Samas POV

”I think we should go watch a movie Sama. ”

You think? ” She nodded. ” Guess I have no option cause this place is so boring. So where are we going? ” ” Just be ready at 7pm, thats when we leave. The movie starts at 8 and I already have our tickets. ” ”Okay then. Hope its gonna be fun. ”

” Trust me it will. ”

Sams POV

I was told that Sama is going for a movie so I decided to join in and surprise her. All I need to do is distract my dad. He can see me or else he will stop me.

I boarded my jet and flew straight to Alaska. I made sure to look as normal as I could. I didn want Sama to know my identity. Gordon got me a ticket already and made sure I had a seat right next to Sama. Everything was pretty easy so I just went for it.

”Hey, remember me? Sam. ”

” Of course I do its been only I think one day or two. ” ” Im glad you remember. Nice meeting you again. ” It was time for the movie to start.

” Shhhh the movie has started. ” the girl next to her said gritting her teeth. ” Is that your sister? ” ” Yeah, shes Jenny. ” Jenny placed her forefinger on her lips signaling for us to keep quiet so we did.

We watched the movie or should I say they watched the movie cause all I did was look at Sama.

” I guess its time to go. ” they all stood up. I decided to follow behind Sama and maybe get a chance to talk to her. ” Uhm mind if I walk you home? ”

” I think I may have to ask my sister. ” I turned to her and she just walked faster and left us. ”I think thats a yes. ” We started walking. ” So how come you
e here? ” she asked me. ” ” Well, its called coincidence I guess. ”

” Something tells me not to believe you. ” ” Maybe you shouldn but its totally okay. So what about you, why are you here? ”

”Well, I came to see my dad and Jenny here. ”

” That makes sense. I think we should catch up some time and maybe have some coffee or something. ” ” Like a date? ” I thought for a while and then said maybe.

We walked a little further and saw a wonder wheel.

”Its coming to 11. Is it too late to have fun on a wonder wheel? ”she suggested. ”Not at all. ”

We had fun on the wonder wheel for some good time and soon remembered we had to go back. ”Its been so nice. I had so much fun and its all thanks to you, Sam. By the way let me have your number. ”

I thought for a while and then said yeah, sure give me your phone. I put the number and saved it.

”Goodnight. ”

I had to go back before my dad noticed. ” Gordon, keep a close watch on her , Im going home before I get myself in trouble. ” ” Okay. Take care. ”

Samas POV

I had a really great night and I came back home smiling. Luckily, everyone was asleep so I went straight to my room. I just got on my bed and covered myself and drifted to sleep.

I was starting to get used to the other world so when I slept I opened my eyes to see Daniel. As always, he was waiting. He held my hand as we walked. He was acting as if nothing happened yesterday. I was looking at him closely waiting for him to talk about it but he didn even spare me a glance.

” Today, we will visit our library . Im pretty sure youll enjoy it there. ” I didn utter a word. We went past the garden and opened some invisible door. I wasn even paying attention so I missed that one.

” Come on lets get in. ”

The library was beautiful but kind of old-fashioned. I started looking for interesting books and I fell on one with a young girl on its cover.

I started reading . It was about a young girl who came to this place once and had to live here forever. She had special powers that could give one any sickness. She could as well cure any sickness.

I was still reading and then Daniel snatched it from me.

”Its time to go back home. ” I looked at him. I wanted him to talk about what happened. He came closer and cupped my cheek. He kissed me and I returned it. He ran his fingers on my arm and held my waist.

It was so hard to resist him. He lifted me and sat me at a table and took off his shirt. He had strong muscles ,I couldn believe what I was seeing.

I felt an urge to touch his chest and I did. Smooth and strong. ”Wow ”

He pulled my t-shirt off and I was left with a bra which he eventually got rid of. He cupped my babies in his hands and they fitted so well. He started playing with them. Sounds I couldn understand came from my mouth. I closed it with my hand.

He looked me in the eye and told me let it out its music.

He got my nipple between his forefinger and thumb and pinched it. It was too much ecstasy. I moaned again. I woke up , oh no. Not again.

I went downstairs to join others for breakfast. ” Good morning, everyone.

I was having breakfast but all I was thinking about was whats happening with me . I thought of seeing a therapist maybe that could help me understand whats going on with me.

” Do you know a therapist, Jenny? ” There was silence in the room.

” You can talk to us ,Sama if theres any problem. Well always be there for you. ” my dad said like my mum would. ” No no you guys, its not me who needs one its its my friend. ”I lied.

”Are you sure honey? ”

” Of course, why would I need a therapist dad? ” Jenny looked at me for a while and said ” I know one , lets go if you
e ready. Ill take you. ” We went to a house and pressed the doorbell and waited. ” Thanks for bringing me Jenny. You can go back now. ”

Jenny left and I waited for someone to open the door.

” Come on in my dear. Have a seat. ” There was a woman at the door. Maybe shes the therapist She was dressed like an elegant lady so I thought she may be the one. I sat down and waited for anything.

A middle-aged man came from wherever and greeted me . I stood up and we shook hands. ” What brings you here , Samantha? ”

” How do you know my name? ”

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