principled person, a person who will not change his mind easily once he makes a decision.

Shen Du: “En.”

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