Chapter 1 : Pianpian

Year 2008.

At the beginning of January, N city was closed due to heavy snow.

Looking out from the sixth floor, the sky is foggy, the road is covered with snow, and the cars parked outside the school are like icing-covered buns, fluffy and delicious.



Ji Pianpian licked her lower lip, hungry.

She got out of the bed barefooted and pulled out a supermarket bread from the cupboard—— she ripped it open, took a bite, then frowned.


Let’s make do with it, she would rather starve to death than leave the dormitory with sufficient heating in this weather.


With a slice of bread in her mouth, Ji Pianpian sat back on the bed and stared at the laptop1 on the bed table.

The laptop is not that big.
It’s about twelve inches, Lenovo’s brand, and it’s Ji Heyu’s new favorite.


The night before Ji Pianpian set off to S City, she behaved in a spoiled manner by selling meng2 as if her life was threatened: “Can you bear to see your underage sister in a strange city, going to an internet café to look up information for professional courses!”

Ji Pianpian said in a reasonable and well-founded tone: “Internet cafes are so messy, ah.
All kinds of people are there, what if your sister goes astray3…”

Ji Heyu, who was holding a hard-covered book in front of the book case, raised his head slightly.
The night light from above hit his forehead, casting a sharp shadow of his black hair and making his skin appear frosty white.
The man has a high nose and thin lips.
His facial features are clean and handsome.
It’s just that he has a pair of cold and deep eyes, revealing a cold temperament that was not compatible with each other.

Ji Heyu’s voice is like ice: “Go astray?”


These two siblings were born six or seven points alike.
But one was as cold as ice, and the other was as soft as sugar.

Ji Pianpian was not afraid of him, blinking her pair of beautiful big eyes: “Right, you won’t have a sister if I go astray!”

“Oh”, Ji Heyu closed the book with a snap, saying expressionlessly: “Then go, this only son’s dream will be realized by you.”


Ji Pianpian: “…”

The other older brothers, who are more than seven years older, all pet their sister like crazy demons, only her family has a proper cold-blooded demon!


Ji Pianpian was so angry, but she didn’t even dare to ask her parents.
It was already a great thing for her to escape the nightmare of her senior year and go out to study her major in leisure, so how could she dare to ask for more.

Besides, her training school has a dedicated computer room for students.
Unless she wants to go back to the dormitory to watch anime and play games, she really doesn’t need to bring her own computer.


Ji Pianpian arrived in S City dejectedly.
The moment she found the professional teacher and checked in, she opened her suitcase——

Ji Pianpian: “!”

Throwing this suitcase perfunctorily on the compartment, this black laptop, isn’t this Ji Heyu’s heart!


Ji Pianpian raised her eyebrows and called her brother.
After a ringing, there was a cruel sound of hanging up.

Ji Pianpian was not angry at all, and just sent him a message: [Thanking Lord Longen!4]

Ji Heyu: [Online late at night, kill without mercy.]

Ji Pianpian is happy: [Understand!]



The reason Ji Pianpian wanted to bring her own laptop, other than for the convenience of watching anime and chasing dramas, is also for the game on the screen—— 《Heaven’s Cry5》.

This large-scale online game, which has been online for more than two years, has long been popular all over the world.
From elementary school students at the age of seven or eight to twenty-four-year-old men (referring to Ji Heyu), everyone is playing it.


It stands to reason that Ji Pianpian is not qualified to play.
As a senior in high school, the countdown to college entrance examination is above her head, let alone playing online games, even sleeping is a problem.

But Ji Pianpian is not an ordinary senior in high school.
With her own hip-pulling performances6, and after poisoning seven or eight tuition teachers, she unexpectedly gained a chance at life.


The head teacher, Old Wang called out Father Ji earnestly: “With Ji Pianpian’s grades, it is difficult to get an undergraduate degree “


Father Ji caught up with the era and started from scratch with his daring temperament.
He made a lot of money and married his beloved wife, then gave birth to a pair of children.
It stands to reason that it is time to enjoy the blessings.

But how could he have known that his disobedient b*****d son, who was admitted to a good first-class university, dropped out at his junior year; His daughter, from childhood to the present7 is well-behaved and an intimate little padded jacket8, but her grades are not good.
She stayed up late until she became a thin bamboo pole, but she still couldn’t get into the top 30 of her class.


Seeing that none of the two children could graduate from college, Father Ji, who did not finish junior high school, had a heartache!


Knowing his mood, Old Wang pondered for a long time and said: “There is a way for Ji Pianpian to get a proper undergraduate degree.”

Father Ji’s eyes lit up: “Well, how many tutors do I need to hire? Is thirty enough!!”

Old Wang: “…”

Thirty? Is this what it means to help one person promote a ranking!

Naturally, your daughter won’t get first place in her class!


It’s useless to ask for tutoring.
The child will be resuscitated early.

Old Wang suggested that Ji Pianpian should take the art college entrance examination.

Ji Pianpian, this student, usually works hard on weekdays, and has a pleasant personality.
The teachers are very fond of her, but she can’t improve her grades.
It’s a pity that getting into a good college is out of reach.


Old Wang thought that since the situation in her family is good, she must be able to afford the cost of studying a major.
With this idea in thought, he went to Father Ji to discuss it.

Music classes need to start from elementary school, Fine arts also have to be buffered for at least one or two years, and only the emerging choreographer9 and director10 are expected to have a crash course.


Ji Pianpian’s scores in other subjects are very poor, but her language ability is quite good, and she has won awards for her composition.
So there is hope for her to try majoring in choreography.

In addition, Ji Pianpian’s appearance is outstanding, and her speech is clear and eloquent.
She can also try to direct professionally.


As soon as Old Wang said this on the phone, there was no reason why Father Ji would not listen.

China’s Media University!

Beijing Film Academy!

Oh, his daughter doesn’t have enough literacy points, she will definitely not pass the exam…

But there are many other undergraduate (re-study) universities to choose from!


As long as she passed the professional courses, Ji Pianpian could at least take two books.11

Since Father Ji left home, his biggest wish is—— to have a decent college student in the family—— Ji Heyu, who did not graduate, is not counted, he is mad at him!


As a result, Ji Pianpian broke away from the sea of ​​questions in the third year of high school and embarked on the broad road of professional studies.

In fact, the art test is not easy, but Ji Pianpian is very suitable for choreography.

She loves to watch movies since she was a child, following Ji Heyu, it can be described as “reading countless films”, plus she likes to write all kinds of things, such as afterthoughts, small essays, and rotten waste short stories.
Overall, she has written over three diaries. 

For choreography and directing majors, the important assessment items are writing film reviews and improvisation.


Although Father Ji is still in a cold war with his son, he still respects his opinions.

Ji Heyu commented: “Very good.”

Ji Pianpian was feeling grateful that his brother had said something.

But then Ji Heyu added: “God closes one of her doors, so he had to open half of the window.”

Ji Pianpian’s apricot eyes narrowed, then her face collapsed.


Ji Heyu’s long and slender eyes slanted toward her: “With such a stupid brain, it is impossible to learn mathematics, physics and chemistry well.
If you can write a small composition, you won’t be hungry.”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

Don’t ask, ask and you can’t beat him!!!



Professional classes are much easier than cultural classes, especially in the recent heavy snow in S City.
The school was closed for three days.
Ji Pianpian nestled in the dormitory and played games happily.

In fact, she has never played such a large-scale online game.
She was so busy in high school, how can she have time to play games?


Her family cold-faced devil also played Heaven’s Cry, and her life-and-death friend (BFF), Fu Xuehui, was also playing.
Sixty percent of her classmates were also dreaming of playing it, but unfortunately, the test paper was overwhelming and there was no way to play.

It’s so interesting, how could she miss it?

It’s just that, from what she had played…

It seems to be just that?


Ji Pianpian has been playing for more than ten days.
She knows the general path of the game, which is: just keep doing tasks—— the system tells her what to do, then she does it, and after doing it, she will be upgraded with some experience.

She has never gone through scenes like Ji Heyu beating and killing single handedly and seeking defeat; she has never experienced fashion and food creation artifacts that Fu Xuehui said will let her make a fortune and gain wealth; as for the master and apprentice12, love, gossip13, and she had never even heard of eight-one gossip.14


So she must be playing a fake Heaven’s Cry!


Ji Pianpian manipulated her characters on the screen to accept the task.
Right after receiving a task she doesn’t know about, A QQ15 message pops up.

It’s rotten won’t pay16 (Fu Xuehui): [Ah ah ah ah ah!]

Ji Pianpian’s eyes hurt: [Please change your name to Groundhog’s Reincarnation.]

Its rotten won’t pay (Fu Xuehui) : [Du-shen17, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!]


Eighteen groundhog screams are omitted here.
She doesn’t know how Fu Xuehui touched the computer, after finally getting on QQ, what she sent was such a series of ghost calls.

From the countless ah, Ji Pianpian can roughly guess the reason why Miss Fu is so emotional.


It’s me Pianpian 18 (Ji Pianpian): [Picture?]

Its rotten won’t pay (Fu Xuehui) : [Yes, yes, yes, my Du-shen is really handsome!]

It’s me Pianpian (Ji Pianpian): […]


Fu Xuehui’s screen-swiping speech:

[I never dreamed that there is someone in this world whose looks are comparable to our brother!19]

[No, no, no, a photo can’t change my heart, I still love our brother the most!]

[But this side of the face is absolutely amazing.
And still a stolen shot, it’s hard to imagine how explosive this deity is!]

[The forum has been deleted, but with my hand speed, I was able to save it.]

[Good sister, you’re welcome!]


Following Fu Xuehui’s thoughts, Ji Pianpian received a very blurry photo in the chat box.

The reason why it is described with high ambiguity is that the pixels of the mobile phone are not good, the angle is very tricky, and the mosaic is circled around in order to avoid exposure of privacy.


Ji Pianpian expressionlessly clicked on the photo.
She has no hope of dealing with Xuehui’s aesthetics—— After all, this is  the young girl who thinks that the facial paralysis devil Ji Heyu is extremely handsome.


The photo popped open, occupying a small half of the screen.
Ji Pianpian drooping eyelids lifted and her almond eyes brightened


The overall high blur of the photo can’t conceal the appearance of the person in it.

This is a candid angle after zooming in from a distance.
It seems to be in a Lecture hall.
The man is leaning against the dark blue table and chairs.
Since there is no space, he placed his long legs over the steps, and they are slightly curved; wearing a black sweater on his upper body.
Obviously, his clothes cover most of his body, but because of his stiff shoulders and straight back, it looked powerful and stylish.

Outside his closed cuffs is a hand good enough to make people with hand fetishism20 scream.
The back of his hand has clear skeletal protrusions, and his fingers holding the pen are slender and white, seemingly like cold ice sculptures against that plack pen.


As if he noticed someone taking photos, the man tilted his head slightly, and under his slightly drooping eyelashes were a pair of deep and intimidating black eyes.

What’s more terrible is that he even bends his lower lip when he sees the camera.
The playfulness in his eyes shatters the coldness, and his posture is dangerous and charming.


Ji Pianpian turned off the photo in a snap.

Still, despite that…

At that moment, she actually had a guilty conscience that she was caught sneaking a shot!

Fu Xuehui really had a problem.

This is what she calls being on par with her brother’s face?

This is simply a hundred streets away from Ji Heyu!


Ji Pianpian didn’t dare to continue to look at the photo, she poked at Xuehui: “What exactly is the name of your Du-shen?”

She listened to Fu Xuehui spout nonsense about Du-shen everyday before she played Heaven’s Cry.
The game god created legends one after another.
He was so awesome that even the game officials had made changes because of him.

At that time, Ji Pianpian was just listening, but now…

Want to know!

It doesn’t matter what method it is, his looks poked her!


But Fu Xuehui didn’t return to her.
A busy senior high school student, who was found playing by their parents, will surely have their network cable unplugged.


The author has something to say:

Ao~ Long long dragon is here to spend summer with you!

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