Tyrant Of Rome

Flavius\'s Masterpiece

Roman stared at the eternal city. He wanted more development because he needed more people. He made steps towards steam power technology,but he hadn made the invention public. Roman had currently released stuffs that would help with weaving, the demand for cloth was growing in the empire but they needed more and more to fill up to demands.

Roman needed Flavius to end the war with the Visigoths fast so that he could quickly get the iron and coal which would help him with the industrial revolution. Rome currently was experiencing a great economic boom. With better pay, people had better morale and the people doing the work were in jobs that produced the most in demand items in the empire,cloth.

”Master, do you wanna shower together like when we were children~ ”

Roman looked at his servant. She was beautiful as ever. She was the first thing he saw when he was reborn and he really hadn gotten to know her all that well. He had accepted the deals with the Hun when Atilla made demands to take her as his wife but he kinda felt guilty.

Roman promised to himself that he would let her live however she wanted the next few years she stayed in Rome.

”Claurisa, how bout we go around town and do what you want. ”

Claurisa looked at her master with excitement.

”Really? ”

Roman nodded. Claurisa jumped in joy, the pale woman hugged Roman excitedly. Roman and Claurisa made their way down to town and Claurisa couldn wait to try the newly opened Wcronalds.

”Master what should we get?! ”

The overjoyed Claurisa looked at her master.

Roman looked at the little store he had opened.

”Hello your majesty, what would you like to get? ”

Roman looked at the menu, he really needed a better menu. The menu was just some soups mixed with meat. The food wasn bad, it was pretty cheap which made it popular in Rome.

”Ill have the chicken breast and soup ”

The employee nodded and told them to sit in the table behind them.

”Emperor levius, we have regained Jerusalem. ”

The emperor of the Eastern Romans looked at the messenger.

”Excellent, tell the supreme commander of our army that when he comes back to Constantinople he will be rewarded graciously. ”

The war in the east was raging on.

Next chapter: ”Date and war ”

Hope you liked the chapter and if u have some criticism please tell me in the comments.


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