don want to fight the enemy can leave! But know that if you leave you
e leaving the army one man down and if the nomads win your families,your friends, everyone you care about will perish! ”

The majority of soldiers stayed but 300 of them left. Flavius commanded them to spread out onto the 2 hills and to hide there. The Generals strategy was hide and wait for the nomads to come and then the archers would aim for the horses legs. After they had got a good amount of the nomads horses down they would shoot for the nomads eyes.

”Atilla, are you sure this isn a trap made by the Romans? ”

Atilla thought about it. Maybe Changetz was right, what if there was a trap? Even so what could the Romans do? They had better mobility, more men and overall better strength.

”Changetz don worry about it, even if those Romans have a trap later out for us, we have a lot more men overall. ”

Changetz sighed, when he thought about it Atilla was right. Even if the Romans could kill alot of their men, so what? They had about 200,000 men at their disposal.

While Flavius was busy setting up soldiers for an ambush. Meanwhile a certain Eastern Roman governed was gathering up an army of 70,000 to invade the throne he thought belonged to him.

Next chapter: ” Flaviuss masterpiece ”

Hey guys sorry for my grammar, Its pretty bad but I hope your liking this. I feel like I am rushing this a bit too much so Ill try to slow the story a little down. Anyways have a good day


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