Tyrant Of Rome

War against the Visigoths

ns, the Roman cavalry had managed to flank them.

”Look behind yo- ”

Blood sprayed from the Chief. The Visigoths looked pissed and ran behind to get revenge for their leader but as soon as they did the Roman infantry started attacking them.

”For the emperor! ”

”For the motherland! ”

”For Rome! ”

The archers shot tens of thousands of arrows, many Visigoths men died in the hands of the Brutal Roman archers. The Cavalrymen rushed rushed killing thousands of the Visigoths.

”You damn Romans will never beat- ”

The Visigoth man had a spear stabbed through his head, killing the man in an instant. As the hours passed by it became clearer and clearer that the Romans had a advantage but the Visigoths weren going to give without a good fight.


”God protects us! ”

The Visigoths resistance was fierce but even so the Roman army still had only lost a measly 100 lives while the Visigoths had lost about all of their men, only 200 men remained.

”End this! ”

The general of the Roman army, Flavius was tired on seeing all the bloodshed. He wanted this to end. He had a ace to end this quickly.

”Every archer here, use the poison arrows youve been given! ”

The archers all pulled out their poison arrows and started shooting them towards the Visigoths. Just like that the Visigoth warriors were being killed left and right. A clear Roman victory.

In the fat east, the Sassanids had conquered the Levantine region. The war between the Sassanids was gonna be a bloody war and no one knew who would be the victor.

Next chapter: ”Development of the empire ”

Hey guys author here, I feel like I haven done a good job on world building so ima try to work on that. As anyways have a good day.


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