Chapter 9 : A Little Romantic

This is too new.
Li Xingqiao asked repeatedly: “Which girl? Which department? Is it from N University or graduated in N City? She can’t be a beautiful sister from Heaven’s Cry operations department, wait, are you sure she’s a girl?”

Don’t blame him, a handsome guy who has been single for a long time will inevitably be suspected of his sexual orientation.

Shen Du stared at him.

Li Xingqiao smiled apologetically: “Tell me in detail, coaxing girls needs the right medicine.
Every girl is an angel who fell from the sky, so you can’t generalize!”

Having lived for more than 20 years, student Li has a rich love history.

Shen Du threw the towel into the laundry basket, then took a dark blue sweater from the closet and put it on.

Li Xingqiao glanced at his abdominal muscles and scolded: How to coax a girl? You, Shen Du, could just stand there.
See how many girls can hold back!

“Who the h**l is it!” Li Xingqiao’s heart was scratched.
He was so curious, he wanted to know what kind of angelic beauty could move Du-shen!

What makes him scratch his heart and liver is that Shen Du, after asking the question, did not make a sound.

Li Xingqiao soft grinding the hard foam1, but Shen Du still didn’t say a word.
He pushed his half-dry bangs to the back of his head, and sat idle in the engineering chair, while his fingers rested on the mechanical keyboard.

The standard double bed is not low.
Although it is not as spacious as the rented room outside, this allocation is also good, especially for these “practical” specialized master’s students.
Even more so when it’s too early for them to have considerable income, it’s already impressive to be able to buy things.

Shen Du’s desk is about half the size of the bed.
Apart from the dense rows of professional books on the wall, there are three monitors on the table, two horizontal and one vertical.

At this time, the horizontal and vertical screens on the right side are all densely packed with codes, except for the screen on the left that is showing Heaven’s Cry.

Although Li Xingqiao is also a computer-related major, Li Xingqiao is playful by nature and prefers to play games rather than develop games.

Besides, playing games is also a kind of in-depth research!

Li Xingqiao didn’t want to look at the codes at all, so he stared at the game screen and blinked: “What are you doing in the Ice Territory Novice Zone?”

If he didn’t see this, he wouldn’t know, but he was startled when he saw it.
The no.1 in the whole region of Heaven’s Cry is actually standing alone in the deserted Ice Territory Novice Zone.

It has been more than two years since Heaven’s Cry started the server, and it has long passed the influx of newcomers.
This once densely populated novice zone is now known to be desolate and deserted.

Shen Du glanced at the screen, but still didn’t say anything.

After watching for a while, Li Xingqiao had an idea: “F**k! You don’t mean to… coax that little mage!”

As the chief eunuch of Du-shen, Li Xingqiao searched his mind and was 100% certain that there is no other creatures of the opposite s*x around Du-shen.

The Department of Computer Science is a notorious temple of monks, and the project team of Heaven’s Cry is even deeper within the camp of bald people. 


That’s everything in your dreams!

They will not appear in reality, but this is in the game.

Li Xiangqiao was just brainstorming, and after saying this much, who would have guessed that Shen Du, who had been silent for a long time, actually gave a calm, “En.”

Li Xingqiao: “!”

After a full three seconds of silence in the dormitory, Li Xingqiao took a deep breath and looked at Shen Du in disbelief: “There are so many people who have been killed by you to retreat, why do you care so much about this little girl?”

Shen Du said slowly: “That’s different, I never bully children.”

Li Xingqiao: “???”

Shen Du remembered the little mage in green clothes, who was swallowed by the white lion, and his lips curved: “It’s not morally right.”

Li Xingqiao: “…you fvcking preaching about morality!”

If a screenshot of this sentence is put on the Heaven’s Cry Fortum, it will be spewed out 10,000 feet high.

This person slaughtered red all-year-round, the ever blood pupils (killed too much) of the Ice Territory Thief, actually talked about morality!

You never bully children, how about those primary school students who have been killed until they become autistic in the Bright Alliance!

Oh, what Du-shen said at that time was: “Children, play less games, and read more.”

The contrast between before and after is like this.
Grandpa Du, are you competing for China’s famous double standard?!

Li Xingqiao has too many slots and few mouths2, and beeping for half a day is not enough, so he said again: “Are you sure it’s a little girl, what if it’s a big guy with a cute ID?!”

Shen Du: “…”

Li Xingqiao: “…” I stepped on a mine!

Shen Du lowered his eyes, and his voice was cold: “Have you changed the frame of your D module?”

Li Xingqiao: “…”

At this time, if he does not slip away now, then when.

Li Xingqiao: “I’m going to take a bath!”

When Li Xingqiao came out of the bathroom, he had already cooled down from the shock, and his mood to watch a good show came spontaneously.

No matter whether they’re a pretty girl or a big guy, if Shen Du can be so attentive, then she or he is not an ordinary person!

Li Xingqiao’s enthusiastic advice: “it’s not easy to coax people in the game, just send equipment and pets to upgrade!”

She Du didn’t even give him a straight look: “It’s useless.”

Li Xingqiao: “How come! As far as those big treasures in your account are, which Heaven’s Cry player can obtain it?”

Shen Du: “She’s only level 10.”

Li Xingqiao is also an old player: “Oh oh oh, trading is restricted, ba.”

“Then send pets, I remember you have a white lion king? Isn’t that famous for getting girls.”

Shen Du: “…gave it to her.”

Li Xingqiao was shocked: “Can’t even coax with a rare pet?”

Shen Du’s words were like gold: “She was eaten.”

Li Xingqiao was stunned for a moment, and then he reacted: “Fvck, a divine pet devouring its master?!”

Shen Du: “En…”

Li Xingqiao realized later: “So… you gave someone a divine pet, and then the little girl was eaten by the pet you gave?”

Shen Du glanced at him.

Li Xingqiao tried very hard to endure it.
Finally, he could not hold back anymore, and laughed himself into a fool.

“Really, really capable… cough, no…” Li Xingqiao had a stomach ache, “I mean it’s outrageous!”

Fvck, that’s enough to make him laugh for half a year!

Shen Du: “Is it funny?”

Li Xingqiao was afraid that he would die on the spot with a smile, so he wiped away his tears: “Aiya, don’t be discouraged, brother.
I will give you some advice.”

Shen Du: “Speak.”

Li Xingqiao rolled his eyes and said seriously, “Let’s… do something romantic!”

Since he can’t send equipment, and sending pets will offend the little girl even, then…

Then, put down a strong drug!

Li Xingqiao: “Go and take a double mount, then buy the new event fireworks, then use the windy double mount to take her to watch the scenery, set off fireworks, sit in rows, take pictures, and spoil the person to the sky!”

Shen Du: “…”

Li Xingqiao is full of confidence: “If you still can’t coax her, then I will chop off my head and drink for you to cheer!”

Shen Du: “Disgusting.”

Li Xingqiao: “???”

Shen Du: “What a disgusting trick you’re pulling.”

Good guy, so he was not disgusted with the wine in his head, ah.
Li Xingqiao said angrily: “Then stop coaxing!”

The loney Du-shen stared at the game screen thoughtfully.

Double mount.

Fireworks landscape.

Can it really work?

Thinking of the human girl who died 34 times, Shen Du turned his attention to the auction house.

Li Xingqiao glanced at his message column from the corner of his eye, and said in surprise: “Who did you kill, why did you suddenly have a thousand glory points.” Only killing the enemy camp will increase the glory points, but this amazing value, could it be that…

Shen Du: “Yu Shang.”

Li Xingqiao took a deep breath and said excitedly: “Those bright dogs (Ice Territory’s nickname for Bright Alliance’s players) invaded the Ice Territory? We… wait!” Li Xingqiao suddenly discovered, “There’s no movement.”

Yu Shang is the leader of Bright Alliance.
Although he recently faded out of the game, as long as he goes online, there will definitely be a bloody storm, and there will be a wave of light and dark battles.

As the pioneer of Ice territory, of course, Li Xingqiao would be excited.

Shen Du: “Only him.”

“Ah?” Li Xingqiao, “He single-handedly went after you in the Ice Territory?”

Shen Du: “En.”

Li Xingqiao’s head was full of question marks, and after being deflated for a long time, he could only say one sentence: “Did Mr.
rank no.
23 drink too much fake wine?

Ji Pianpian slept beautifully, and school resumed the next day.

Professional training is not easy after all.
To face the upcoming professional exams, you can only take the art college entrance examination after passing the exam.
Otherwise, it is all nonsense.

In the morning, it was a film criticism class, and it was about Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange4.

Ji Pianpian tried her best to listen, but she still couldn’t grasp the point.

After class, looking at the homework assigned by the teacher, Ji Pianpian was at a loss.

Afterthoughts are easy to write, but analyzing it in a film review is not so easy, especially when it is told in an inherent framework, it is even more shackled.

The film is also notoriously controversial, but it is difficult for Ji Pianpian to empathize with the characters in it.

The afternoon is a hosting class.
Ji Pianpian’s voice is very good, but her breath was very lacking, and some sounds were still inaccurate because of the local language.

After two consecutive days of classes and staying up late to watch the film, Ji Pianpian had enough of being tossed around.
When she finally submitted her film review of A Clockwork Orange, Ji Pianpian was so tired that she didn’t even want to eat.

Compared to her exhaustion, Jiang Muxue was in good spirits and was even doing her makeup in the dormitory.

Ji Pianpian raised her cheek to look at her, and Jiang Muxue gave her a wink after sticking her eyelashes: “Do I not look like a beautiful sophomore girl!”

Ji Pianpian looked at her delicate makeup and fluffy curly hair, and said helplessly: “You are already an adult, why lie to him about being a sophomore?”

Jiang Muxue put away the make-up mirror, she pursed her lips and said, “What else can I do, who let him study master’s degree!”

Ji Pianpian: “So what if you said that you are in the third year of high school, you’re just… six years apart.”


Six years…

Not too bad…

Jiang Muxue: “If I graduated, the six-year difference would be fine, but we’re still in school!”

She explained to Ji Pianpian: “Think about it, now you are in the third year of high school, will you fall in love with a sixth-grade elementary school student?”

This metaphor is very lethal, Ji Pianpian quickly shook her head: “Impossible!”

Jiang Muxue: “Isn’t it, that’s why I pretended to be a sophomore.”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

It always feels weird, but she was inexplicably persuaded.

Forget it, this thing about love, it’s always strange.

Ji Pianpian didn’t say anything anymore.
Jiang Muxue carried her bag and went out: “I’m going out~ Remember to eat well.”

Ji Pianpian has no appetite, and habitually answered perfunctorily: “En, en, en, just go on your date!”

There was only herself in the dormitory, and Ji Pianpian didn’t even have the desire to eat bread.
She opened her laptop and looked at the game that she had been put on hold for two days.


Go in and have a look?


When she thought about the fact that she opened a big account before going offline, but ended up being beaten to the ground by that high imitation…

She, Ji Pianpian, is ashamed!

Spicy chicken game, you harm my life.
Isn’t it fragrant to watch dramas? Why on earth should she go in there to get angry?

Ji Pianpian, who hasn’t played the game for two days, doesn’t know that the Heaven’s Cry Forum is already full of gossip.

[Report! Du-shen took the rare double mount!]

[Report! Du-shen contracted the entire output of the fireworks store!]

[Reported and reported! Du-shen appeared one after another in the major photo spot for couples in Heaven’s Cry!]

A series of posts are gathered together, and it is impossible for the majority of players to not have a brain hole——

DuWo‘s operation, he is either hacked, or he plans to pursue which player.

The former Heaven’s Cry official said—— Impossible.

The latter gamers said—— We, have, seen, it, all!


The author has something to say:

The preparations for coaxing the person have been completed, so here comes the question—— what about the person?


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