Undercover affair

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Samas POV

I wake up only to find myself in a pool of grey liquid. I thought I had to taste it and so I did. ”Its tasteless like water! ” I exclaimed.

I sat myself up and realized that I was alone in this eerie place. Wait… am I inside a mountain?I was still wondering and I felt a throbbing pain on my head. Ouch….that hurts I need to get out of here before I die of, ” my stomach growls…. ”hunger. ” I was still wondering about what to do when I had footsteps.

I immediately started to freak out. I didn know what to do. All of a sudden I felt my body lifting up. ”Whats happening…. ” I asked no one in particular. The footsteps started getting closer and closer then I started seeing a human figure…wait its an old woman and shes getting closer. I couldn trust her how could I. She raised her hand and started mumbling some words I couldn hear but it surely wasn English. Slowly I lowered down to her level but the surface was soft. Its now a bed… how? ”Welcome home ”,she whispered with a shaky voice. ”This is not my home ” I opposed. ”We have been waiting for you ” ”What do you mean we ”.I asked her. ”We are your people ” ”You
e weird ”I confessed. ”Do you not like my look, child? ” she asked daringly. ”Honestly, I don …I don even like this place at all. Its really creepy with those sounds of insects and frogs and who knows what …I just want to go back home. ”I shouted irritatedly. ”This is your home. ”she said. She looked at me with loving eyes like she had known me for long.

”My name is Crusella. ” she said as she was pounding something like a herb. ”I didn even ask for your name. Ohh my name is….. ” ”Samantha ”she interjected. ”I was going to lie to you that I am…..I don know ”I mumbled only to myself. ”You cannot lie to me my child. I was there when you were named. I have been there since you were born . ” ”Just stop bluffing , will you? Im sick of it ” I shouted. This was starting to get on my nerves. I felt I had said something bad for her to let me be but no, a smile started forming on her lips. Now that was scary. ”You have a spark my child now I truly believe what Emilia was saying. You
e indeed our own, our very own ” She started laughing like she was so happy. Her grey hair gradually turned to black and silky. It is the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. It was long. I drooled over it. She turned around mumbling some words in a foreign language. She was still smiling and her yellow broken teeth started renewing and becoming white no , snow white it was the perfect shape. Her loose skin tightened and her cheeks became rounded and chubby . Her skin smooth and her green eyes bright. Slowly her old cloak transformed into a long blue tight dress with a long slit. It was one breasted. Her curves showed in the dress . Her long slender neck was bear. ”Wow ”I exclaimed, ”beautiful….wait how did you do that? ” ”Do you like my look now? ”she inquired.

”I have a question. ” I raised my arm as if I were in class. ” I know you do but Im starving you and Emilia wouldn like that. ” ”Who the hell is Emilia ”I asked. ”She is my sister ” she said smiling. ”Wh… ” ”Enough of the questions, time to eat up. ” She waved her hand and a kitchen appeared. She called me to sit on the chair opposite her. I was too hungry to think of anything else apart from the bacon and eggs I was seeing on the table. Honestly, I don like eggs but my hunger was too much to even remember that. I immediately dug in. She didn touch the food. She just kept staring at me without me even noticing. After having around 4 plates and 2 glasses of water, I looked up only to find her smiling while staring. ”What? ” ” Nothing ” she said. ”Go and freshen up, ” she commanded.

She took to a bathroom behind a stone. I got inside the bathtub and let the warm water sink in my skin. I felt relaxed , I felt like I was home. Wait…..I have to go back home ….my sister Jenny she must be worried. Oh no Jack…he must have got another girlfriend by now. Oh no I had to make a presentation at campus today . I need to go back home. NOW. Reality finally hit me . I entered the closet and picked a floral dress with a v-neck. It was beautiful but I didn have time to admire it. I started running back but I couldn find my way. Now I had to get my bad luck back at such a time. ”Arggh ”I cursed.

I found a tree door and I opened it. It was a bedroom and it looked like someone lived there. ”Whose room would this be? ”I wondered. It was beautifully decorated in green theme and well organized. I thought it was maybe Crusellas. I heard a door opening and I hid under the bed. Someone was whistling but I could form out that it was a man or a boy. I heard him say, ”Come out Samantha. Ive been expecting you. ” ”How do these people always know? ”I thought. He offered help and so I used his hand as support. He had blue eyes. The most beautiful I have seen. His jawline was perfect with a neatly shaped beard. He had a manly aura and I felt so comfortable with him. When I saw his shirtless chest I gasped and covered my eyes with my palms.

”What? ”he asked. ”Put something on. Cover your chest. ”I yelled. ”Okay okay. I was just from having a shower and I thought you wouldn have a problem with me being shirtless. ”he explained. ”Just cover it. ” I repeated. After less than a minute, I felt him remove my hands from my eyes. ” Have a seat, ”he offered. I sat on his bed facing him. ”How old are you? ” he started questioning. ”He can even ask how I am, ”I complained softly. ”21. ”I answered facing down. ”Too young. ”he said softly. ”What did you say ”I asked. He said ”Nothing. ” ”I want to go back now. ” I said. ”Okay then ”he replied quickly. That was fast. He stood up and gestured for me to follow him.

We were still walking and I remembered Crusella. ”Where is Crusella? ”I asked him. ”She went to report. ”Don ask any questions about her. ”he said plainly. I thought for a while and then asked him ”Whats your name? ” He turned and looked straight in my eyes. I looked away , my heart was pumping too fast for me to catch up. He turned again and continued walking in what seemed like a hallway. We moved up to the same spot I was lying on. He told me to lie in the grey liquid again and I complied. He then blew a powder from his hand and I slowly started to sleep. It became blurry and the voice was now faint. ”Daniel is the name. I will come to you soon. ” I heard him say.

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