d conscientiously, continuing their daily night activities and sleeping during the daytime.
Three days later, Xie Changan was the first to consider their finances.
He wanted to turn stones into gold, but Fu Wangzhi was not stupid.
He wouldn't know what to do if Fu Wangzhi became suspicious.
Xie Changan rested his head on his hand, his brows tightened, looking solemn and anxious.
When Fu Wangzhi woke up, the sight of Xie Changan sitting, leg-crossed, on the pearwood chair, his shrewd little head of his thinking hard about something.
Fu Wangzhi was going to show care and concern for his husband but realised the unusual situation in the house when he looked up.
A black fog was hovering on the beams of the house, and it could potentially accumulate and become denser.
The wall irises in the house were wilting and almost fully withered.
It was the dense aura of spirits.
Fu Wangzhi acted as if nothing had happened, but his heart was chilled through and through.
He thought he had covered up well.
As a result, Fu Wangzhi also sat down and fiddled with the ivory thumb ring in his hand as he sunk into deep thought.
The two did not utter a single word, nor did they have the capacity to think of the party at the moment.
They sat in relative silence, thoughts heavy in each of their minds, as they considered how monsters and humans could cohabitate.
Xie Changan wanted to earn money, but he did not know how to read, nor was he skilled.
He had no desire to join the court as an official, and he did not want to become a swordsman who could fight in the sky.
He merely loved the buzz of a city.
First, he attempted to go around and tell unusual tales from the mountains, but the listeners merely listened and laughed.
No one was willing to loosen their money purses.
He then tried to serve and wash the dishes at the eatery but was kicked out because he stole two chickens, was arrogant and refused to treat guests courteously.
In the end, Fu Wangzhi spent the rest of his money on a pharmacy, and the two were determined to make a living by collecting medicinal herbs.
Since then, the two wealthy young men, who were used to eating and drinking without any care in the world, had completely turned into two poor men.
Naturally, they could not afford a chef either.
Xie Changan did not have to eat, and Fu Wangzhi's 'yang' energy* was more delicious, but he had to accompany Fu Wangzhi to eat.
(T/N*: In general, females are considered 'yin', while the males are said to be more 'yang'.
In this case, Xie Changan is referring to Fu Wangzhi's cum, something that only a male has –> concentration of 'yang' energy.

And Fu Wangzhi had to accompany Xie Changan to eat.
It was extremely difficult to buy vegetables at the market since most locals were self-sufficient and relied on home-grown vegetables.
Rarely would they buy or sell their vegetables.
Xie Changan could only buy a pile of vegetable seeds, intending to go home and begin digging the soil to plant the vegetables.
With his pocket full of seeds, Xie Changan kicked the door open.
He tilted his head up to find the beam of the house filled with black fog.
He could not help but ask, “Fu Wangzhi, what did you do to the house? Did you burn it, or are there spirits here?” Fu Wangzhi's expression changed immediately, his thin lips pursed into a line and his body stiff.
Xie Changan suddenly realised something and stopped talking altogether.
He glanced at Fu Wangzhi and saw him staring at himself, so he said hurriedly, “The lighting in this house isn't that good.
I'm not used to it yet.
Let's make a window tomorrow.” With that, he quickly pulled Fu Wangzhi into the courtyard and began mulling over how to plant vegetables.
Why was the spirit energy so dense? Did his cultivation get higher again? He could only mutter internally in his heart.
Fu Wangzhi, dressed in a black robe embroidered with dark bamboo patterns, looked extraordinary even though he was just fiddling with the vegetable seeds and waving the pipe around.
Xie Changan squatted on the stone slab, greedily absorbing the sight of Fu Wangzhi's fine figure.
Xie Changan knew that this person was in no way mediocre.
He would even believe it if someone was to say Fu Wangzhi was from the royal family.
But Xie Changan did not dare to ask.
He was afraid that Fu Wangzhi would take that opportunity and ask him where in the countryside he was from? How many family members? Why did his parents pass away? Obviously, he knew nothing about the countryside.
He knew no one other than those pretty ladies from the brothel and Fu Wangzhi.
Xie Changan let his mind wander for a while and stood up suddenly.
He walked towards Fu Wanghi and suggested, “Why don't we raise a few chickens?” Fu Wangzhi looked at Xie Changan, puzzled, “Why? They're going to eat the vegetables.” Xie Changan slapped his own thigh, “I'm here to guard it.
They will never dare.” Fu Wangzhi was amused by Xie Changan's smug little look, “What use is there? You still need to accompany your husband at night to enjoy some activities.
You won't have the energy to do anything else.” Hearing Fu Wangzhi addressing himself as the husband triggered Xie Changan's prideful side, “Behave, little wife.” That only amused Fu Wangzhi more.
But he merely kissed Xie Changan’s head and did not argue back, “Okay.” Xie Changan was amused too.
He raised his hand and gestured, “We'll raise chickens here, maybe a hundred of them or so.” Xie Changan was especially enthusiastic about the matter of raising chickens.
Fu Wangzhi merely took it as a consequence of Xie Changan not having enough chickens to eat in the countryside, so he was making up for it now that he had grown up.
The chicken coop was built overnight by Xie Changan himself.
Even the chickens were picked carefully by Xie Changan's trained eyes.
He stopped picking herbs and would squat in front of the coop to stare at the chickens, urging them to eat and sleep.
That only served to scare the chickens to the point of not sleeping properly.
The chickens did not even dare to get close to the rice.
They would stay in the corner, shivering and questioning their will to live.
In the end, it was Fu Wangzhi who dragged the crazed Xie Changan back into the house to have their dinner.



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