Tyrant Of Rome

Flavius\'s Masterpiece

lry had been reduced to 30 as the battle continued. The Roman cavalry had eliminated 500 or so people. The archers who were at a modest 200 were quite a headache for the Hunnic-Mongol alliance.

Flavius seeing the battle unfold knew that it was a matter of time before the Huns knew where the archers were stationed. So he looked at who he assumed to be the leader of the this group of Huns.

”Every archer shoot at the man whos at the one at the right watching the battle! ”

The archers shot and killed the unsuspecting man at in his neck. The Huns and Mongols seeing this panicked and broke their ranks. Fleeing to where they chased the Romans from.

Flavius did not let them go away in peace, he ordered the archers to shoot at the Huns.

”General Flavius! Our Melee troops have been found! ”

General Flavius who was celebrating his victory was suddenly tense. If the Huns found out where he hid his troops then that would also mean his main army would be wiped out. When his main troops were wiped out it would mean he only had about 200 archers and 30 horsemen.

Flavius hoped that the emperor would send something to help them but it was weeks since he sent the report to the emperor. Why wasn his majesty replying?

Roman was a some what smart guy and he knew that he could pay the Huns to stop attacking, even if it was for only a while. He ordered around 20,000 guards and a translator. He would make peace with Atilla and the Mongol army and maybe even bribe the nomads into helping them defeat the Eastern Romans. But bribing them was out of the question because Romes treasury was running out.

Roman had set out on his journey to make peace. Could he achieve peace between the Romans and the nomads?

Next chapter: ”negotiation ”

Hey guys sorry if this chapter was weird, I am not that good of a writer and as always, have a good day!


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