Chapter 19 : See through at a glance

Ji Pianpian’s hometown…her accent was not usually thick.

This has troubled Ji Pianpian for a long time.
She tried her best to correct it and learned what she was now.

She doesn’t have to work so hard if it’s not for interviews for possible professional courses.

Jiang Muxue was more nervous than her.
Shen Du’s question could be said to have hit her heart.
She had been worried for a week, but her mood, which just eased, because of these few words, shattered into eighteen pieces.

Ji Pianpian didn’t have to look back, she could feel Jiang Muxue’s panic.

——To lose something and regain it, just to lose it again.

——A sweet love turned into a brokenhearted one.

And it’s because of her……

Ji Pianpian’s scalp feels numb just thinking about it!

Shen Du raised his eyelashes slightly and looked into the rearview mirror.

The emotion of the girl in the front seat was undisguised:

The girl’s white face turned a little paler, her beautiful black eyes widened involuntarily and they were blurring because of the moisture.
She clenched her lower lip, and she was full of grievances and unease.

Shen Du: “…”

He didn’t want to make her cry.

In just ten seconds, the two girls in the car can be described as lightning and thunder, and their mood was so complicated that they couldn’t wait to die with the great god in the car.


The mine-thrower1 saved their lives again.

Shen Du’s tone slowed down: “I remember you are from the media department? Mandarin is a compulsory course, right?”

Ji Pianpian: “……………………”

Jiang Muxue: “………………………………”

One word to wake up the dreamer!

They are the ones whose hearts are in turmoil!!

That’s right, their set up characters are sophomores of F University’s media department.

But they are not required to speak Mandarin well!

Not to mention the students who are in the second year of the sophomore year, those of them who haven’t passed the entrance exam must do well.

With such a simple question, the two of them panicked for ten seconds and almost rolled over.

Jiang Muxue breathed a sigh of relief, and her whole person came to life.

Ji Pianpian also had lingering fears.

The simple-minded Li Xingqiao had no idea what happened in this short period of time, and he even added: “Yeah, Mumu also knows several kinds of vocal lines2.”

It’s wonderful, she can switch from a lolita to a royal sister3 in one second.

Li Xingqiao was interested and chatted with Jiang Muxue about her “profession”.

Jiang Muxue escaped from death, and when she heard this topic, her nerves were tense, and how could she continue talking.

It’s easy to coax Brother Xingqiao, but Shen Du is very dangerous, ah!

Jiang Muxue approached Li Xingqiao and said softly: “Didn’t we just lose?”

The loser is banned from talking for ten minutes.

Li Xingqiao said regretfully: “Yes, oh.
I can’t speak…”

After he finished speaking, he gave Shen Du a stern look: What kind of sh!tty game was he playing, to delay his chatting with his baby.

Shen Du was too lazy to look at this fool.

Ji Pianpian’s mood was ups and downs.

She was afraid Du-shen would kill her.

Again, she has to thank Du-shen.

Forget it, she banned herself for 10 minutes!

Endure, endure, and escape the disaster.
But Ji Pianpian didn’t dare to look back, so she could only take a peek through the rearview mirror.

Coincidentally, she ran a glance into Shen Du’s eyes.

Ji Pianpian was startled, and bit her lower lip unconsciously.

Shen Du looked away.

Ji Pianpian’s heart skipped a beat.

She always felt that he had discovered something: Either he found that she was coveting his face, or found that she and Jiang Muxue were in a panic.

Compared to the latter…

Ji Pianpian hopes that what he finds is the former!

Yes, she can sacrifice “face” for her friends!

Did Shen Du find out?

He is not Li Xingqiao, naturally, he can see clearly.

Before coming, he had looked up the different types of art candidates and it turned out that in addition to the popular music and art students, there were also emerging choreographers, hosts and even actors and flight attendants.

More importantly, F University isn’t that big, those were just the first few.

When playing an act…

This child’s acting is really promising, she could even win a Golden Broom Award, and more likely, she has the first two now.

The guessing word puzzle is not a test, but more of a way to take care of Ji Pianpian and keep her from getting bored, as well as to keep Li Xingqiao quiet.

The real test was that sentence——

“Your Mandarin is very standard, have you studied broadcasting?”

After asking, Shen Du observed Ji Pianpian’s demeanor.

This child was not good at disguising.
If they are really sophomores in the media department, there is no need to be nervous at all, and she would only blurt out a sentence, “Of course it has to be standard”; on the contrary…she’s so obvious at a glance.

She’s not a music student or an art student, but she is indeed an art student.

Should he tell Li Xingqiao?

Shen Du’s mind flashed at the child’s grievance and her look of wanting to cry——

Let’s just wait.

This was their rare visit to the amusement park.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the amusement park.

It stands to reason that the winter amusement park is the off-season, but it coincides with the winter vacation.
N City is also a big city, not to mention tourism, there are a lot of local students here.

Therefore, there were many people outside the amusement park, but it was not as crowded as in the summer vacation, but there were also queues at the ticket office.

Standing beside Shen Du, Ji Pianpian understood what a “human-shaped sight harvester” was.

Not many people think that, once in such a place where young people gather, Shen Du simply brings his own spotlight.

Those who inadvertently looked up at him, those in groups who looked back and peaked frequently, and those who were eager to take pictures with their mobile phones.

Li Xingqiao was used to it, keeping his calm face towards the unexpected4, and still continues to flirt with Jiang Muxue.

Ji Pianpian: “…” I don’t know where to put my hands and feet!

What’s worse is that there are many people staring at her, and there are two words in the eyes of countless girls: Seizing up5.

They obviously misunderstood and thought she was Shen Du’s girlfriend.

This scrutiny gaze is filled with another two words: “That’s it?”



They’re not even that!

Shen Du called out to Li Xingqiao.

Li Xingqiao looked up at him: “Why?”

Shen Du: “You line up to get tickets, I’ll go buy something to drink.”

Li Xingqiao: “Two cups of milk tea.
One cup with full sugar, and one cup with thirds, and should be hot.” He was very self-conscious and helped himself and Jiang Muxue complete the order.

Shen Du responded and looked at Ji Pianpain again: “What do you like to drink?”

Ji Pianpian looked up at him: “I’ll come with you.”

Shen Du was silent.

Ji Pianpian hurriedly explained: “It’s not easy for the senior to bring four cups alone.”

Shen Du: “Yes.”

When he said this, Ji Pianpian really wanted to help, and after leaving the group with Shen Du, and walked to the milk tea shop alone——

Ji Pianpian suddenly woke up: What a schemer!

This chance to be alone, Ji Pianpian, you are so arrogant!

Shen Du doesn’t seem to have a good temper at first glance, especially since he was born so ostentatious, he seems to be a less talkative person who is cold and afraid of trouble.

Anyone who sees him for the first time will probably have such an impression.

But in fact, he is meticulous and thoughtful and has a high emotional intelligence, which will not make people feel embarrassed.
At least, Ji Pianpian already forgot his nervousness and restraint after his first sentence.

Shen Du chatted: “My Mandarin has never been very good.”

Ji Pianpian said in surprise: “No way, ah.” She didn’t hear it at all.

Then Shen Du deliberately said something in dialect.

Ji Pianpian: “!”

The ends of Shen Du’s eyes brought a smile: “Is it strange?”

“Well…” Ji Pianpian endured for a long time, but she still couldn’t hold back: “…it sounds good.”

In fact, she couldn’t understand what he said, but his deep voice and his soothing tone made her ears numb!

The smile in Shen Du’s eyes deepened: “Really?”

Ji Pianpian nodded and said seriously: “You have a good voice, and the position of your pronunciation is accurate, and the focus of your articulation is clear…”

She accidentally said a lot of professional stuff and stopped quickly.

Unexpectedly, Shen Du nodded slightly and agreed: “So it is.”

Ji Pianpian was frightened: “Well…the professor talked about it in class.”

Dxmn, why is she talking about this.
She won’t lie, but she’s afraid of accidentally pitting Jiang Muxue.

Shen Du gave her just the right amount of guidance: “Learned it.”

Ji Pianpian couldn’t hold back, and spoke a little more

It’s okay, she is a sophomore student of the media department after all, so it’s normal to know this!

There was no need to line up at the milk tea shop.
When they returned to the entrance of the amusement park, Li Xingqiao had also gotten the tickets.

Not to mention how comfortable it is to hold a cup of hot drink on a cold day, Li Xingqiao thanked him again and again, and Jiang Muxue winked at Ji Pianpian.

Ji Pianpian:“……”

She felt very guilty, but not because of what Jiang Muxue was thinking of.

There are a lot of people during the winter vacation, and it is inevitable to queue up in various areas of the amusement park.

Li Xingqiao made a strategy, and he said: “Let’s go to the roller coaster first.
Let’s play there a few more times, while we’re still alive!”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a bang, and the howling from the roller coaster that fell from the top could be described as a magical sound piercing the ears.

Ji Pianpian looked up and was instantly shocked by the roller coaster that hung upside down at 360 degrees.

This, this is so scary!

The fearless Li laughed mischievously, and said: “It’s exciting!”

The fake scared Jiang approached him and said: “It looks scary.”

Li Xingqiao: “Don’t worry, your brother is here.”

Jiang Muxue looked at him eagerly: “Brother Xingqiao should always hold me…”

Li Xingqiao: “Of course!”

In the face of this hard stuffed dog food, Ji-really scared-Pianpian didn’t care anymore.

This thing, she will die!

But if she don’t play…

Will it spoil everyone’s interest?

Shen Du glanced at Ji Pianpian and said: “You guys go, I won’t play.”

Li Xingqiao: “Ah, why won’t you go? Who would go to the amusement park and not ride a roller coaster?”

Shen Du sneered.

Li Xingqiao: “!” Fvck, he actually knew what he was here for.

The silly fool Li endured the sadness and said: “Play it, if not then…”

Shen Du is very firm: “No.”

Li Xingqiao: “…” Uncle is making trouble again!

Shen Du said calmly: “I’m afraid.”

Li Xingqiao: “???”

You are afraid of a ghost, you extreme sports lover!

Shen Du gave him a sideways look: “No?”

Li Xingqiao could only be obedient and agree: “…okay.”

Whatever the fvck you say!

Jiang Muxue looked at Ji Pianpian.
How could Ji Pianpian miss the opportunity of this day, and hurriedly say: “Then I won’t go either.”

Li Xingqiao blinked.

Jiang Muxue thought she could see through everything, so she smiled and said: “Then Pianpian, please accompany Senior Shen to take a look elsewhere.”

Ji Pianpian also felt a little cowardly about this.
She is not afraid of exposing her face-con attribute, but she is even more afraid that she will accidentally sell Jiang Muxue.

Lessons learned, she’s now fierce as a tiger!

However, when Jiang Muxue healed her scar, she forgot the pain, and wished she and Shen Du would be alone until dawn.

Ji Pianpian can only keep reminding herself: Talking less is better than saying the wrong thing, and not speaking can’t go wrong!

Shen Du glanced at the map of the park and said: “You guys play here first.
Ji Pianpian and I will go to Tian Mu6 Cinema to take a look.”

Ji Pianpian:”!”

Tian Mu Cinema, the place she most wanted to go.

Shen Du sensed the child’s emotions, and there was a smile on the corner of his mouth: “There is no need to line up over there, and it’s not cold.”

Ji Pianpian’s face was calm, but she nodded frantically in her heart:

You can also watch, movie, around, the screen!

Even if she studies films to the point of vomiting, Ji Pianpian’s love for movies remains undiminished.

Jiang Muxue didn’t understand Ji Pianpian, she covered her mouth and smiled: “Alright, alright, let’s go!”

Finally away from the terrifying roller coaster, and she can also go to the Tian Mu Cinema she wants to go to the most…Ji Pianpian was overjoyed.
She followed Shen Du and whispered: “Thank you.”

Shen Du: “Thank you for what?”

Ji Pianpian couldn’t say it, but she understood in her heart:

Shen Du didn’t go to the roller coaster to take care of her.

Seeing that the girl bit her lower lip again, Shen Du smiled and said: “I’m really afraid.”

Ji Pianpian: “……”

Shen Du looked at her from the corner of his eyes, and said casually: “Men can’t be afraid of heights?”

Ji Pianpian was startled and looked up quickly: “No, that’s not what I meant…”

She didn’t despise him, she…

When she raised her head, she bumped into those dark smiling eyes.

She instantly forgot what she wanted to say.

Shen Du calmly looked away, and said solemnly: “I’m afraid of heights, cherish my life, and am a coward.”

Ji Pianpian:“……”

Shen Du: “I’m also afraid of the dark, and I really need the fearless Li’s protection.”

Ji Pianpian laughed out loud, and her tone became light: “The one who is afraid of the dark is obviously Senior Li!”

She heard Jiang Muxue say that there was a power outage in the master’s building at N University, and Li Xingqiao stayed under the streetlights for an hour.
He would rather die, than go back to that pitch black dormitory in a forest castle.

Fearless Li is just the opposite!

Tian Mu Cinema is also one of the projects of the amusement park.
It does not really play two-hour movies, instead, they made some 360° cinema screens that ordinary theaters could not be equipped with.

The film here is also specially made for this kind of 360° cinema screen, which can achieve the immersive feeling of naked eye 3D.

The child especially likes it.

From the moment Ji Pianpian came in, her eyes were instantly captured.

In fact, only some special effects are presented here, and some technologies that are currently difficult to apply in film and television.

Ji Pianpian’s major in choreographer-director does not involve such knowledge, but she personally likes it very much, and likes this romantic, beautiful and unrealistic “illusion”.

After watching it once, Shen Du asked her: “Watch it again?”

Ji Pianpian: “Okay!”

After the two watched it three times in a row, Ji Pianpian completely lost her guard against Shen Du.

The eight-character mantra of “Talking less is better than saying the wrong thing, and not speaking can’t go wrong7” has long since flown to an unknown roller coaster!

Ji Pianpian and Shen Du were chatting, and they began to show off their professional knowledge, talking about their favorite movies, and also some movies that they liked but didn’t understand very well.

When it comes to the intense part, she can’t wait to study the film on the spot and tell him frame by frame.

Shen Du is undoubtedly an excellent listener, he added a few words just right, making the person more interested and talk more.

After talking and talking, it was unknown when he came up with this topic——

Shen Du asked quite naturally: “What are the cultural requirements for the choreographer-director program?”

Ji Pianpian, unsuspecting, followed his words with frustration and said: ” …very high, it is the highest among all art categories.” If you want to be admitted to the top colleges, you have to go beyond the undergraduate level!

Shen Du looked at the frowning girl and asked calmly: “How many marks do you usually get in the test?”

Ji Pianpian pursed her lips and said: “I only got three hundred and ninety-eight points in the final exam last time.”

Not even 400 points8, she’s really wasted!

As soon as her words fell, Ji Pianpian took a deep breath.

She, just, now, said, what!

Ji Pianpian, who was in a cold sweat, turned her head to look at Shen Du, her dark round eyes filled with despair.

Looking at the poor appearance of the child, with the demons and gods at work…

Shen Du said three words: “Don’t cry.”


The author has something to say:

Ji Pianpian: I will cry even louder!!

Hahahahaha, don’t worry, Du-shen won’t hold it [Dog’s head saves life]

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