The Delightful Day

In a long path with many beautiful flowers and trees accompaning them were melodiosly singing birds whose singing are very pleasing to ears and soothing to the heart were sitting on the branch.

They are sitting on the tree branch and singing in their miracleous voice which cannot be described by words as very singing goes on the magbiicient scenary goes on to please the onlooker eye who was travelling on the long path without having any tension.

The traveller was seen to have left all his worries behind before he started to travel on this path. He has a very beautiful smile on his face when he was going foward on the path before him without having thing about anything else.

The traveller then came across a family who were enjoying their family together by eating, laughing, singing, dancing, talking together without caring about the world around them.They are just enjoying their moment in life together.

By watching this family together anyone can say that they are living their life to the fullest.

After watching the family together enjoying their life, the traveller felt something in his heart which he was hidding for very long time deep buried inside his heart. He has been longing for the love and affection of his parents for a very long time. And seeing the family together he was not able to control himself and he started to cry his heart out.

But suddenly two people touched the travellers shoulder and when he turn around to see the face of the people he was the happy. Actually the word ”Happy ” cannot describe this situation. And at this moment he said only two words from his mouth seeing these two people:-

”Mother, Father ”

The traveller was none other than our hero Lan Yue, and yes, these people were none other than the parents of our hero Lan Yue. His father Lan Xiang and his mother Zhen Lu. Then Lan Yue suddenly hugged his parents and told them something,

”Mother, Father where have both of you gone leaving alone in this world. ”

Then both his parents said in unison together,

”We haven`t gone anywhere, we were always with you. ”

After listening this he brought his parents to sit with them under a big tree and then he started to talk with them and spending time with them, where cool breeze was flowing with melodious birds singing and the tree giving them a roof from the sun.

It was at this moment he heard someone calling his name, ”Yue`er, wake up ”, and when he looked towards the direction of the sound he found no one there. But again he heard the same voice and this time he looked at the same direction he saw a very bright light coming towards him.

By the effect of the light he closed his eyes for few seconds bu he could still hear the voice calling him out to wake up.

Some where inside a room woman is seen opening the curatins of the room for the bright sun light to enter the room. Then the woman walked towards the study table placed in the room beside the bed.

On the table a 16 year old boy was sleeping with an open book below his head. The woman called the boy to wake him up, this boy was her son and the boy was none other than Lan Yue and the woman was his mother Zhen Lu.

After trying to wake him up for somethime Lan Yue opened his eyes. After slowly waking up while rubbing eyes he saw the morning radiant light entering his room with his mother standind next to him. Then he greeted his mother,

Lan Yue : ”Good morning, mother. ”

Zhen Lu : ”Good morning, Yue`er. ”

Zhen Lu : ”Did you have a good sleep ? ”

Lan Yue : ”Yes. ”

Zhen Lu : ”Did you see something good in your dream ? ”

Lan Yue : ”Yes, I have watched the beautiful dream of my life. ”

After this Zhen Lu told her son to get ready and to have breakfast and then she left her son`s room. After his went out his room Lan Yue went straight to his bathroom to get ready.

Author`s Note : Hello everyone from this chapter onwards I will tell you all about the past life of our hero which will be covered in this voume. Hope you all will enjoy this story and can bear with me. Thank you all for reading my story.

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