Chapter 6 Part 4: A Place of Memories

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Translated and Edited by: ynlucca.

Common Honorifics:
-san: A polite suffix, but not excessively formal.
-kun: A common suffix among friends and younger people.
-chan: A common suffix among people you’re close with, mostly used for feminine nicknames and girls, since it’s cutesy and childlike.

Note: I fixed a translation error in the last chapter.
They weren’t gonna have dinner, they’d have lunch.
Any continuity mistake between the last chapter and this is my fault.

Under the warm sunshine, Yuki and I ate our lunch sitting on a bench.
The park we were in was the place where we met.

Back when Yuki had bandages draped over her face, she was bullied insidiously by some kids in this same park.
Well, I decked the bully and saved her.
That’s how it all started.
Furthermore, our friendship developed since then, and now I’m able to eat her homemade food.

Besides, she must’ve worked extremely hard for today’s outing, since the inside of the lunch boxes were akin to a Michelin restaurant, filled to the brim with delicious food.
Sitting beside her like this while eating filled me with joy.

“I’m so glad I had the courage to save you back then since that’s the reason we’re so close today.”

“Mhm, I also remember being so scared, surrounded by all those boys… Then you jumped out of nowhere, taking me away from the bullies.”

“Honestly, it was childish how I just jumped in without any planning.
A child’s sense of justice, if you will… Well, I was pretty stupid back then, so that recklessness was the only thing I had going for me.”

“Well, what surprised me the most was what happened afterward.”

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“What happened afterward?”

“It was when you told me you’d be my friend, Haru-kun.
I had never been told anything like that back when I was bandaged, but not only that, you also told me you’d visit every day during recess—”

Yuki’s cheeks reddened as she twirled her fingers through her hair.

“—You also said my hands were the most beautiful you’ve ever seen… I remember the kids always making fun of me in the past, never once praising me for anything I did.
However, you were the opposite.
Because of you, Haru-kun, I’ve come to believe it’s okay for me to be more confident.”

She said those words with a sweet look on her face.

I’ve never been a calculating person, nor someone who could flatter a girl with such finesse.
Yuki had pretty hands, was smart, and kind, so I just blurted out what I honestly thought.

Maybe that’s why this all happened… She always looked so lonely covered up like that, so I believe the reason my words reached her was because of that same off-handed, thoughtless nature I had as a child.
My sincere words touched Yuki.

I’m glad I had the courage to stand up to her bullies.
We’ve become so close, even after separating for three whole years, and my past recklessness was the reason for that.
My heart couldn’t contain the joy of spending such happy times with her now.

Thinking these things, we finished lunch and put it away.
After that, Yuki stood up and pointed at the playground equipment.

“Hey, Haru-kun, since we’re here, why don’t we play a bit?”

“Play here? There are only swings, seesaws, and other things that kids play with.

“We don’t get the chance to play with this kind of thing since we’re in high school, so it’s good to do it once in a while.”

“Good once in a while, huh? It’s true that we gradually stopped playing here when we were kids…”

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“Yup, yup! Let’s play together, Haru-kun~”

“Well, we did go to the aquarium for the first time in a while, so let’s play around like we’re kids again!”

Looking at the equipment, I noticed it was way bigger back when I was a kid.
Now, to a high-schooler, it feels so much smaller.
Even so, Yuki and I played together here all the time and lost track of time.
We would only stop after getting exhausted.

Reminiscing old childhood memories, we walked to the playground.

“Hey, Haru-kun, can I play on the swings?”

“Good idea, but don’t sit down.
Look, it’s pretty dirty, so it’ll stain your skirt.”

“Hmm, then I’ll stand on it.
Can you please push me from behind to start the ride?”

“Sure… Oh, come to think of it, I also used to push you when we were kids.”

Yuki then stood on the swing and gripped the chains.
I did as she asked me and pushed her back, always helping her gain momentum.
After a while, she got used to the swing and started moving it herself.
Her ivory hair swayed with the wind, almost dancing, and she beamed happily.

“I feel like a kid again!”

“Yup! Also, you used to—”

Cutting next words short, I froze at the sight.
Every time she swung, her skirt weaved with the wind.
The moment she’d reach the highest point, I could glimpse a small pink patch under it.
Yuki had no idea.


I hurriedly check my surroundings

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Thank God it’s lunchtime, so the kids have all gone home.
It was also a small park, so there were no families around enjoying a picnic or anything like that.
I exhaled, relieved it was just us two in this park.

If we weren’t alone, her underwear would’ve been exposed to the public and, well… I didn’t want anyone but me to take even a glimpse at it.

Mindlessly, I wanted to keep having those quick glances—but guilt soon followed.
How could I when she was so kind to me all the time?

Yuki noticed I was looking away from her.

“Hm? What’s wrong, Haru-kun?”

“Nothing, erm… Well, you’re swinging so vigorously, your panties were showing…”

“Ah,” she stopped swinging, her face crimson-red.
She slowly got off the swing and held the hems of her skirt, peeking shyly at me.
“Did you see it?”

“Um, yeah… Sorry, I didn’t mean to look and, erm… I’m a guy, so it was hard to look away…”

“Heh—You’re right.
If I swung around that much, of course, it would show.”

“L-Let’s play with the other equipment, since they have bars and stuff.
Wait, no, you can see through the bars… Um…”

That’s right.
The bars would make it visible no matter the equipment, that along with her skirt meant that if she was slightly above me, it would be more visible than on the swings.

I scrambled my mind, thinking of something else we could play on with her current outfit.
However, Yuki switched up.
Her flustered redness was replaced by a different, bewitching smile.

“Hey~ Haru-kun?”

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“I don’t mind at all if you see me~”

“What do you mean by th—” Once again, I cut my words short, freezing at the unfolding sight before me.

She gently lifted up the hems of her skirt, revealing her white, beautifully soft thighs, and her peach-colored underwear with ribbons.
My breath was taken away.

I couldn’t believe Yuki, who was pretty and prim as an angel, voluntarily showed me such an embarrassing scene.
The stampede going on inside my heart was so loud I almost swore she could hear it.

Once again, her face switched up and embarrassment soon followed her burning red face.
However, her expression was still a bit expectant.
She removed her hand from her skirt and walked towards me.

“I don’t mind whatever you see or do to me, Haru-kun,” She gently grasped my hand, whispering that in my ear.

A sweet, rosy scent tickled my nose, and I felt my head turning into mush.

“I love you.
I love you so, sooo much, Haru-kun… That’s why you can do whatever you want to me, whenever.”

Her soft breath tickled my ear, and Yuki, who previously looked like an angel, now looked like a little devil.

Then, she suddenly pecked me on the cheek and said:

“Thank you for helping me and being a good friend, it makes me so happy! I really love you from the bottom of my heart, and I’m sure one day you’ll tell me you love me, too… I will make you mine, Haru-kun.”

She slowly backed away from me.

I don’t know what triggered it, but I’ve certainly turned Yuki on today, and with her bewitching smile back on her face, all I could do was suppress my racing heart.

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