Tyrant Of Rome

Hunnic-Mongol Union

”Hey, You! Yeah, you! Do you wanna learn how to potentially get reborn into a alternative earth and maybe become a leader of the broken Western Roman Empire? Great youll be reborn now! ”

”What the hell is this? ” Roman screamed out

Roman is a history nerd and was trying to search up how to get Hearts Of Iron 4 free because he was too poor. While he was searching the web he came across a website called ”ExperienceHistory.com ” he clicked it and some weird message came claiming to able to transport him into an alternative world?

” Tch, these scammers are crazy if they think this will work on me. ”

Roman yelled out.

Lighting was sparking from his computer.

If one could see what was happening in his room they would probably freak out because, some random reptile was dragging Roman in a portal to an alternative universe.

”Hey fatty get in the portal ”

A large reptile said in a desperate tone while trying to pull Roman in the portal


Roman started tearing up. Roman had a lot of questions. What was this man doing? How did he come in my house?! But before he could ask the questions the portal sucked him in and lost consciousness.

”Booting up 10%..60%…100% ”

A loud noise came in Romans head. Roman was irritated.


When he opened his eyes, no one was there just empty air and uh.. a women?

”Master~ you finally woke up. ”

Roman stared at the pale women who had bright blue eyes with pitch black hair.

”Who the hell are you. ”

Roman got out of bed scared

He looked at the women with scrutiny.

Who was she? Why was she in his room?

”Master, the emperor in the east has declared you to be a false king who murderer the theodosian dynasty. ”

The women said with a tone of anger.

”What am I some dude from Zentimasters novel. ”

Roman said jokingly.

”Master what are you talking about? And who is Zentimaster? ”

The pale women stared at her emperor waiting for an answer.

”The same dude who inspired me to make this novel, check out heir to Aurelian ”

Roman now was ready to become emperor.

”Master, what kind of dream did you have? ”

The pale beauty did not understand.

Now you see while Roman is a looser he was also a history nerd looser, he read novels such as Tyranny Of Steel so he was naturally a master at getting reborn and making his empire into a powerhouse! What could possibly stop him? The Huns and the Mongols joining forces to take both the west and eastern Roman Empire?

Next Chapter: ”The Mongol-Hunnic union ”

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