Chapter 13 : The Wonders of Coincidence

After dropping these words, Ji Pianpian quit the game without hesitation.

Shen Du: “…” The little one has no conscience.

Since the little mage was offline, Shen Du was no longer in the mood to play games.
Instead of quitting the game, he left the magic warlock where the little mage went offline and left the computer running.

In the yellow sand, the solitary Demon Warlock was quite desolate.

Shen Du took a professional book from the bookshelf and flipped through it at will.

As Li Xingqiao said, he was indeed very busy: the end of the year was approaching, the project has been handed in, and some private affairs have been dealt with.
As for helping out Heaven’s Cry project team… let’s talk about it after the year.

Li Xingqiao crawled back to the dormitory, unable to speak clearly on the phone, so he could only kneel in front of him and beg.

This was not about money, this was about his reputation: He and Mumu both promised that Shen Du will go.
This wave1 was releasing the pigeon2 again, he has no shame!

Men must not go back on their words in front of their sweethearts!

For this reason, Li Xingqiao can be shameless—— anyway, with Shen Du here, he has no such thing as shame.

“Old Du!”

Li Xingqiao slammed the door open, but what he saw was a man sitting idle in a chair holding a dark professional book in his cold white palms and casually flipping through it.

Good, you’re busy.

You call this busy!

Hearing the sound, Shen Du raised his head.

He was slightly myopia, so he wore rimless glasses while reading a book.
So the moment he raised his eyes to look, the lenses slightly flashed, and his deep black eyes showed indifference.

Li Xingqiao: “……” S**t, these hundreds of yuan myopic glasses gave him a six-digit sense of luxury.

This person compared to other people is not human3!

As a straight man of steel, he will not be confused by a man, but Li Xingqiao still begged bitterly: “Go, go, I really have a reservation.”

Shen Du glanced at the screen where his little trumpet was still hanging.

Li Xingqiao followed his line of sight and was surprised: “What are you doing as a warlock, don’t you hate this kind of grinding profession4 the most?”

How could DuWo, a man specializing in dark night assassins, touch this “assistant5” profession?

Didn’t he say that it was impossible to give assists in this life?

Sure enough, a man’s mouth is a liar!

Li Xingqiao took a closer look and saw the ID of the private chat dialog.

—— It’s me Pianpian6

Li Xingqiao was surprised: “Little Ancestor is finally online?”

Shen Du: “En.”

Li Xingqiao understood: “You are using a small account to take the little ancestor to upgrade, ah.” Pampered, really pampered, this the dream of all the players in the Heaven’s Cry, but the little ancestor… worked overtime?

Li Xingqiao saw the chat record in the private chat box, and said excitedly: “Oh, the person have worked overtime, you can go to dinner with me!”

Shen Du: “Won’t go.”

Li Xingqiao went crazy: “Why!”

Shen Du stared at the dialog box and spat out four words, “Accompany her to work overtime.”

Li Xingqiao: “……”

Ji Pianpian, who was “working overtime”, was in a rather complicated mood.

She didn’t dare to ask Jiang Muxue for the picture, and didn’t have time to open the computer to look at that high-pixelated picture.
But in fact, there was no use of comparison, since she already reproduced both pictures in her mind countless times.


Du-shen was her roommate’s boyfriend’s roommate?

She could not even meet the great god in the game, but she can actually have a face-to-face dinner with him in reality?

TV dramas aren’t like this…

This is simply a miracle!

Ji Pianpian’s heart was full of impossibility, but she really felt that they’re the same7.

Go, she must go.
As long as she sees him face to face, she will definitely recognize him.

She said it was impossible, but in fact, she had already determined 70% to 80%, and she even let her imagination roam: 

It turns out that DuWo was from N University.
A schoolmaster!

And he’s studying for a Master’s degree.
What major is Senior Li in? Oh, oh, oh, the Computer Science Department, amazing.
No wonder he is so good at playing games!

No… Computer Science and playing games are not necessarily related?

Ah, ah, ah.

If it wasn’t for Fu Xuehui who couldn’t be reached, Ji Pianpian would want to scream at her now: A great game god, a famous school tyrant, and a handsome guy.

If she missed this, she will regret it for the rest of her life.

When Ji Pianpian was held down by Jiang Muxue in front of the dressing mirror, she finally came back to her senses: “You don’t need to put makeup on me…” A hardworking high school student, at an age where she can’t even tell the difference between isolation and foundation.8

Jiang Muxue: “Don’t worry, with your sister’s skills, straight men won’t even see that you put on makeup.”

Ji Pianpian looked at herself in the mirror, and felt uneasy: “Don’t bother, it’s not like we’re going to a meet up.” After saying those last two words9, Ji Pianpian’s heart thumped.

It’s true that it’s not really a meet up, but she’s so nervous!

Jiang Muxue geared up: “You can’t lose to a man.”

Ji Pianpian didn’t understand what she meant.

Jiang Muxue has a reasonable explanation: “How can I allow a man’s “beauty” to suppress all four sides?”

Ji Pianpian: …every angle is really genuine enough.

Although Jiang Muxue was in high spirits, she didn’t have much room to play.

The girl in front of her has such a good skin condition that it makes people jealous, and her facial features are just right, especially that pair of eyes.
If it were bigger, it would lose its liveliness, a little smaller and it would lack this agile energy.
The right balance of roundness was enough to be accented by the fine lying silkworm, and it will be both beautiful and delightful.

All Jiang Muxue could do was—— cover her childishness.

After all, the two of them need to display a duo of older characters, so how can they look like minors!

Pull the end of the eye, set the lying silkworm10 a little smaller, and make the lips a little darker…

After getting it done, Jiang Muxue took a light breath: This old lady is really awesome.
A transformation of a pure and lustful little goblin.

Ji Pianpian opened her eyes, and when she saw herself in the mirror, she felt even more uncomfortable: It’s true that the makeup is not too thick, but I always feel that the person in the mirror is very strange and odd.

Jiang Muxue admired her masterpiece: “Little Beauty.”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

Jiang Muxue patted her on the shoulder: “Take down that big handsome guy, and let him taste the bitterness of love!”

Ji Pianpian: “……”

On the other hand, after learning that Jiang Muxue and her roommate were ready to go, Li Xingqiao slipped on his knees and recognized his father.
As long as Shen Du didn’t let go of the pigeon11, his descendants would all be with him for 18 generations!

“They both have gone out, what am I going to do if you don’t go ah ahh ahhh.”

“The little girl will really be left out there, ah.“

“Mumu will break up with me!”

“Brother, ah pei, daddy, your son’s life depends on you!”

Shen Du was unmoved.

Li Xingqiao rolled his eyes and thought again: “Did the double mount work or not? Was the fireworks good or not? Wasn’t the Lover’s island reliable?”

Shen Du finally looked up at him.

Li Xingqiao finally saw what works: “Believe it or not, there are better ones!”

Shen Du finally closed the thick professional book, took off his glasses and looked at him: “The next one will not be an example.”

Li Xingqiao almost did not cry out: “Good, good.”

Finally, this god was invited, Li Xingqiao was grateful to the little ancestor!

Speaking of, it was so confusing.

Isn’t the little beauty in real life great, why do you want to cling to the game?

What if it’s really a stinky big guy?

Li Xingqiao can only sigh with emotion:

Du-shen’s world, mortals could not understand!

Ji Pianpian has never been to Spring Moon Pavilion, or rather, she is very unfamiliar with the entire N city.

It has been more than half a month since she came here, except for the professors and a few classmates, she has never had contact with strangers.
On weekdays, she would also go out to eat, but they’re all small restaurants in the university town, and a serving of Mala Tang was only seven to eight yuan.

The price of Spring Moon Pavillion was already high for adults, not to mention for students.

Jiang Muxue whispered to Ji Pianpian: “I haven’t been here before, but I heard that it will be a candlelight dinner.”

When Ji Pianpian heard this, she became even more nervous!

The agreement was not a meet up, so why was the atmosphere here so much like a meet up?

If it was someone else, forget it, but there is also a high probability that this is Du-shen, ah!

But at this moment, Ji Pianpian actually hoped that Senior Li’s roommate is not DuWo.

If he’s not, then she can be more at ease.

Spring Moon Pavilion was a Chinese restaurant with unique decorations.

The spacious hall was decorated like a pavilion and kiosk: there was a fake plum tree in the center, blooming in full red; the aisle had been built into the shape of a small bridge, and the dining tables were scattered next to the rockery pool, which was secluded and romantic, with a full sense of atmosphere.

Ji family is rich, and Ji Pianpian has also seen such a scene, but she was still amazed by this unique decoration.

Jiang Muxue saw Li Xingqiao: “Brother Xingqiao.”

Li Xingqiao got up and greeted them.

Ji Pianpian said hello to Li Xingqiao, and Li Xingqiao smiled and said: “Come on over.”

Their table just happened to be in a hexagonal pavilion with a white and blue gradient of tulle around it.
Of course, there was no wind inside, but the tulle texture was light enough that it seemed to sway even without the wind.

The white part of the tulle was nearly transparent, and when you look up, you can see a side view between the watery haze.

Ji Pianpian’s heart tightened, not because she could see clearly, but because she couldn’t see clearly——

Is it DuWo?

Will it be DuWo?

Walking into the pavilion, Ji Pianpian saw the man sitting on the wooden chair.
He just stood up.
His tall and slender figure gave people a sense of oppression, but the stronger impact came from his impeccable facial features.

He raised his eyes and looked at Ji Pianpian.

Under his shattered black hair was a cold white complexion, black eyelashes that were thick and straight, and the natural drooping ends of his eyes added coldness and detachment to those pair of starry eyes.
The thin lips under his high nose were perfectly lined, and his sharp jawline resonates completely with his slender neck, and his collarbone that was hidden in his black collar.

Ji Pianpian lowered her head sharply, and her heart almost jumped out of her throat.


It’s really Du-shen.

The number one great god in the whole region in Heaven’s Cry!

Li Xingqiao introduced each other: “This is my roommate, Shen Du.”

Ji Pianpian: “!”

So, his name was Shen Du, no wonder his ID was DuWo12.

It’s more certain!

Jiang Muxue also introduced Ji Pianpian: “…Pian as in the gracefulness of the startled swan.13“

Hearing the name “Pianpian” Shen Du aas slightly startled, and he looked at Ji Pianpian.

There was no doubt that the girl in front of her was very beautiful.
She wore a camel-colored coat with a light-colored turtleneck sweater inside, which held a small delicate and exquisite face, especially those eyes.
Seemingly because of shyness, her drooping curled eyelashes trembled slightly, and her translucent black eyes flickered like a swaying lake. 

Shen Du only took a glance before taking his eyes away, his heart only has five words——

Li Xingqiao, you b4stard.14

Is this kid even an adult?


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