qiao has no interest in playing games and is just hitch-watching, but he is not clear on what Shen Du is going to do.

Then he saw the man manipulate the night elf to go to the warehouse, and rummaged through a large pile of divine equipment and artifacts for a long time.

Li Xingqiao: “…you still kept it, ah.”

Shen Du: “En.”

Li Xingqiao watched Shen Du put a title card in the mailbox.
Although he vaguely guessed what he was going to do, he was still full of disbelief.

Will this work?

This, will, work!

Shen Du sent Its you Pianpian a title card.
This is the result of an earlier event.
There is no special effect, it’s just for fun.

This one that Shen Du kept is especially fun, but Its you Pianpian can’t receive it now.
She can only open her mailbox after level 20.
And once she clicks on this title card, she then…

The little mage will immediately gain a title that resounds throughout the full server——

Being discarded after having made use of DuWo

These four words5 “Being discarded after having made use of” were even accompanied by lightning, it’s so cool.

Thinking of that scene, Li Xingqiao was speechless: As expected of you, the dark night thief with full marks for operations!

After quitting the game, Ji Pianpian’s mind is full of blind dates…

Ah pei, this amusement park thing.

Jiang Muxue elbowed her: “What about the promise of not falling in love early?”

Ji Pianpian stubbornly said: “It’s not early for Senior Shen, and I’m not in love.”

Jiang Muxue looked at her and smiled.

Ji Pianpian pretended to inadvertently ask her: “You can go to the amusement park with Senior Li, so why are you… um, taking me with you.”

Jiang Muxue: “Shen Du wants to date you.”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

Jiang Mu Xue looked at her cheeks with thin powder.
Her hands felt itchy, so she went to get a handful of a pinch: “Little fool, Senior Shen is interested in you.”

Ji Pianpian’s heart jumped, and she blurted out: “How is that possible!”

Jiang Muxue looked at the girl in front of her:

Wide velvet pajamas covered her delicate and slender body, but it made her neck slender and her face small and lustrous;

On her white translucent skin, her lips are not bright but tender.
The bridge of her nose is not so straight, but the tip of her nose is small and pretty, and the eyes are big and round;

Her eyelashes are distinct, the side of her eyes are hooked down, and the tail of her eyes are slightly raised.
Her slightly drooping eyelids and translucent black pupils showed intelligence and agility.

“Be confident!” Jiang Muxue patted her shoulder, “As your sister had said earlier, you can let him taste the pain of love!”

“This is not a matter of self-confidence.” Ji Pianpian is very self-aware, “This is narcissism, arrogance, and conceit!”

Jiang Muxue smiled and collapsed in front of the wardrobe: “As expected, you’re writing small compositions every day.
Your vocabulary is really rich.”

Ji Pianpian’s heart couldn’t help it.

She isn’t think much of it……

Really, not!

Blind date is an accident, sigh!

Last time when they ate together, Shen Du gave her a clear attitude.
Although he poked her heart in all directions, there was no doubt that Shen Du was not interested in her, and he didn’t even leave any room for ambiguity.

It is reasonable to say that the two should have no chance to wish each other good wishes, so why go to the amusement park together again?

Du-shen is not someone who is obsessed with amusement parks!

Ji Pianpian couldn’t figure it out, but she couldn’t help but think.

Thinking wildly, thinking in a mess, thinking like chickens flying and dogs jumping6, but she didn’t dare to think about herself.

In 2008, although the second-generation ID card was popularized, it was far from the “one-card pass” that was more than ten years later.

At this time, real-name registration is not required in the amusement park.
It is normal for one person to buy four tickets.

You don’t need an ID card to get a ticket, just a phone number.

As for student ID cards, Jiang Muxue and Ji Pianpin both have them.

This is thanks to F University.
Although they all came to study their majors, because they live on campus, they will have their IDs checked when entering and leaving, so they are ready on the first day of “admission”.

If they are students of F University, they can see at a glance that their IDs were temporary, which are different from those of current students

But neither Li Xingqiao nor Shen had an intersection with FU, and it’s normal for them not to recognize it.

Besides, Jiang Muxue would not give Li Xingqiao a chance to identify it carefully.

As soon as his little girlfriend acted like a spoiled child, Li Xingqiao, who had been “pretending to be asleep” to some extent, was even more confused, so how could he see it clearly?

So it needs one to be sober to capture the truth!

For tomorrow’s date, Jiang Muxue is carefully choosing clothes.

Ji Pianpian looked at her: “Put on more clothes, it’s very cold.”

The amusement park is not like going to the mall to eat, it can accidentally freeze people into popsicles.

Jiang Muxue giggled: “It’s really cold, but it’s not cold if you have a boyfriend!”

Ji Pianpian:“……”

“Besides,” Jiang Muxue said sweetly: “It’s better to be cold, because only when it’s cold can I get a hug from Brother Xingqiao!”

Ji Pianpain’s teeth hurt: “I suspect you are abusing dogs7 and have the evidence!”

Jiang Muxue looked at her wardrobe and gave her some advice: “You should also wear fewer clothes, don’t wrap yourself like a small zongzi8!”

Ji Pianpian remembered the last time she froze into a dog and she shook her head rationally and calmly: “As a single dog, you must be conscious of taking care of yourself.”

On Saturday, as Ji Pianpian thought, it was freezing cold that it made people shiver.

Jiang Muxue wanted appearance but not warmth.
She wore a short wool skirt with over-the-knee boots, showing a small section of her fair thighs.
She wore a short coat with a fluffy collar, lining it with her delicate face, it looks beautiful… but cold.

Ji Pianpian was different.
Heavy snow boots, a solid thick sweater, and a long down jacket wrapped around the calf, except for her small face that is fair and delicate, there’s no place for air to penetrate.

She’s wrapped more than a zongzi?

She’s basically a ball!

Jiang Muxue shouted that she hated iron for not becoming steel9.

Li Xingqiao and Shen Du made a special trip to meet them at F University, and Jiang Muxue saw them at a glance.

Jiang Muxue took a deep breath and whispered to Ji Pianpian: “Tell me, aren’t I and Brother Xingqiao in true love.”

Ji Pianpian:“?”

Jiang Muxue muttered: “If it’s not true love, how can I resist the temptation of his roommate!”

Ji Pianpian was silent: “…how did he tempt you?”

Jiang Muxue said confidently: “Even if this man just stands still, it’s already a dxmn temptation!”

Ji Pianpian:“………………”

She looked up and saw Shen Du.


Jiang Mumu was right.

She, Ji Pianpian, couldn’t refute!

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