Tyrant Of Rome

War against the Visigoths

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Roman Stood there in fury. He couldn believe the public bath was closed. He went back to his house being greeted by the pale women, Claurisa.

Flavius Aetius had been ordered to train the newly recruits. Flavius Aetius was tired of all the battles he had to face but nevertheless he couldn stop now.

Roman was pondering on how to start the industrial revolution so early. He decided he first needed coal but where would he get coal.

”System which place in Europe has the best coal reserves? ”

The system promptly responded with

”Germania has a good amount of coal, you should probably be loaded if u take control of some parts of Germania ”

Roman thought about for a second. He could invade the the Visigoths that were constantly plundering the Roman towns near their borders. Roman still did not know the steps to industrialize that well but the system would help him every step of the way.

Next chapter: ”War against the Visigoths ”

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