Chapter 10 : Deserve to be Alone

In the past few days, Li Xingqiao have been a mix of joy and sorrow.

The sad thing is, why is the little mage still not online, at least give his “advice” a chance, ah!

The joy is that the little mage is surprisingly not online.
Who would think that the things meticulously prepared by Shen Du could not be done!

The truth is, even pointing a knife on his neck couldn’t stop Li Xingqiao’s desire to watch the play.


DuWo‘s every move affects the hearts of thousands of players.
Ordinary bosses who take a photo with a double mount will make everyone say something sour——

Money is great, it’s a shortcut to picking up girls.


But DuWo is different.

Wife Fans: Impossible, my husband would never fall in love with another woman!

CP fans are celebrating: Du-shen is finally going to confess to Yu-shen!

High-leveled players who think too much: Is the dog planning to add attributes to the double mount? In the future, is the battlefield going to have a high-level warhorse, or do you want to quickly take that double mount for emergencies?


As soon as the news came out that DuWo started collecting fireworks and was planning to go to Lover’s Island, many wife fans were broken-hearted, CP fans were apprehensive, and high-level gamers: …fvck!


In the first couple of days, Li Xingqiao was gloating: It’s interesting, it’s so fvcking interesting!

On the third or fourth day, Li Xingqiao’s scalp was slightly tight, and he wanted to zip his mouth in the dormitory.

On the fifth day, Li Xingqiao panicked: No way, it’s unlikely that the little ancestor will not be online!

On the sixth day, Li Xingqiao picked up his tail and honestly worked on his projects, repairing frameworks, and fixing bugs— when did he even use these broken things? Old Du could help him settle this with his fingers, wu!


On the seventh day, Li Xingqiao became numb:

The little ancestor really retreated!


Li Xiangqiao did not even dare to breath.
While pouring water in the tea, he glanced at Shen Du’s computer screen—— The horizontal screen’s interface, where Heaven’s Cry was usually hung, was changed, and the dense forum posts were even more annoying than the code next door.

Li Xingqiao took a closer look, and almost pouted: These dogs, are they forcing him to jump down from the Master’s building in one go!


Today, the forum has evolved from “Du-shen chasing someone” to “Du-shen falling out of love”.

A dog-blooded soap opera can’t do so many plots in a week, okay?


Shen Du glanced at Li Xingqiao.

Li Xingqiao shivered and his instinct told him that something was wrong.


Shen Du didn’t lift his eyelids: “Sit.”

Li Xingqiao: “!”

He doesn’t want to sit, but he also dare not move!


Shen Du put down the coffee cup in his hand, then tapped his fingers on the black keyboard.
The screen covered with hot forum posts was enlarged, and the lines of large characters were shocking.

Li Xingqiao can’t even pretend to be short-sighted.
The word is so big that it will touch his pupils!


Shen Du deliberately asked again: “Can you see clearly?”

Li Xingqiao: “…”

Shen Du said slowly: “It’s alright, if you can’t see clearly, I will read it to you.”

Li Xingqiao: “……” [email protected], this strange tone, if they were in the game, I’m afraid that he would have already killed and arson until there’s rivers of blood!

“Brother1 Du!”

Li Xingqiao false up a year, so he still have to call him brother.


Shen Du had already read the post, his voice was low and soothing, if it weren’t for the content being too deadly, it would be like talking about a love story.


“After chasing someone, could it be that Du-shen was dumped? Is this a battlefield of pride and frustration in love?”

“New progress, Du-shen is looking at the full moon with tears on the shore of the Lake of Three Lives, suspected of wanting to commit suicide!”

“This is the cycle of good and evil, heaven is fair2, this Thief Du also has his days.”

“Where is the little fairy who dumped Thief Du? Come to the Bright Alliance to succeed the goddess of light!”

“Does Thief Du like women? So he is not g*y…”


Li Xingqiao couldn’t listen anymore, or else he would vomit three liters of blood again.

“Dad, I was wrong! I was so wrong!” With a flop, Li Xingqiao knelt down on his knees towards his father3!

Shen Du looked at him: “Are you wrong?”

Li Xingqiao: “!”


As a clever chief eunuch, he understood in seconds: “I’m right, my move is absolutely right, but I didn’t expect her to be offline!”

Can’t be wrong, he can’t be wrong.

He was wrong, isn’t it a big mistake to buy a double mount and fireworks according to his trick?!

It’s not his fault, it’s…

This impermanent fate!


Shen Du looked at the scrolling hot posts on the forum and muttered thoughtfully: “Why isn’t she online?”

Li Xingqiao: “…”

You really don’t know or you just pretend to not know!


Shen Du looked at him again.

Li Xingqiao smirked: “Isn’t it because you killed her?”


The air froze for at least two seconds, Shen Du’s thin lips raised slightly, and his smile was enough to make the younger brothers and sisters fans scream.


Li Xingqiao is worthy of being a straight man of steel, but at this time he only felt his scalp tingling: “No! The little mage is not such a fragile girl, she can die and live, live and die, back and forth more than 30 times.
She will certainly not give up just because she was eaten by the white lion!”


If his desire to live is converted into a numerical value, he’s afraid that it will directly break the table.

Li Xingqiao didn’t want to be so cowardly, but he really didn’t want to provoke the god in front of him.

Both of them have the same boss.
If Shen Du won’t cover him, then this Old Niu4 won’t be able to graduate!

Both of them play the same game, and if he is not covered by Du-shen, then how can he have that flying game experience!

Both of them also participated in the new data expansion of Heaven’s Cry.
He can’t offend Shen Du, who helped him fix those mysterious bugs!


Of course, the most direct point is——

He, can, not, beat, Shen Du!


Li Xingqiao, who thought of an idea, caught the life-saving straw: “She still has a god-level skill book!”

Li Xingqiao’s eyes lit up: “She will certainly be online.
She can’t trade before level 20, no matter how rich the little girl is, she won’t throw away 20,000 yuan… right?”


Shen Du really did not care much about that skill book, but he understood what Li Xingqiao was saying this time.

“Makes sense.”

Shen Du closed the forum without looking at it, and cut to the game screen of Heaven’s Cry, and continued to wait.


Li Xingqiao survived and breathed a sigh of relief.

In the game interface, DuWo stood in the Ice Territory Novice Zone where the yellow sand filled the sky.
The rustling air passed through a scene of handsome desolation.

Li Xingqiao was speechless: “It’s a bad fate, it’s really a bad fate!”


Li Xingqiao still knows a little about Shen Du’s character: of course he’s not g*y, he’s almost asexual.

Shen Du is not interested in dating at all!


The only thing this man loves most in his life is the challenge.

Challenge all kinds of high difficulty, break countless unreachable records, and capture the sense of achievement in that moment.


In playing games, he will only challenge the hardest.

When doing the assignment, even their boss frowned.

Even his participation in the Heaven’s Cry project team was all due to the transformative technology introduced by the new expansion.


As for dating…

To tell the truth, growing up with a face like Shen Du, no matter how difficult it is to fall in love, one plus one will always be equal to two.


He just didn’t expect that the little ancestor, who was killed by mistake more than 30 times, would appear again!

The little ancestor still can not be coaxed!


In fact, Its you Pianpian went online earlier, and Shen Du took her to see the scenery and set off fireworks, which is long overdue.

But she hasn’t been online for a whole week…

This is really good, the sunk cost5 has accumulated so much that it was no longer a question of coaxing well, rather, it was about him, never, losing, a, fight!


At first, Shen Du may have felt a little bit of guilt by the accident, and then it was a coincidence that he thought that it was interesting, and now… maybe he is unwilling to admit defeat.

Li Xingqiao’s face was dark: Man, he really knows this man the best.

Li Xingqiao, who thought he had realized the truth, wished he could give himself 77496 likes!


“By the way,” Li Xingqiao said, “I booked Spring Moon Pavillion tonight.”

Shen Du leaned against him.

Li Xingqiao dared to hide it.
He hesitated and said: “…and Mumu.”

Shen Du: “Won’t go.”


Li Xingqiao hurriedly said: “I’m here to invite you.
I’m not cutting off my flesh to plead guilty.
You see, this week… ugh…”

Seeing that Shen Du was unmoved, Li Xingqiao explained: “You also know that Spring Moon Pavilion is a famous dating spot in the university town.
You have to be a little familiar with your popularity.
What does it look like for two men to have a candlelit dinner? Besides, our scandal, ahem… mainly because I do not want to continue to sully your innocence!”


Shen Du was still focused on his work: “Roll.”

Li Xingqiao rolled his eyes and said again: “Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to be a light bulb, Mumu will bring her roommate.”

As soon as the words fell, Shen Du’s expression became even worse.


Li Xingqiao hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, Mumu’s roommate has never seen you, nor is she in the fellowship either.
It’s just to avoid embarrassment and have a meal together!”

Shen Du didn’t make a sound and his attitude expressed in his black eyes was clear: Won’t go.


Li Xingqiao broke into pieces: “Don’t think too much.
The little girl is from out of town.
She didn’t go home this winter break, and she stayed in the dormitory with Mumu.
Mumu felt sorry for her and wanted to take her out for a meal.
You said that you won’t go, then the little girl would only be embarrassed by herself, you…”


Before he finished speaking, Shen Du stopped his work and stared at him:

“Li Xingqiao, be a person.7“

Li Xingqiao: “???”

Shen Du ignored him.


Li Xingqiao naively scratching his head, its typical for two monks to be at lost: “

Shen Du ba, he may not be close to any women, and it’s true that he has a ghost animal character, but no matter how he acts like an old beast, it doesn’t prevent him from being a gentleman——  A true gentleman who respects women.


Li Xingqiao could vaguely hear the meaning of his words… he didn’t say it out loud, but he only dared to slander inwardly: I am not a beast either.
Mumu is a sophomore, and the two of us are only three or four years old apart!


How come, when it came from Shen Du’s mouth, it was like he was bullying minors!

Sophomore year is already in early adulthood, okay?

Li Xingqiao pouted:

This old fashioned Du, he really deserves to be left alone!




Ji Pianpian sneezed.

Jiang Muxue looked at the tip of her rubbed pink and white nose and laughed: “Who misses you.”

Ji Pianpian: “Ah-chu!”

Jiang Muxue was happy: “It seems that someone is scolding you!”


Ji Pianpian frowned: “The latter one will be a cold.”8

Jiang Muxue: “That’s not necessarily the case.
Maybe someone misses you first, then thinks of looking for you and then scolds you.”

Ji Pianpian thought for a while, then muttered: “It’s better to catch a cold…”


Jiang Muxue blinked: “It’s love, not just a bad cold!”!”

Ji Pianpian corrected her: “I don’t fall in love early.”


“Oh, don’t talk about this,” Jiang Muxue took her arm and said with great interest, “I’ll take you to eat something delicious tonight.”


Ji Pianpian is vigilant: “Aren’t you going on a date with senior Li?”

Jiang Muxue: “You go too.”

Ji Pianpian immediately said: “I don’t want to be a light bulb!”

It’s suffocating to be one once, who would want to be it for a second time!


Jiang Muxue: “Brother Xingqiao also invited his roommate.”

Afraid that Ji Pianpian had already forgotten about it, Jiang Muxue focused on the main topic: “It’s the handsome one.”

Ji Pianpian was already a coward, but now she was even more terrified: “Won’t go!”


Jiang Muxue, hating that iron is not steel: “Believe me, sister, he is really handsome, you will regret not seeing him.”

Ji Pianpian shook her head like a rattle.

Jiang Muxue emphasized: “You will really regret it!”

Ji Pianpian is sure: “I will never regret it!”


The author has something to say:

Li Xingqiao: Let’s go, I’ll take you to see your daughter-in-law!

Shen Du: No.

Jiang Muxue: Let’s go, take you to see your husband!

Ji Pianpian: “Won’t go!”

They’re really a couple.

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