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Translator: Sunnyshies
Editor: Ryuubii

Chapter 15: Kill or Be Punished

It was still early, so Ji Pianpian, who was excited for half the night, was nowhere near sleeping.

So she logged into the game, opened her backpack, and stared at the skill book for a while.


Backing out was impossible.

It’s not good to turn her back to the high imitation account, but what he did still costs money.
She shouldn’t have sat on someone else’s double mount.
And also, after seeing the fireworks in the sky, then agreeing to sell the book to him, falling out with him now would seem inhumane.



Even if she really wanted to give the skill book to Du-shen, she couldn’t give it.


Give it to him in reality?

The intention is obvious, she would be too shameless!


She doesn’t even know what Du-shan’s real ID is!



Blame it on the fact that she and he are not destined to be together.


Thinking of this, Ji Pianpian’s excitement fell.

Tonight’s Shen Du perfectly fits the ideal type in her heart.
it would be an understatement to say that she fell in love with him at first sight.


Ji Pianpian had never been in love, but she has followed countless novels, movies, and TV series.

Shen Du’s attitude towards her was exactly that of a very gentleman-like senior who has no other thoughts at all.


Ji Pianpian turned over and laid on her back over the bed, then sighed softly:

Meeting for the first time.

Probably the last time too.


The ideal type can only be an ideal.


After a minute or two, Ji Pianpian shook her head, shaking all these messes out.

At this time, her mood was nothing more than “fan meeting idol”: Longing here, admiration there… but no obsession.

Idols are out of reach after all.


Ji Pianpian closed the backpack interface and was just about to open the friend bar when she saw the demon warlock beside her.


In the desolate novice area of Ice Territory, the slender demon held a dead wood staff as he stood in the bitter wind.
His posture was desolate and lonely, with a sense of despondency that makes one wonder how long he has been standing there.


Ji Pianpian was taken aback: “You’re here, ah…”

Just as she was about to check whether he was online or not, the person leaned in front of her.


In addition to being frightened, Ji Pianpian was also a little surprised.
If he was online, then they would be able to do tasks together…



Ji Pianpian soon discovered that something was wrong:


“What about the person?”

“Not here?”

She spoke several times in succession, but the demon warlock just stood there pensively, as if his soul was out of his body.

He’s actually AFK.1


Ji Pianpian stared at him for a while and suddenly found her hands itchy.

The man who had killed her thirty-five times is close at hand, still motionless, and at the mercy of others.

If she doesn’t take revenge now, when will she!


Ji Pianpian picked up her staff, and with a swish, she cast three or four skills at the demon warlock.

Huge Ice Block, boom!

Huge Fireball, boom boom!

Lightning and thunder rolls, striking miles away, Bam!


After the indiscriminate bombardment, the demon warlock still did not lose any blood.

Because it was in peaceful mode, it obviously wouldn’t kill anyone.
Ji Pianpian didn’t really want to kill him either, she just wanted to…practise.


Then a dialog suddenly popped up——

BuDu: “?”


Ji Pianpian: “!”

How did he, he, he come online!


The little mage who was caught was only half a second away from going offline on the spot!


System prompt: The player has sent you an invitation to a duel.

Ji Pianpian: “…” Her guilty conscience was instantly covered by anger.


He killed her thirty-five times, and she only threw a few skills at him in peace mode.
How come it became a duel all of a sudden?

Let’s fight, see who’s afraid!


Ji Pianpian angrily nodded and accepted it.
A battle flag then stood between the two, and the background music changed suddenly, from a melodious desert song to a beating drum.


The ID of the demon warlock in front of her also changed from friendly white to dangerous scarlet.


Three, two, one.

At the end of the countdown, Ji Pianpian’s heart was pounding, and her fingers pressing the keyboard and mouse were even more nervous.

How to PK?

She vaguely remembered the priest’s combo, but the mage’s…


Never mind, just close your eyes!

Ji Pianpian treated the demon warlock as a goblin, and smashed him with a series of skills, not caring about the accuracy or damage value.

Can’t wimp out.

She has died thirty-five times, without fear!



The skill’s sound effects boomed, and Ji Pianpian bit her lower lip as she looked at the screen.

System prompt: congratulations on killing the player “DuBu“.


Ji Pianpian: ???

Only then did she realize that the demon warlock who requested the duel didn’t move at all.
He didn’t use any of his skills and didn’t even move his position.
He just stood there, letting her throw skills at him.


——He allowed himself to be killed by her on purpose.


When one side is defeated, the duel ends.

The demon warlock stood up and typed: “Next time you want to kill me, remember to open a duel first.”

Ji Pianpian felt guilty: “Who is going to kill you.”

BuDu: “Who threw the skill just now?”


Ji Pianpian stopped pretending: “What’s wrong with killing you, you killed me thirty-five times, am I not allowed to kill back?”

“Can,” BuDu said slowly, “Anything to kill or punish.”


Ji Pianpian will not be coaxed by him: “It’s just a trumpet, so what if I kill you three or five hundred times.” It’s a matter of significance.

BuDu: “Wu…”

Ji Pianpian: “Give me the big account to kill if you can.”

BuDu: “I can open the big account, but I just feel sorry for your hand.”


Ji Pianpian: “???”

BuDu: “The attack point of your spell is twenty.
The Night Assassin automatically recovers 100 points of blood per second.
If I take off my clothes and stand still, you may take until dawn to kill…” Pressing the keyboard will cause hand cramps.


Needless to say, the meaning was in place.

This is really the standard “extremely hurtful, twice as insulting” sentence!

Ji Pianpian: “…………………………”

Pissed her off!


She scolded that although she can’t fight, she can still run away.

Ji Pianpain ignored him and just turned her head to do the task.
Then the demon warlock strode forward and typed: “Speaking of which…”

Ji Pianpian: Ignore.jpg


As if the demon warlock did not notice: “Why thirty-five times?”

The little mage, who was striding fast, froze.


She stopped too soon, and he typed in a well-organized manner: “Hidden mission, manslaughtered 33 times, and when the white lion accidentally ate you once, it adds up to 34 times.”


Ji Pianpian’s heart tightened.

Oh no, she also counted the time when she was killed using Ji Heyu’s account.

It’s okay if she’s embarrassed by herself, but now she even dragged her family’s great demon king along with her!


This… this…

Just when Ji Pianpian was so nervous that she couldn’t even type a word, another sentence floated from the dialog box: “This is not appropriate ba.”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

BuDu: “…if you want to add a crime, there’s really nothing to worry about2.” With an “aggrieved” expression.


Ji Pianpian:“…………………………”

Close call!

It was she who was thinking too much.

How could this high imitation account know that the one on the Yu Shang account was her?


Ji Pianpain came over slowly: “Have you ever deposited money in the bank?”

BuDu: “?”

Ji Pianpian justified: “Bank deposits have interest, you killed me thirty-four times, why not increase the interest!”

BuDu: “…”


Ji Pianpian, who had regained the city halls, was in a good mood, and her hands were much quicker to receive tasks.


The demon warlock followed her, and then he suddenly asked again: “Have you finished your overtime?”

Ji Pianpian was stunned for a moment: Overtime… what?


BuDu: “Didn’t you say you went to work overtime?”

Only then did Ji Pianpian remember that she was a beautiful twenty-seven-year-old sister.
She steadied herself, and typed: “Finished.”


The words BuDu typed seemed to have tones, and the unseriousness of his voice overflowed through the screen: “Jiejie, are you really not going to do your homework?”

Ji Pianpian’s face became hot, and she said: “…there’s no homework in the world of adults!”


“Oh…” BuDu then said deliberately, “If you have any questions, you can ask me, your gege is not just talented, but he happens to be a top student in the college entrance examination.”


Ji Pianpian:“………………”

You don’t need to brag about it!

Since he was also a top student in the college entrance examination, why doesn’t he just say that he was also a master’s student in N University, studying a master’s degree in Computer Science, and his name was Shen Du!


Thinking of the graceful bearing of the true Du-shen, she then looked at this, immodest to the bone, fake DuWo.

Ji Pianpian sighed: How can they be so different!



After watching the movie, and spending half an hour with his girlfriend in the milk tea shop, Li Xingqiao finally went back to the dormitory.

This evening, Senior Li was very refreshed.

Upscale restaurant and romantic movie.

His girlfriend was sweet and moving, and she even called him Li Xingqioa senior, making him float.


It’s so good to fall in love, and his Mumu is so cute!


But his good mood plummeted by 10,000 points after returning to the dormitory.


Opening the door, he saw Shen Du sitting idly in front of the computer.
His long legs are slightly bent.
Such a wide space under the desk still could not accommodate those long legs.
He didn’t change out of his clothes from when he went out, the black sweater defines his body type.
Although he can’t see through that slender neck, that broad shoulder and narrow thin waist…

Li Xingqiao had a toothache: He was sour to death, but it was not even worth his life, ah!


When Shen Du heard the movement, he glanced sideways at him.

Black hair and white skin, and cold eyes glanced, it’s like the autumn wind with the fluttering of falling leaves.

Li Xingqiao: “???”

Shen Du looked away and stared at the game interface.

Li Xingqiao was full of question marks: “What’s wrong with you? The little ancestor hasn’t finished working overtime yet?”

His monk Zhang’er can’t figure it out in his head3, he thought it was because the little ancestor was not online, and making the lonely and cold Du-shen become so mystifying


Li Xingqiao leaned over and found that the demon warlock and the little mage were enjoying themselves in the game.

If it’s not the little ancestor who provoked it, then who could it be?


Li Xingqiao said cautiously: “Ji Pianpian is very cute, right…”

His heart is full of his family Mumu, but it doesn’t prevent him from being aesthetically normal.


It was not the first time that Li Xingqiao saw Ji Pianpian, but he was still amazed.

The little girl is not the kind of gorgeous beauty, and it has nothing to do with being s**y and mature, but she is very attractive, the kind of beauty that is delicate to the smallest details, soft and not offensive.


Shen Du sneered.

Li Xingqiao gave up: “Even this can’t get into your eyes…”

Before he finished speaking, Shen Du interrupted: “Be human.”

Li Xingqiao: “Ah?”


Shen Du said coldly: “You can still lay hands on a little girl in high school.”

Li Xingqiao was shocked: “What the h**l? Everyone is a sophomore.
You can’t just say that because Ji Pianpian has a baby face…”


Shen Du: “Sophomore?”

Li Xingqiao: “Yes, didn’t you just send someone to F University!”


Shen Du: “Must they be a sophomore to be in F University?”

Li Xingqiao’s heart tightened: “No, otherwise?”


Shen Du’s eyelashes lowered and he said it all in one word: “They could be senior high school students majoring in arts in the Academy of Music”

Li Xingqiao: “……………………” Fvck!


The author has something to say:

No matter how good Du-shen is, it is still possible to think of the game’s little mage and Pianpian together!

The probability…of winning the lottery then.

Shen Du: You think it’s easier to get a wife then to win the lottery?

[Long Changchang4 lifts the lid of the pot and crawls away]


Sunnyshies: This will be explained in the next chapter!

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