”Host , currently a Hunnic-Mongol union is coming towards Central Europe and it may invade us. ”

Roman was perplexed. It was somewhere along the 300s A.D. how were the mongols there?

”System, how are the mongols here? Its somewhere along the 300s! ”

Roman frowned.

He knew if he wanted to stop them the Union of those Asian tribes hed have to gather more men and get better technology.

”Host, This world is an alternative world meaning things are a little different, please make sure Rome doesn fall in this timeline. ”

Roman sighed.

While he was asking the system all these questions, he was in the administration building of the Roman Empire. He heard someone running towards the room he was in.

”Master! The Huns have invaded Gaul! We need to send some of our legions to stop them! ”

Roman panicked.

”Clariusa, don send any legions… ”

Roman said with a grim tone

The pale women was shocked. Gaul was their territory why wasn the emperor doing something to stop the invasion?

”Master, why? Shouldn we stop the invasion? ”

”Clariusa, I have a plan to stop the Huns but send 2 legions on the border to Gaul and don let any Huns pass! ”

Claurisa stood up.

”Master, what are you doing? We should stop those barbarians! You
e really going to let them take our territory? ”

Roman sighed

”I am sorry Claurisa but our treasuries are running out because the constant invasion from the other tribes from Germania. If we were to send more troops to stop the invasion of the Huns, we would forced to move troops defending the borders from the other barbarians and then the barbarians would invade us ”

Claurisa thought about it.

Their treasuries was running out but Gaul also provided a lot of manpower and money, were they really gonna give Gaul up? Ultimately she knew she couldn change the emperors mind.

”What do you suppose we do now, Master? ”

Roman had a grin on his face.

”I got the perfect Idea, we run, away. ”

Claurisa looked at her emperor with a perplexed look.

”Did you see the oversimplified refrence I just made? ”

Claurisa was confused.

”Master, be serious what should we do? ”

Roman could only think of one thing

”How many horses do we have? ”

Claurisa thought about it

”I estimate about a thousand horses in Rome ”

Roman was a little dissapointed. A thousand? He needed more than that.

”Claurisa, tell all the blacksmith to make armor for the legions and heavy armor for the horses. ”

Claurisa nodded.

”Is this your plan, make a cavalry unit and stop the Huns? ”

Roman nodded.

”Well we should also get some cannons but I don think we
e that technologically there yet ”

Claurisa wasn even going to ask what a cannon was, she had more important things to do.

”I will take my leave now master ”

Roman looked at the pale beauty. When he awoke, she was the first thing he saw. She took him to the senate to discuss what was the future of the empire. He still remembered how he stuttered so much during a speech he did. It was so embarrassing! But there still was a problem, a food shortage. The Roman needed a better way to produce food.

While Roman was thinking all that a new threat was rising in the east, again , the Eastern Roman Empire has considered him illegitimate and wanted to take control of the Italian peninsula. Roman was getting attacked on 2 sides. Could Roman really defeat the two major powers?

Next chapter: ” Invaders! ”

Hey guys author here, I kinda suck at writing stories and world building stuff so please bear with me while I work on this project.

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