Chapter 16: Four People Together

As a comprehensive university, F University has many faculties.

In the past two years, the art examination system has become more and more mature, and gradually entered the public eye.
For example, F University has a special art college, which recruits music students and art students.

If there is an exam, there will be training.
Cultural classes still need remedial training, and art exams require systematic professional training.

The college entrance examination1 is in summer, but the art examination2 is in winter.

Because there are many subjects in the art examination, the joint entrance examination system has not been fully covered yet, and each college recruits students independently.
Therefore, the examination time is very irregular, often from the end of January to nearly March, and covering the Spring Festival is a common occurrence.

It is now mid-January, and the large-scale examination has not yet started, but the sprint training before the exam has already started.
The students who stayed at F University were not only the students who did not go home during the winter vacation, but also the art candidates who came to train.

The art examination and the regular college entrance examination are two different systems.

Don’t look at Li Xingqiao’s eccentric temperament.
He might look very unreliable, but he can get his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at N University.
He also had hard strength, which the city champion of that year understands.

Not to mention that learning tyrants and art candidates3 are people from two different worlds, and they also have a relationship that is very incompatible with each other, so Li Xingqiao never thought about it at all.

When he saw Jiang Muxue entering and leaving F University freely, as well as her student ID card, he was not suspicious at all, he just thought she was a sophomore student.

Li Xingqiao didn’t understand the art test at all, but Shen Du had heard a little about it, otherwise, he wouldn’t have guessed that she was a music student in high school.

In their perception, art examinations are only for music students and art students.
Most of these two kinds of art candidates focus on supplementing their majors since the second year of high school.
As for the details of whether it’s high school winter break or high school summer vacation, learning tyrants find it really difficult to tell!

Although not all of them are right, the idea and direction are right.

Especially senior high school students who can’t run around at this point4.

Li Xingqiao’s whole body collapsed, and it took him a long time to find his voice: “No way… Mumu doesn’t look like a high school kid!”

It might sound like college sophomores are still students, but their classmates who are quick to move…are already hugging two babies!

So in their eyes, senior high school students are just children.

Shen Du saw blood with his every word: “You didn’t go home during winter vacation when you were a sophomore?”

Li Xingqiao: “…”

Shen Du: “What are the necessary internship programs for sophomore year?”

Li Xingqiao tried hard to find a reason: “If the family is bad… also… will…”

Shen Du didn’t give him an opportunity to be delusional: “Do you think they are like children from poor families?”

Li Xingqiao: “……………………”

This control of details is really tight.

The family background of Jiang Muxue and Ji Pianpian may not be very high-profile, but they are definitely rich.
The two children were dressed in exquisite clothes, and their speech and behavior were decent and elegant.
In Spring Moon Pavillion, they did not have the slightest restraint.

Those conditions made it clear that their families are not in difficulties to the point that they need to work during winter break to earn tuition.

On the contrary, they looked like art students who are notorious for burning money.

They really wouldn’t be able to afford it if they don’t have any wealth.

Shen Du gave him another blow to the head: “Their appearance is, indeed, outstanding.”

A very neutral tone, not the tone of a man to a woman, but more like an objective evaluation of an elder to a junior.

Li Xingqiao understood what he meant.

Not to mention the art students, but for music students, most of their appearance has extra points.

Jiang Muxue and Ji Pianpian are beautiful in their own ways.
Once they are substituted as music students, won’t they fit in too well.

Li Xingqiao was dying: “But… Mumu doesn’t know any musical instruments!”

Shen Du sneered and ignored him.

You can never wake up a person pretending to be asleep.

After the weekend, Ji Pianpian was busy again.

Several of her exams are in mid-February, and she doesn’t have much time left in her full schedule.

Professional teachers were carrying them to pull their films every day, and students who originally love movies begin to feel bored under such tossing.

What’s the fastest way to ruin a hobby—— learn it!

High intensity and high-density learning were enough to make people vomit blood when they hear the word movie.

Ji Pianpian majored in Literary and Art Choreographer-Director.
She not only needs to learn about movies over and over again, but also about program production, news facts, and even advertising planning-related knowledge…

Each college has its own admissions, only the devil knows where the scoop of the questions is.

Compared to her, Jiang Mu Xue’s Hosting and Performance department was a bit easier.

She has a good appearance, a generous and sharp personality, and a good voice that was a blessing from god, so she was only focused on consolidating the foundation of broadcasting, enough to pass the test.

Ji Pianpian was very busy during the day, and she still have to catch up on her homework at night, but in the end, she still remembered the game——

It’s you Pianpian: “I’ve been a little busy lately…”

BuDu: “It’s okay, studying is the most important thing.”

It’s you Pianpian: “Studying a ghost, it’s overtime!”

BuDu: “Oh.”

Ji Pianpian was angry: “Wake up, which high school student can touch the computer every day?”

After a long while, BuDu typed: “Makes sense.”

Seeing that he was fooled, Ji Pianpian was a little smug.

The corners of her mouth were just raised, when she saw an additional sentence in the dialog.

BuDu: “So, you are an elementary school student?”

Ji Pianpian sneered and poked hard on the keyboard: “I’m ashamed.
In fact, I’m still yet to be born!”

BuDu: “Yet to be born ah, then wouldn’t that make us…”

Ji Pianpina has a vague feeling that the ivory can’t be spit out of his mouth5, but she and he were separated by countless network cables, and she couldn’t stop him.

BuDu: “…a ghost with unfinished business?”

Ji Pianpian puffed up: “You are the ghost!”

BuDu: “En, you are human.”

Ji Pianpina took a while to react: He is a ghost and she is human, so aren’t they still in a relationship?

This round.

Ji Pianpian: I was KOed!

Ji Pianpian, who can only play for an hour a day, was not close to being promoted to level 20… it looks like she only leveled up three times.

At first, Ji Pianpian wished to be promoted to level 20 within an hour, and after selling the skill book, she could say goodbye to Heaven’s Cry forever.

But now…

She doesn’t seem to be in a hurry?

Her schoolwork is tiring to death, and it is quite relaxing to play games for a while.

The high imitation account is very good except for the way he speaks.

He knows a lot, is very familiar with the map, and he plays the demon warlock very well.
The cooperation between the two is also flawless.

Ji Pianpian occasionally stared at the experience bar and thought: It doesn’t have to be so fast?

Before she knew it, it was Thursday again.

Ji Pianpian was busy during the day and was busy at night, unaware that it was another week.

Compared to her fulfilling, down-to-earth life, Jiang Muxue has been living as if the day drags on like a year these days.

Ji Pianpian looked at her helplessly: “A lie needs countless people to make up for, you shouldn’t have lied to him from the beginning.”

Jiang Muxue was paralyzed on the bed, feeling weak: “But I really like him…”

Ji Pianpian:“……”

This problem is difficult to solve, Ji Pianpian is a learning scumbag, she can’t solve it even more.

Jiang Muxue spent a lot of time racking her brains these days.

For some unknown reason, Senior Li, who originally believed that she was a sophomore, suddenly became suspicious and began to test her in various ways…

Thanks to Jiang Muxue’s sharpness and ingenuity, she found out and remedied it in time.

It was also a coincidence that Li Xingqiao’s suspicions were in the wrong direction, thinking that she was a music student, trying out everything in those directions.

Jiang Muxue is really an art student, but she’s not actually from the Academy of Music.

Compared to the mature system of music and art students, they, choreographer-director and hosts… because they were just emerging programs, F University did not open up a special place, and they were directly placed in the dormitory and teaching building vacated by the media department after the holiday.

Jiang Muxue was trembling all day, and when she returned to the dormitory, she cried.



“It’s hard to like someone.”


“You say, if Brother Xingqiao knows that I lied to him, wouldn’t… wouldn’t he…”

Ji Pianpian listened to her distress and comforted her: “You are already an adult.
You don’t have to lie to him and say that you are from F University.”

Jiang Muxue expressed her deep timidity in her heart: “He’s so good, I don’t want him to know that I’m a scumbag who can’t even get into college.”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

This was the biggest reason for Jiang Muxue to lie.

A high school student is indeed young, but she is already an adult.

A five- or six-year-old age difference is not such a worldly and incomprehensible age difference.

What she was afraid of was the gap between herself and him in other aspects.


What an unattainable and prestigious school.

Even if they could pass their professional courses, it’s still difficult for them to apply for F University, not to mention N University, which is two big points higher.

Saying that she’s from F university may not even be much of a face-saving thing.
What’s more, they even dream of going to F University.

Seeing Jiang Muxue so sad, Ji Pianpian felt her heart sour and said warmly: “But this is not a long-term solution.
Sooner or later, you won’t be able to hide it.”

Jiang Muxue hugged the pillow and stared blankly at the front: “What if I really get into F University…”

This what if, is really one in ten thousand.

Ji Pianpian paused for a bit, and then encouraged her: “Then work hard, let’s work hard together!”

Jiang Muxue cheered a little: “Okay, let’s work hard together!”

Li Xingqiao is not far from being crazy these days: 

After a while, he felt that his little girlfriend was 100% underage and that he was a beast and a dog.

After a while, he was surprised again and again, then found out that Mumu was definitely not a music student.

After a while, he was terrified and went to ask his high school classmate, who he had not been in contact with for a long time.

After a while, he breathed a sigh of relief, because Jiang Muxue was not on the list of music students!

What is a roller coaster? Look at the mood curve chart of Li Xingqiao and you will understand.

After so many days of tossing, Li Xingqiao was still not sure of Jiang Muxue’s identity.

Compared to the ants on his hot pot, Shen Du lived as usual, leisurely accompanying the little mage to practice with his trumpet.

Li Xingqiao was not reconciled: “Old Du, are you sure that they are high school students?”

Shen Du: “En.”

Li Xingqiao: “But they are really not music students!”

Shen Du was too lazy to entangle with him: “Believe it or not.”

It wasn’t him who wasn’t being a human anyway.

Li Xingqiao:“……………………”

Li Xingqiao was so sad because he really liked Jiang Muxue.

He even thought about the names of their two children, and now he’s telling him that the mother of his child is still a child?


Li Xingqiao’s heart felt like it was being twisted by a knife, he didn’t want to deceive himself anymore: “I have to die to understand!”

Shen Du didn’t even look at him.

Li Xingqiao slipped and knelt on the bed with a thud: “Old Du, please, help your brother!”

Shen Du reluctantly gave him a look.

Li Xingqiao really thought of a “die method”: “Only you can help me, you can definitely do it.”

Shen Du: “Speak human words.”

Li Xingqiao’s eyes were bright: “Those closely involved can’t see clearly.
You are different.
I will ask Mumu and her roommate to go to the amusement park on Saturday.
You help me get words from Ji Pianpian!”

Shen Du raised his eyebrows.

Li Xingqiao was also out of options: “I can’t do it.
I will believe what Mumu says.
But you can do it, you definitely will be able to ask the truth.”

Shen Du refused without hesitation: “It’s not yet dark, don’t dream.”

Li Xingqiao was about to burst into tears: “Brother, please help.
Brother, you also do not want to see the flowers of the motherland being…”

Shen Du couldn’t listen anymore: “Okay.”

Li Xingqiao: “…please.”

Shen Du frowned.
He stared at him for a while and then asked: “If they’re really a high school student, what would you do?”

Li Xingqiao: “…”

Shen Du’s black eyes narrowed, and his expression was unprecedentedly condensed.

Li Xingqiao smiled bitterly, as if a knife was buried in his throat: “I can only break up.
Otherwise, what else can I do.”

The child is ignorant, he understands.

If he doesn’t have at least this sense of responsibility, then all the books he has read for more than ten years were all fed to dogs.

On Friday night, Jiang Muxue swept away her dejection of the previous few days and called out excitedly: “Pianpian!”

Ji Pianpian is playing a game: “En?”

Jiang Muxue: “Brother Xingqiao, he finally has no doubts, I’m safe!”

Ji Pianpain also breathed a sigh of relief.
After dodging the monster’s sneak attack, she said to her: “You, ah, let’s find a chance to make it clear.”

Jiang Muxue said happily: “Yes, yes.
Once I get the professional exam, I’ll… tell him!”

Ji Pianpian was also happy for her: “Good.”

“Right!” Jiang Muxue approached her and blinked: “Let’s go to the amusement park on Saturday!”

Ji Pianpain was startled.

Jiang Muxue: “Brother Xingqiao bought tickets.
The four of us are going together.”

Ji Pianpian’s hand shook, and the little mage in the game missed a skill: “What four people?”

Which, four, people!

Jiang Muxue laughed and said: “Me, you, Brother Xingqiao, and his roommate!”

Ji Pianpian was stunned, and after her mind blanked, her cheeks burned a little: “Shen, Shen Du?”

Jiang Muxue: “Yes, Brother Xingqiao is his roommate.”

Ji Pianpian stared at the computer screen, but her mind was no longer in the game.

Shen Du…


She thought that was the last time they would see each other, but actually…

Jiang Muxue asked her: “Are you going?”

Ji Pianpian’s mouth was faster than her brain: “…go.”

How could she not go!

Just then, a message popped up in the game’s dialog box.

BuDu: “I have something to do tomorrow, so I can’t go online.”

Ji Pianpian stared at this sentence, thinking that tomorrow is Saturday, she will go to the amusement park on Saturday, and she will go to the amusement park with Du-shen!

Be calm!

Calm down!

Ji Pianpain typed calmly: “Oh, I happen to have something tomorrow, too.”

BuDu teased her: “Jiejie is going to work overtime again?”

Ji Pianpian already mastered the art of replying: “No, your jiejie is going on a blind date tomorrow!”


Ji Pianpian, who sent it out, only found out that she accidentally called the “appointment” a “blind date”.

Her cheeks flushed, and she cursed herself:

Ji Pianpian! Have some face!


The author has something to say:

Congrats to Du-shen for raising a pot of vinegar hahahahaha


Sunnyshies: Don’t hate our boyzz here guys.
As decent adults, although Shen Du and Li Xingqiao are just a few years older than our girls, Jiang Muxue is still a high school student, even if she has already turned 18.
High school students are basically not allowed to date, esp, for third year students– because of “college entrance examination”.
Basically, dating affects their learning, so it was not allowed.
I think some schools even have them in their rules as well, and will be punished if they are caught dating– and their parents will be called, which is a nightmare.
More so, our boyz were school tyrants, meaning they’re all nerds in their field.
Don’t worry, Our girls will graduate soon. 

Oh yeah, and the legal age to marry in China is 20 for girls and 22 for men.
They will basically date at 18 and get married when the time comes. 

Anyway, it’s a moral sense, which told them that high school students are nono in a relationship. 

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