Chapter 18: Guess the Word Puzzle

The campus of F University covers a very large area, and there are several gates.

The north gate was the closest to Jiang Muxue and Ji Pianpian’s dormitory, so they made an appointment there.

The school is on winter vacation, so there were only a few students outside the gates, but because of the road, many pedestrians are coming and going.

Standing at the entrance of F University, Shen Du was not dressed to stand out, wearing only a simple black down jacket and loose dark gray pants, while the sneakers on his feet are not even limited edition.

It was a very ordinary student outfit, but because of his outstanding appearance, he still became so eye-catching that even the strangers on the road couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

Ji Pianpian just glanced at him once, but she couldn’t move her gaze away for a long time.

The winter sun is cold and warm, like snow falling in the night, lightly covering his short dark hair.

His broken hair that had not been specially groomed fell on his forehead, and under the gap was a cold white complexion, which made his sword eyebrows and starry eyes look like ink.
The collar of his down jacket is slightly open, and his long neck extends downward.
It was obvious that nothing can be seen, but that cold white arc is inexplicably thought-provoking.

Ji Pianpian’s heart skipped a beat because Shen Du looked over.

Four eyes meet each other… Shen Du’s eyes are calm and leisurely, but Ji Pianpian quickly bows her head, as if her thoughts were all seen through by him.


She doesn’t have any bad intentions.

It’s just…

She has a late-stage face-con!

Compared to Ji Pianpian, who didn’t see Li Xingqiao at all, Jiang Muxue deserves to have infinite true love.
She happily pounced on her boyfriend like a nesting bird.

Li Xingqiao held her hand, and the corners of his raised mouth were comparable to the sun.

“Why are you wearing so little?”

“It’s not cold!”

“Your hand is so cold.”

“Brother Xingqiao’s hands are too hot.”

The conversation of this young couple, it’s really impossible to listen!

Ji Pianpian walked over slowly, not daring to look at Shen Du at all, and only whispered hello.

Shen Du replied calmly: “En.”

It was just a single syllable, one word, completely emotionless.
But because the two are close to each other, along with a cold wind blowing, it drilled straight into her ear, making her limp and numb.

Ji Pianpian scolded herself: Be a little more promising!

The amusement park is in the suburbs, and it takes more than 40 minutes to get there by taxi.

Li Xingqiao made arrangements early and called for the car in advance.
At this moment, the four of them gathered to get in the car.

At this time, it was not the era when DiDi1 was popular, and there were no special six-seater luxury cars, just ordinary taxis with an empty co-pilot and three rear seats, which were not very spacious.

Ji Pianpian saw Shen Du go to the front seat, and she consciously moved to the back seat.
Who knew that before she could touch the car door, Shen Du had already opened the co-pilot’s door: “Come here.”

Ji Pianpian: “!”

Shen Du was tall and had to lean over when he opened the door.
His wide down jacket could not even cover the length and straightness of his arms, and the hand that fell on the doorknob was cold and white, while his fingertips seemed to glow.

Ji Pianpian looked at him with a dazed expression.

Shen Du lowered his eyelashes: “Go sit on the co-pilot.”

Ji Pianpian snapped back to her senses and hurriedly said: “No, I’ll sit…”

Shen Du: “Go in.”

Ji Pianpian: “…okay.”

Ji Pianpian didn’t mind squeezing in the back seat, but Shen Du gave her the front seat, and she’s not good at brushing off his good intentions.

Before she sat inside, Shen Du naturally blocked the roof of the car for her, which was not an intimate gesture, but made Ji Pianpian’s face red——

Still so attentive.

Still so distant and polite.

If other people demand you to pay, you will die, Senior Shen!

After the car started, Ji Pianpian understood.

This arrangement is undoubtedly the best.

Li Xingqiao and Jiang Muxue would definitely stick together.
If Ji Pianpian sat in the back row, Jiang Muxue would definitely sit in the middle, and the middle is undoubtedly the most uncomfortable position.

After Ji Pianpian sits in the front row, the middle seat of the back seat will be reserved for Li Xingqiao, so Jiang Muxue who will sit on the far right will be much more comfortable.

What made Ji Pian Pian even more grateful was that she sat in the front row and managed to stay away from the dog-abusing duo.

It’s just… she felt aggrieved for Du-shen!

The good thing is Du-shen has a huge aura, and it doesn’t look like he will be “abused”.

Although the ride is long, Jiang Muxue and Ling Xingqiao are not likely to be bored, while Shen Du simply closed his eyes.
And Ji Pianpain, although she was staring out the window to look at the scenery at first, her eyes couldn’t help but drift to the rearview mirror.

From her angle, she could see Shen Du who was leaning on the back of the chair.

The temperature in the car was high, and his down jacket was completely open, revealing the round-neck sweater inside.
The sweater is made of thin, fine fleece, with a low neckline that falls just above the curved collarbone.

Isn’t this the legendary collarbone that can raise fish!2

Ji Pianpian’s eyes peeked upward and saw the s**y adam’s apple on his cold and white neck, then his thin chin, thin lips, his high nose, and finally his black eyes like the bright night sky…

Ji Pianpian looked at Shen Du through the rearview mirror.

There was no sleepiness in Shen Du’s eyes, and under the thick black eyelashes, a pair of deep eyes stared at her without blinking.

Ji Pianpian felt embarrassed more than ever after being caught peeking.

It’s over…

Is her scheming obvious!

Sure enough, Shen Du spoke.
Ji Pianpian’s heart rose in her throat, afraid of what he would say,  but not really afraid of what he would say…

Shen Dugang took a nap for a while, so his voice was slightly hoarse: “Let’s play guess a word puzzle.”

When his voice fell, everyone, including the uncle driver in the car, was all confused.

Not to mention the two lovers, Jiang Muxue and Li Xingqiao, who were so tired that they had no interest in word guessing games.

Ji Pianpian was also stunned: “The great god’s hobby is so strange, word guessing games?

Shen Du glanced at Li Xingqiao, full of threats.

Li Xingqiao was shocked and understood in a second: They really left Ji Pianpian in the cold.

Okay… I can’t provoke Shen Du.

He still expects Master Du to help him set up a conversation!

When he thought of the “business”, most of the sweetness in Li Xingqiao’s chest dissipated, and he was full of uneasiness on top of his sadness, for fear that he was an inhuman dog.

Li Xingqiao: “How do you play, in groups?”

Shen Du: “En.”

Jiang Muxue blinked and said hurriedly: “Then I’ll be with Brother Xingqiao.”

Li Xingqiao’s heart is sweet: “I’m not very good at word guessing games.”

Jiang Muxue didn’t care: “I want to be with you.”

Li Xingqiao: “Don’t cry if we lose.”

Jiang Muxue: “With you, I will be happy even if we lose.”

Seeing that the topic is very unfriendly to single dogs, Ji Pianpian summoned her courage to say: “I’m not very good at playing either.”

Shen Du answered: “It’s okay.”

Li Xingqiao: “You and Old Du are in a group, what are you afraid of?”

Just as Ji Pianpian wanted to ask about the rules of the game, she heard Shen Du say again: “I have a group of my own.”

The corners of Ji Pianpian’s mouth——froze.

Li Xingqiao glared at Shen Du, and Jiang Muxue was a little surprised.

She thought Shen Du was deliberately embarrassing the little girl, but he gave Ji Pianpian his mobile phone: “You come up with the questions.”

Ji Pianpian looked at the mobile phone handed to her and was stunned.

Shen Du slightly raised his hand holding the phone, motioning for her to catch it.

Ji Pianpian hurriedly took it over.
The mobile phone is not big, and it is the latest smartphone, so the price is not cheap.
The function is also very powerful, she heard that it can access the internet, and could almost replace a computer.

Shen Du: “Open the webpage and search for a random guessing word puzzle.”

Ji Pianpian: ‘En…”

She thought that she wouldn’t understand this high-tech phone, but she didn’t expect it to be quite easy to use.
The very user-friendly full keyboard made typing easier than the nine-gong grid3.

She searched for the guessing game and looked up at the rearview mirror: “I found it.”

Shen Du: “Read it.”

Ji Pian Pian didn’t read it, but asked him: “You are in a group by yourself, will you…”

Shen Du looked at her with a smile in his eyes: “Afraid of me losing?”

Ji Pianpian’s heart skipped a beat.

Shen Du said lazily: “Then make it simple.”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

Li Xingqiao followed: “Yes, yes, yes, Pianpian, you must come up with something simple.”

In a rush-answer mode, he and Mumu might be able to turn the tables!

Asking something simple, but Du-shen really just wanted to bully someone.

She wants to help him win.

After Ji Pianpian flipped through the word puzzle for a long time, the ones she picked up weren’t easy.

“Let’s start?” Ji Pianpian asked.

Shen Du: “Wait.”

Ji Pianpian: “?”

Shen Du looked at Li Xingqiao and said: “There has to be a penalty for losing.”

Li Xingqiao’s heart tightened, and there were thousands of words in his eyes: Don’t mess with me, Old Du, I’m already fvcking miserable!

Shen Du said calmly: “If you lose, you are not allowed to speak for ten minutes.”

Li Xingqiao and Jiang Muxue: “……………………”

Good guy, Shen Du is embarrassing Ji Pianpian? He is clearly helping her ‘revenge’!

This is just to see them frustrated throughout the entire journey!

No talking for 10 minutes, but they won’t be so quiet in the amusement park.

 Li Xingqiao’s fighting spirit was aroused: “Okay, don’t speak for ten minutes when you lose.”

He didn’t believe that the two of them wouldn’t be able to beat Shen Du.

It’s just a guessing puzzle, not calculus, who’s afraid of who.

Ji Pianpian also understood Shen Du’s intention.

She felt a little warm in her heart, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help curling up again.
Fortunately, she was in the front seat.
Otherwise, this little expression would have sold all the little thoughts that she couldn’t hide.

Ji Pianpian: “Then I’ll start the questions.”

Shen Du: “En.”

Li Xingqiao rolled up his sleeves: “Come on!”

Ji Pianpian opened her mouth, and her words were eloquent, ensuring that they could hear it clearly: “The two are intent on being together.”

Shen Du: “Heaven.”

“That’s right!” Ji Pianpian smiled happily, and said: “I beg the old man to come and lead the way.”

Shen Du: “Qi.”

Ji Pianpian’s round eyes brightened slightly, and her voice became more neat and straightforward: “The lover came to accompany you without any intention.”

Shen Du: “Change.”

Ji Pianpian continued: “There are two drops of sadness today.”

Shen Du: “Cold.”

Ji Pianpian held back her surprise and read out all the following four sentences in one breath: “Dull people together have their own dull blessings.
The word “thousand miles” is not simple.
Want to shoot the big eagle and missed the square inch.
The family should be at peace.”

Shen Du looked at her through the rearview mirror: “Take care of yourself.”

Ji Pianpian: “!!!”

Not to mention Li Xingqiao and Jiang Muxue, the uncle driver was also shocked: “Young man, you’re amazing.”

Shen Du is humble: “Good luck”

Li Xingqiao was ten thousand times not convinced: “It’s not over yet, keep going!”

Ji Pianpian hurriedly looked down at the phone and continued to read the word puzzle.

At first, she was picky, but then she was too lazy to pick.
It seemed that as soon as her voice fell, Shen Du would definitely catch on, and said all the right answers.

This is not good luck, this is the IQ of 280!

The winner and the loser have been determined, and Li Xingqiao has no possibility of turning around.

Jiang Muxue doesn’t care whether they win or lose, she just finds it interesting: Aiya, Pianpian and the male god are a perfect match, a natural pair!

Ji Pianpian read the last one: “A son, wearing rags, three drops of tears, just in the west.”

When she finished speaking, Shen Du unexpectedly didn’t answer immediately.

Li Xingqiao, who had been desperate for a long time, cheered up instantly.
It doesn’t matter if they win or lose, he was just surprised: “Since you won’t go, I’ll go ah. It is still difficult for you ah! What about your good luck, did it fail, did it expire, or is it no longer useful?

Shen Du glanced at him indifferently.

Jiang Muxue was also interested.
Of course, she was not familiar enough to joke about Shen Du, she was just curious: “Is this difficult, what is the word?”

Li Xingqiao didn’t waste a bit of time.
He picked up Jiang Muxue’s delicate little hand and wrote on her palm, while Jiang Muxue endured the itch as she looked closely.

The two finally wrote out after half a day, and Li Xingqiao then blurted out: “Roll4!”

Uncle driver: “Pfft!”

Jiang Muxue also laughed.

Ji Pianpian’s eyes curved: “Congratulations, Senior Li, you got it right.”

The answer to the mystery is indeed the word “roll”, it’s not that Shen Du didn’t guess it, he just simply didn’t want to say it, and he didn’t want to say this word to her.

Shen Du looked at Li Xingqiao, and said coldly: “It’s not suitable, the junior sister and you have no grievances or enmity, why have the person roll.”

Li Xingqiao: “………………” Fvck!

There is no doubt that Li Xingqiao was completely defeated in the word-guessing game.

After losing and penalized with ten minutes, the couple just cuddled together quietly.

Ji Pianpian returned the phone to Shen Du and said gratefully: “Thank you.”

She knew that the reason why he wanted to play this guessing game was that Shen Du was afraid she would be embarrassed and bored.

She is indeed much more comfortable now after playing, and her heart is even hotter now because she is being taken care of.

Shen Du raised his eyelids slightly and looked at her: “Where is your hometown?”

Ji Pianpian was startled.

Shen Du stared at her: “Your Mandarin is very standard, have you studied broadcasting?”

That one sentence stunned Ji Pianpian, at the same time, Jiang Muxue was also sweating coldly on her back.

What, is, this, situation!


The author has something to say:

Note: The word puzzle is adapted from Baidu, not original.

Pianpian: Dangerous!

Hahaha, it’s not time to roll over yet~mua!


Sunnyshies: Btw, the story is set on 2008.
And btw, I don’t know how they solved the word puzzle…so don’t ask me!!

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