Chapter 12 : Did you Take a Screenshot?

In front of the computer, the girl smiled: This person is not that annoying.

The favorability level that fell to the bottom has risen a little bit more.

Ji Pianpian was in a good mood and decided not to embarrass this fake account: “I can sell you the skill book at the market price, but you know, I haven’t reached level 20, so I can’t trade it.”

“You wait, wait until I reach level 20…”

She had just finished typing this line when the night elf asked: “You think I’m doing this for your skill book?”

Although it was just a line in the dialog box, Ji Pianpian inexplicably felt the low pressure of the other side.

Is he angry?

What is there to be angry about!

Ji Pianpian: “Otherwise?”

Shen Du: “…”

Ji Pianpian gave him a big white eyes emoji1, and her fingers tapped crisply on the keyboard: “Could it be that since you killed me too many times, you felt guilty and wanted to make it up with me?”

Who knew that the night elf would only tap one word: “N”

Ji Pianpian: “…” I don’t believe it!

She gave the night elf three big white eyes again, then she put on Fu Xuehui’s momentum to type nimbly: “Think I’m a teenage girl?”

Is she that easy to fool!

Shen Du’s words are few but sharp: “Aren’t you?”

Ji Pianpian felt like she had been seen through the screen, which is so frustrating!

The loser will not lose the battle, and is unlikely to wimp out.

The sound of Ji Pianpain’s keyboard being knocked resoundingly: “This jiejie is already 272, little brother!”

The high imitation account calmly returned a syllable: “Oh.”

Ji Pianpian: “Oh, this ghost, call me jiejie3!”

Shen Du’s eyes turned down, and his slender fingers slowly typed on the keyboard: “You are old enough to be my daughter.”

Ji Pianpian: “…I suspect that you are taking advantage of me and took a screenshot!”

Twenty seven is enough to be a daughter?

Kids nowadays, friend, you don’t need to lie to get a score, right?

Shen Du: “Then you probably don’t know what it means to have been taken advantage of.”

Ji Pianpian stared at this sentence in a daze, what does it mean?

Soon she knew.

The night elf with a naked upper body on the screen suddenly approached the little mage.

There is a big difference in height between the two in the game.
The elves are taller and slender than the humans.
Ji Pianpian’s little mage is not short, but still a head shorter than the night elf.

The night elf, who was as cold as ice, bowed his head and kissed the little mage lightly on the forehead.

Game Action: Kiss on the forehead.

Ji Pianpian only felt a wave of heat rushing through her mind, her cheeks were dyed crimson uncontrollably, then she hit three exclamation points in a row: “Rogue!!!”

Nigh-rouge-elf was so bad: “Did you take a screenshot?”

——This is taking advantage of you.

——So, did you take a screenshot?

Ji Pianpian, who finally realized the meaning behind those words: “…” This person is really too, evil!

Shen Du didn’t wait for her to react, and typed first: “Don’t go offline.”

Ji Pianpian, whose action has been through, asked alertly: “Are you able to see me?”

How did he know she was going to turn off the computer!

Shen Du thought that he shouldn’t tease her anymore, or else the person would run, but he couldn’t control his typing hand: “Look at the camera.”

Ji Pianpian was shocked.

Shen Du: “Is your computer equipped with a camera?”

Ji Pianpian looked up at the small black dot directly above the laptop: Laptops definitely come with a camera ah!

Shen Du: “It seems there is.”

Ji Pianpian was terrified.

Shen Du lamented, “Unfortunately, I can’t see it.”

Ji Pianpian: “……you, are, making, fun, of, people, again!”

She was scared to death.
She thought, she thought… he could really see her… it’s too scary!

Feeling that the little girl was really scared, Shen Du comforted her: “Don’t worry, Heaven’s Cry’s protection of user information is in place, and it is impossible to leak it.”

Ji Pianpian also reacted.
Although she didn’t understand this, how could it be possible to hack into her computer only through games? If it were so easy, Heaven’s Cry wouldn’t be popular all over the world.

Shen Du said again: “But if your computer has a camera, you still need to turn off the permissions.”

Ji Pianpian: “???”

Shen Du taught her the operation by hand.

Ji Pianpian also heard some terrible cases, such as viruses in the computer, intrusion of the camera, secret photography, etc…

She did not say that although she might know six out of seven tricks about computers, she also knows nothing about them.

Shen Du explained it in detail, and it was easy to understand through the dialog box of the game, Ji Pianpian’s hanging heart fell.

This man is evil, but he knows a lot.

And quite patient.

After finishing the computer settings, Ji Pianpian returned to the game.

She was still a little scared: “Is this all right?”

Shen Du: “En.”

Ji Pianpian just breathed a sigh of relief, and then watched the night elf typed: “As long as you do not go to any strange little website, you will generally not be hit.”

Ji Pianpian was at loss: “Strange little website?” What a mess.

After a while, a line of words slowly floated out: “Is jiejie really an adult?”

Ji Pianpian: “!”

Obviously there was no voice, but she seemed to hear that careless teasing accent.

She has not eaten pork, but she has seen pigs running.
Ji Pianpian reacted, and typed with a blushing face: “I’m not going to look at that kind of, that kind of website!” After saying that, she felt that her words had no momentum, but the words were already spilled out and cannot be taken back.

Ji Pianpian became angry: “Anyway… I’ll be promoted to level 20 soon, so don’t you follow me.”

When she sells the skill book to him, she will never play this s****y game again!

Shen Du: “Don’t like my company?”

Ji Pianpian confidently said: “Seeing you reminds me of those thirty-five times.
You say it, do I like it or not?”

Shen Du: “…this ah.“

Ji Pianpian regretted it after speaking.
In fact, this high imitation account took her to do tasks easily and interestingly.
She liked it a lot, but…

Who wants his company!

Shen Du: “Then I’ll change account.”

Ji Pianpian: “???”

Shen Du: “You go back to the city first.”

Ji Pianpian clicked back to the city, and not long after she landed, she received a friend request.

System prompt: The player “BuDu4” requests to add you as a game friend.

Ji Pianpian hesitated for a while, but finally agreed.

Private chat channel——

BuDu: It’s me.

Ji Pianpian: …en.

BuDu: Wait for me at the mission point.

Ji Pianpian: …Oh.

Ji Pianpian stood in the middle of Ice territory Novice Zone, and couldn’t help but slander: how obsessed this person was with , even when opening a small trumpet, he still used an ID of the same series.

DuWo, BuDu.

Shouldn’t the next one be called—— AiDu BuDu5!

Not long after, BuDu came.

The trumpet6 of this high imitation account is a demon warlock, which is completely different from his large account with a coquettish god-level costume.
The demon warlock is only level 10, and he wore the same novice outfil from the same series as Ji Pianpian, then he took out a broken black staff that looked worthless.

People depend on clothes and horses depend on the saddle, characters depend on the level.
From 80 to 10, the affinity of this high imitation account is much higher.

Ji Pianpian said haughtily: “I’ve done all these tasks once, I don’t need someone to lead me.”

DuWo: “It’s okay, I’ll accompany you.”

The corners of Ji Pianpian’s mouth curved.

DuWo: “After all, I can’t kill you at level 10.”

Ji Pianpian: “……”

In the “self-knowledge” section, the high imitation account is really hard to grasp!

It is much more interesting for two people to do tasks than one person.
Ji Pianpian couldn’t understand what this poor warlock was playing, but her little mage was getting better and better, with high damage and final blows every time.

Doing anything requires a sense of accomplishment, and so does in the game.

Ji Pianpian was having fun and forgot about Jiang Muxue’s appointment at night.
She asked, “Can we reach level 15 tonight?”

The sun will set already.

Shen Du asked her: “Do you have time to play at night?”

Ji Pianpian: “Of course.”

Shen Du deliberately asked: “Don’t you need to study at night?”

Ji Pianpian: “…I’m not a high school student, what is this evening self-study?”

Shen Du: “Oh yes, you are twenty-seven.”

Ji Pianpian was a little floating7: “What, you, call jiejie.”

“En…” Shen Du paused slightly, typing: “Jiejie is good.”

“……” Ji Pianpian’s face was slightly hot: Ho-hooligan!

Ji Pianpian played games all afternoon, and Jiang Muxue, who agreed to ask for photos, was called away by the teacher halfway through, and she practiced vocalization for half a day.

When she finally came back, she saw Ji Pianpian sitting cross-legged on the bed, playing games happily.
She was furious: “Games are here every day! Handsome guy, however, after passing this village, it is difficult to encounter such a good shop.8“

Ji Pianpian didn’t have any other handsome guy in her heart, so she just kept her eyes on the screen: “I made an appointment with someone to go to level up together, so I won’t go at night.”

Jiang Muxue: “…you look at his photo first!”

Ji Pianpian had no interest, and said perfunctorily without looking at it: “En, en, handsome, I don’t…”

Jiang Muxue put her pink mobile phone in front of her, blocking the game screen.

Ji Pianpian didn’t want to see it, but when she saw it, she was then…


Shen Du manipulated the demon warlock to give the little mage a blood shield to attract monsters and send experience.

It’s fiddly, but fun.

Especially seeing the happy little appearance of the little mage.

Taking time out of his busy schedule, Shen Du casually sent a message to Li Xingqiao: “I won’t go to dinner tonight.”

Li Xingqiao called back directly: “What’s the matter! I’ve already reserved a seat.
The money was already counted, even if you won’t go, ah, ah, ah!”

Shen Du: “Busy.”

Li Xingqiao went crazy: “What are you busy with! Didn’t you finish all the work at hand? The old cow also did not give a new work, ah!“

Shen Du is ruthless: “I’m busy playing games.”

Li Xingqiao: “……” Fvck!

Jiang Muxue was triumphant: “How about it, this siter didn’t lie to you, isn’t he handsome!”

Ji PianPian looked at Jiang Muxue’s phone without blinking.

The photos on the screen are not high-definition, and the slightly blurred picture is similar to the candid photo she has, but the photo is by no means the same one.

The photo of Du-shen shows his front face, but Jiang Muxie’s shows only one third of his side face.

It seems to be in the dormitory, the black and silver color engineering chair blocks most of the man’s body, only revealing his upright shoulders and back, leaning lazily on the chair.
His  bent arms are leaning on the handles, and the sleeves of his wide black sweater were rolled up, revealing his cold white wrists, and his convex wrist bones were sensually sharp, which complemented the slender and skinny back of his hands.

He points his fingertips on his jaw, staring at the side of the computer screen in thought.

Even if it is only a third of the angle, his black hair, hanging black eyelashes, his taut thin lips, and perfect jawline, are enough to make people unable to look away.

Jiang Muxue put away the phone and deliberately prevented her from continuing to look: “Will you go?”

Ji Pianpian: “…go.”

Not because he is handsome, but because he looks too much like DuWo!

Jiang Muxue was happy and urged her: “Go and change your clothes, I’ll put on light makeup for you!”

Ji Pianpian was still thinking about the high imitation account in the game, she thought about it, then typed: “Ah, I just got a call, tonight…”

Shen Du: “?”

Ji Pianpian: “…I have to work overtime at night.”

Good, her twenty-seven year old beautiful sister persona did not fall.


The author has something to say:

This is a roundabout story of not going to you and going only for you, hahahahaha.

Don’t worry, they will meet, although, it’s… they don’t know each other.

There is a red envelope in the login message~ You can’t send it if you don’t log in, mua~!

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