Chapter 11 : Fireworks in the Sky

The two just returned to the dormitory.
Jiang Muxue could be considered to have frozen hands, but she didn’t have time to change her clothes, so she took out her phone first: “You wait!”

Ji Pianpian took off her cotton cap and dragged off her bulging down jacket, she then changed into comfortable pajamas and looked at her: “Why?”

Jiang Muxue: “Ask him for a photo to show you!”

Ji Pianpian: “…” It’s not necessary.

Jiang Muxue went to call Li Xingqiao, and when Ji Pianpian heard the word photo, she would inevitably think of the highly pixelated photo of DuWo that made people feel soul-shattered.

Ji Pianpian sighed: “Where can I find one that looks like that…”

This week was really busy, and Ji Heyu’s laptop was left out by her, lying alone on the small desk.

Ji Pianpian glanced at it, thinking of Heaven’s Cry.

She has never been online again, and the big devil sent her a text message in the middle.

The chat records of the two siblings were like playing a riddle.




[Won’t tell you.]

[No next time.]


She has abandoned the game and will not borrow that account again.

When Ji Heyu logged into his account, the character had already returned to Bright Alliance.

Ji Pianpian’s operation traces are simple and straightforward: the arena PK record, killing twenty people.

Ji Heyu blankly added these twenty people to the list of enemies.
As for the news that Ji Pianpian ended up being killed by DuWo, because it was non-competitive mode, and he was offline, it was not retained.

So Ji Heyu missed the “real murderer” perfectly.

Thinking of Du-shen, Ji Pianpian felt regretful.

Such a big handsome man, it’s impossible to meet him in reality and he also has nothing to do with her in the game.

Sure enough…

It’s all fake on TV!

It’s just…

She and he are not destined to be together, and can only dream about it.

Ji Pianpian didn’t want to play games.
Just when she was about to close the laptop, she suddenly remembered something——

Skill Book.

She died thirty-three times before she managed to get her hands on that skill book worth 20,000 yuan!

That high imitation account really harmed her.
She was so angry that she even forgot something so important (and valuable)!

Ji Pianpian opened the laptop, and her mouse fell on the Heaven’s Cry icon.
She was about to double-click it when the QQ started beeping, and the messages arrived crazily.

Who else could it be apart from Fu Xuehui.

J City No.
1 High School is closed fortnightly, but students are only allowed to leave the school for two hours at noon each Sunday.

Fu Xuehui, who was apparently “blocked” for a week, went out.

Rotten or not pay (Fu Xuehui): [Ah, ah, ah, which little fox spirit1 dares to play with the feelings of my Du-shen.]

Rotten or not pay (Fu Xuehui): [It’s only been a week, how come the sky has changed color!]

Rotten or not pay (Fu Xuehui): [This evil spirit, in what virtue and what ability does she have to let my Du-shen free like a dove, let my Du-shen cry by the lake, hurt in the snow, be a depressed lonely smoke and sunset!]

With this series of messages pouring in, Ji Pianpian can no longer sleep.

What’s this situation!

Du-shen was lost in love?

Wait, Du-shen is in love??

Ji Pianpian’s heart was lost and was overwhelmed by the surging emotions of eating melons, so she hurriedly typed: “What’s the matter, speak slowly.”

Fu Xuehui sent her a series of big question marks.

Ji Pianpian quickly explained: “I’ve been busy watching films and writing reviews these days, and I don’t have time to play games at all!”

Fu Xuehui didn’t think too much about it—— no matter how much she thought about it, it was impossible for her to think of the truth, after all, the master was looking at the excitement of the crowd eating melons.

Fu Xuehui pasted, copied and added screenshots, and threw all the hot comments hanging high on the forum into the dialog box of the two.

Ji Pianpain didn’t even play games, so naturally she wouldn’t go to Heaven’s Cry Forum.
She had no idea that such a big thing had happened in just a week.

Good guy!

Du-shen was really affiliated!

Good guy!

This girl actually made Du-shen wait for one, two, three, four, five, six days!

Good guy!

Even Du-shen, who grew up like that, can also be played with feelings!

After eating the melon, Ji Pianpian was satisfied.

Life is full of ups and downs, mysterious and unpredictable——

She, an ordinary player, was abused by  a high imitation account to the point of doubting her life.

Du-shen, such an extraordinary god can also be abandoned from the beginning to the end.

At this moment, Ji Pianpian just wanted to say one word to Du-shen: Let’s give up the tour happily together!

Spicy chicken game, it’s a mistake of my life.

Isn’t it good to abandon your tour? Why should you suffer this crime!


Before giving up the tour, she had to transfer the 20,000 yuan to her brother.

Fu Xuehui was heartbroken for ten minutes, and Ji Pianpian happily accompanied her in talking fiercely about that “little fox spirit” for half a day.

Ji Pianpian, this little fox spirit, was completely unaware that she had fully achieved a beautiful achievement of “scolding herself”.

Divine melon, Fu Xuehui brought up another matter: “That’s right! Heaven’s Cry has published the first god-level skill book!”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

No, she has already forgotten that in the backpack of her level 10 little mage.

Fu Xuehui: “Coincidentally, the player who got the skill book also has the same two character ID as you.”

Ji Pianpian: “……”

Fu Xuehui: “If I didn’t know that you are a game idiot, I would have thought that you were that unique and unmatched person who made the Heaven’s Cry!”

Fortunately, the two people were separated by the computer screen, or else Ji Pianpian would have been exposed.

She kept the secret from Fu Xuehui, all to take care of the fragile nerves of this senior.

That skill book is tantamount to winning the lottery.
Even if it is only worth 20,000 yuan, for Heaven’s Cry players, it is equivalent to five million in reality.

She was afraid that Fu Xuehui’s mentality would collapse.

The countdown to the college entrance examination hangs overhead, and there is no room for mistakes!

Fortunately, Fu Xuehui never thought that Ji Pianpian would have such s**t luck at all, she thought to herself: “When the holiday is over, I want to build a trumpet, let’s call it… Pianpian DuWo.2“

Ji Pianpian: “???”

Fu Xuehui has a reasoned argument: “Pianpian3 equals good luck, DuWo is equal to awesomeness.
Good luck plus awesomeness equals Fu Xuehui, hahaha!”

What can Ji Pianpian say: “…en, you’re right.”

After chatting with Fu Xuehui, Ji Pianpian was full of energy, and she was not so conflicted when she looked at Heaven’s Cry.

She can’t trade before level 20, so she still has to upgrade the little mage to level 20, and then throw that skill book into the mailbox of the big devil, and she and Heaven’s Cry will never see each other again.

Finally, after nearly a week’s absence, Ji Pianpian landed in the game.

As soon as she went online, Ji Pianpian was shocked.

She is still in the Novice Zone of the yellow sandy Ice Territory.
The desolate sound was wafting dust, and under the ruined tower that covers the sky and the sun, stands the night elf with sharp ears and white skin.

He changed his equipment again, and it was no longer the dark type, but a cold silvery white.

His upper body was tightly wrapped.
His dark red shoulder straps were raised with the wind, and towards his thin waist was slanted open, revealing a small half of his abdominal muscle.
A dark blue jewel is inlaid on his belt, which perfectly echoes the ice blue dagger in his hand.

This night elf was still wearing half black gloves, revealing the back of the cold white hands.
Small silver crosses adorn it, implying that the land of the holy light will eventually be engulfed by the Ice Territory.

Ji Pianpian even forgot to blink her eyes when she looked——

This is the sadness of a face-con, she can’t even press the exit button!

The night elf approached her, and a dialog box appeared on the screen: “I thought you gave up the tour.”

Ji Pianpian: Just one skill book away from abandoning the tour.

System prompt: The player “DuWo” invites you to ride together.

Ji Pianpian: “?”

System prompt: The player “DuWo” invites you to ride together.

Ji Pianpian hesitated for a while, but still clicked to accept—— as a game idiot, she was curious about what it meant to ride together.

The moment she accepted it, a black-gold giant dragon that covered the sky descended from the sky.

Ji Pianpian was taken aback by this picture, and her first reaction was: Run, brush the BOSS, ah!

Then her little mage sat on the huge back of “BOSS”.

Ji Pianpian’s heart skipped a beat.

Shen Du typed: “Don’t go down.”

Ji Pianpian moved the cursor away from the “dismount”.

Shen Du: “You can’t fly, you will fall to your death when you dismount.”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

Sure enough, death is the only thing that relates to you!

Ji Pianpian didn’t think too much.
After flying into the sky, the scenery on the screen was as beautiful as a dream.

The huge black dragon soared, and the night elf sat on the main seat, her little mage nestled in his arms, holding the reins carefully.

Although it was a game setting, Ji Pianpian was a little uncomfortable watching this scene.

It’s you Pianpian: “Where to go?”

DuWo: “You’ll know when you arrive.”

It’s you Pianpian: “Oh…”

The graphics of Heaven’s Cry are so beautiful, and the visual effects as they roam in the sky makes people relaxed and happy.
No matter how dissatisfied Ji Pinapian is with this high imitation account, at this time, she was confused by this beautiful scenery, forgetting it… a bit.

When they reached their destination, Ji Pianpian took a deep breath.

In front was a blanket of pink roses.
Even the evening sun was reflected in a gorgeous rose red, with the breeze blowing, and the flowers swaying and blossoming.

Such a dream-like scenery is by no means possible in reality.

Ji Pianpian’s account level is so low that she has never been here, but she has heard of it.

The Lover’s Island. 

A romantic destination in Heaven’s Cry.

Ji Pianpian looked at the night efl’s eyes beside her: “Why are we here?”

As soon as the words were types, with a bang, fireworks exploded in the night sky, echoing with the ground full of pink roses, and countless heart-shaped petals scattered in the sky

Fireworks made out of petals…

With another bang is another huge fireworks display.
This time, not in the shape of a heart, but a scattering of fireflies.

Living fireflies.

Ji Pianpian was speechless in surprise.

This is a beauty that can only be seen in the game.

Petals, fireflies, broken pearls, diamond stars…

The fireworks bloomed brightly and beautifully in the sky, and the falling “raindrops” were even more gorgeous and beautiful.

In the melodious sound of special effects, Ji Pianpian was already dazzled.

Ten minutes later, Ji Pianpian recovered from the beautiful scenery, and her mood calmed down a lot.

How to say…

This high imitation account is still very sincere.

She certainly didn’t believe he waited a week, oh, maybe really waited, after all, they didn’t add friends, he wanted that unique skill book and had to guard her.

How about selling the skill book to him at market price?

It is not impossible.

Shen Du looked at the quiet little mage and asked: “Does it look good?”

Ji Pianpian returned to her senses:  “It looks good.” The girl staring at the screen was inexplicably a little dissatisfied, and added, “It’s not as good-looking as you.”

Shen Du: “?”

Ji Pianpian looked at the night elf adorned in a god-level outfit, then she looked at the little mage that was covered in dirt, and said sourly: “Standing by your side, I am like a foot-washing maid.”

Shen Du: “…”

He wanted to give her nice clothes, but a level 10 small account can’t be traded. 

Shen Du: “Wait.”

Ji Pianpian: “?”

In the next instant, the night elf took off all his equipment, and with his cold white and sturdy upper body bare, he only wore the black shorts given by the system and stood tall in the pink sky.

Ji Pianpian: “……”

Shen Du bent his lips and typed: “What about now?”

Ji Pianpian stared at the screen, and after a while, she said: “Not like a foot-washing maid anymore, it’s like… a pair of male and female dogs!4“

In front of the computer, Shen Du laughed softly.

Ji Pianpian, who realized that she was scolding herself, quickly corrected: “I’m not a dog!”

Shen Du leaned back in the engineering chair and typed slowly: “I’m the dog.”

Ji Pianpian couldn’t hold back: “…you are quite self-aware.”


The author has something to say:

Did Du-shen finally coaxed his daughter-in-law today?

Oh, his daughter-in-law thought he had something else in mind.

There are also red envelopes in this chapter~~ Don’t miss it when you pass by! Love you guys!

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