Fu Wangzhi was a snake.
His body was black as ink, his eyes dark and slit, his mouth wide and crude.
Having lived in the Evergreen Mountain for more than a hundred years, he had long become a spirit.
He had always been alone, free like a wild crane.
At night he would count the stars in the vast sky; in the afternoon he would watch falling petals and fishes playing in the water.
He was extremely free and unfettered, never transforming into his human form, never questioning anything about the world, never knowing what year it was.
Fu Wangzhi was not actually born in the Evergreen Mountain.
When asked where he was from, how many people were in his family, which clan he belonged to, he would shake his head and reply, “I don’t know.” He only vaguely remembered that when he was injured, he was rescued by a kind old monk who brought him to a small temple up the Evergreen Mountain.
The name ‘Wangzhi’ was also given to him by the Old Monk.
The Old Monk had once said that Wangzhi, a snake, was surprisingly good-tempered.
He did not bite the hand that fed him, he was not violent, did not tend to bite others, was not picky with food.
He was a snake with a gentle temperament and was easy to take care of.
If you asked the Old Monk, the only weird habit Wangzhi had was coiling next to the firewood storeroom and stretching his head to look inside.
Wangzhi would refuse to enter the room even when the Old Monk tried to coax him in.
Instead, Wangzhi would only take a peek when he had nothing to do.
The Old Monk had tried searching the storeroom many times, but there was nothing there besides firewood.
He could not figure out what the snake was looking at even until his death.
However, he vaguely understood that the thread of fate existed in the unseen world, and thus named the snake Wangzhi*.
(T/N*: Loosely translated to hope, or gazing into the distance.) When it was about time for the Old Monk to leave the world, he sat, seemingly senile and doddering, in meditation in front of the Buddha statue.
He glanced at the Buddha statue, thinking about how he had isolated himself from the rest of the world: he had spent more than half of his peaceful life on the Evergreen Mountain, abstaining from meat and praying to Buddha.
He felt that he did not have many worries left, that his life had been satisfactory.
At last, he turned his head, only to see the snake at the entrance.
He bent down and caressed the snake gently as he spoke, unhurried.
“Every living human and creature has their own fate and destiny, it seems like our intertwined fate ends here…” The Old Monk was too old, he spoke very slowly, his words unclear, but he knew the snake would understand him.
The Old Monk continued to speak slowly, “Wangzhi, I never knew what you were gazing at.
You’ll one day become bored of the mountains and rivers on the Evergreen Mountain, but the land is vast, and opportunities are hidden everywhere.
If you have the mind to, you should leave the mountain and test your fate.” The Old Monk passed away.
He had performed charitable deeds throughout his life, he had achieved perfect virtues and merits.
Fu Wangzhi stayed close to him for a long time.
The Fu Wangzhi then was not yet a spirit.
He only had the spirituality he had self-cultivated between heaven and earth.
When he finally became a full spirit and had his own thinking, he never once looked into that storeroom anymore.
Even he himself had no idea what he had been looking for those few years.
He continued to stay on the Evergreen Mountain after the Old Monk’s death, becoming a leisurely spirit.
He would only transform into his human form occasionally to sweep the soil and dust in the temple for the Old Monk.
In May of Hong Le* Year 16—an unusual May, a dark red May—the snake’s heat came, overwhelming and unstoppable.
(T/N*: Just a title/name for that year.)

In what way was this May unusual? He did not know what shame and embarrassment were when he was still a beast.
He would copulate with a random snake in gods-know-where on the mountain.
He could only keep the beast in him in check during the few years he became a spirit.
Normally, he would suppress himself because he was at a loss regarding what to do.
The Old Monk had once said he should let things be, so he no longer wanted to hold himself back this year.
The carp spirit told him that he should get off the mountain.
Not only were there countless delicate beauties outside of the mountain, but there were also innumerable stories of fated encounters and marriages.
The carp spirit even told the snake spirit to tell him all about his experiences when he returned.
The snake initially wanted to wave his hand to indicate that he was too lazy to move, but unexpectedly, he remembered the words the Old Monk had spoken before he’d passed and the name he’d been given.
Fu Wangzhi, perhaps it really was time to leave the mountain.
And just like that, Fu Wangzhi went down the mountain.
He went here and there, enjoying himself in various places.
He even transformed his face into that of a handsome-looking young gentleman, making his aura extraordinary, his appearance impressive, and causing admiration and jealousy around him.
The mortal realm was so interesting that he had nearly forgotten that he had come down the mountain to copulate.
That night, when the evening lanterns were first lit and the streets of the capital were lit up by the spotted lights, the city was bustling and thriving.
A young lad in a black patterned robe walked into him.
“Ah, I’m sorry, my brother.*”, The young man grinned and cupped his hand in the other* as he apologised.
Before anyone could see his face, he had already turned around and walked away.
(T/N*: Friendly way for a guy to address another guy.) (T/N*: Usually as a sign of respect.) “To take without asking is considered stealing.” Fu Wangzhi gripped the young man’s wrist calmly, lowering his eyes to observe the young man’s other hand that seemed to be hiding something, his eyes deep and dark.
“Ouch, how can you be so blunt?” The young man was not angered either.
Instead, he turned his head and lifted his eyes to scan Fu Wangzhi from head to toe before handing back the bag of money to him.
He then forcefully pulled Fu Wangzhi’s hand and shook it, acting extremely poised.
He held up his fist and nudged Fu Wangzhi’s shoulder lightly, feigning maturity as he spoke, “Let’s become friends.
I’m Xie Changan.
Brother sure has good eyes, it’s nice to meet you.” “Fu Wangzhi.” “Nice, we’ll meet again if fate allows.” Xie Changan waved his hand as he walked away, a hint of jade green visible on his hand.
Fu Wangzhi pulled up his sleeve and glanced at his wrist.
Hmm, it was bright and clean, and his jade bracelet with a snake design was nowhere in sight.

Speaking of Xie Changan.
He was a fox spirit, a male fox spirit.
He was extremely good-looking, but not in the stereotypical alluring-fox-spirit kind of good looking.
Rather, it was as if there were thorns hidden in his handsomeness.
A random glance from him was enough to make you feel as if there were brambles and thorns around his heart, sharp, icy and lethal.
Xie Changan was not in need of money.
Through seduction, spiritual power, or selling all those random flashy accessories on him, he could get the money very easily no matter which method he chose.
Despite that, he liked to steal from others.
He found it addictive.
All because he was a fox.
When the two met again, they were at a brothel called “Go Back”.
After enjoying the mortal realm to his heart’s content, a silly snake spirit finally remembered his need to manage his heat.
Xie Changan was sitting right in the middle of the main hall with his neck leaned back, his legs crossed.
There was a lady in each of his arms, his expression smug as he was surrounded by beautiful ladies who came to him without invitation.
He made such a striking image that it was hard for anyone in the main hall not to notice.
However, Fu Wangzhi’s gaze was fixed on the beautiful woman right next to Xie Changan.
Wangzhi’s eyes were locked not on her voluptuous frame, but on her ankle: There, on that ankle, was a jade bracelet filled with colour and lustre, clear and pure, hanging loosely and slanted.
Seeing that, Fu Wangzhi sat down right opposite Xie Changan, picked up a teacup calmly and took a sip of tea.
He lifted his eyes to look at Xie Changan in his drunken state, all the while maintaining his own composure.
His gaze then shifted towards the jade bracelet with a snake pattern on the beauty’s ankle.
The jade bracelet was indeed pretty important to him.
The bracelet was made from a small piece of high-quality jade that he had found on the Evergreen Mountain.
He had thought through the whole night before he came up with the design and had spent a long time polishing it so there was no way he did not value the bracelet.
Rather, the reason he brought it down the mountain with him was to give it to his future wife.
Fu Wangzhi could not sit still anymore as that thought ran through his head.
He stood up, walked towards him and pointed at the jade on the beauty’s ankle and spoke to Xie Changan, “This jade bracelet has been passed down for generations in my family.
It’s worth more than a thousand gold and is meant to be a wedding present, so I’m afraid I can’t give it to you for your enjoyment.” Xie Changan drank a lot of alcohol.
He was struggling to comprehend Fu Wangzhi’s words while continuing to hug the pretty lady’s tiny waist, teasing her.
His action was followed by the beauty’s delicate laugh.
She leaned forward, her leg lifted slightly, and took the opportunity to fall into Xie Changan’s embrace.
It did not matter how she leaned into his embrace, what mattered was that the lady’s ankle knocked firmly against the leg of the mahogany table, which was accompanied by a crisp and clear sound from the impact.
Xie Changan was still struggling to comprehend Fu Wangzhi’s words with his drunken mind, but that crisp sound woke him up immediately.
He looked down at the jade bracelet that was broken into pieces, dumbfounded.
He could only hear two sentences coming out of Fu Wangzhi’s mouth faintly.
“Thousand gold.” “Passed down for generations, wedding present.” Xie Changan bent down to pick up the jade bracelet and placed the broken pieces on the table to form the original shape.
He thought it would be a piece of cake for him, a fox spirit, to return the bracelet to its original state.
The tip of his fingers touched the jade bracelet before he paused suddenly.

The mortals fear spirits, and the bald donkeys* or Taoist priests or whatever were especially arrogant in recent years.
Exposing his real identity would bring him more trouble than benefits.
He would probably end up unable to enjoy these ladies who were as fair as flowers and as beautiful as the moon.
What should he do? (T/N*: He’s referring to the monks LMAO.) From Fu Wangzhi’s point of view, he could only see Xie Changan picking up the jade bracelet without much care and placing the broken pieces together on the table mindlessly before he suddenly creased his eyebrows.
Fu Wangzhi saw him tapping the table rapidly with a few fingers as if he was troubled by something as if he bore a deep grudge.
“How are you planning to pay me back?” Fu Wangzhi tried to ignore the pangs of his heart.
Xie Changan patted his money bag only to realise that the situation was not in his favour.
He had spent extremely lavishly that day, so he did not have much left, but it was not as if he could just make some money appear in front of everyone watching.
“Don’t worry, Brother Fu.
Why don’t you ask Aunt Bao to arrange a room for you to enjoy first? There is absolutely no reason not to enjoy the delicious wine and beautiful ladies when they’re all right here.
As for your bracelet, I’ll definitely bring back the jade bracelet to you in perfect condition tomorrow, I promise.” Xie Changan’s astute gaze landed on Fu Wangzhi, suppressing his intentions and hiding them behind a sincere smile as he spoke.
Fu Wangzhi was reminded belatedly that he was supposedly looking for someone to copulate with.
He glanced at the broken bracelet on the table and the sincere-looking Xie Changan before he nodded and followed Lady Boss Bao to his room.
He even let out a sigh of amazement as he thought about how skilful the master must be in this field to be able to repair the jade bracelet.
Xie Changan gripped his cup of water as he urged Lady Boss Bao to add more aphrodisiac in Fu Wangzhi’s tea.
This way, Gentleman Fu can enjoy his night so much to the point of forgetting, and Xie Changan could have more time to enjoy with his beauties before he had to transform the jade bracelet in the bright morning when no one else was around.
Hmph, what a perfect plan! And with that thought, Xie Changan kept the broken pieces of the jade bracelet in his breast pocket before completely forgetting about the matter the moment he turned away.
Fu Wangzhi had only been to the mortal realm for a short while so he was inexperienced with those little dirty tricks commonly used in brothels.
He drank the tea that was drugged with an aphrodisiac and fell right into their little trap.
To be fair, Xie Changan himself had not been to the mortal realm for that long either.
The two had almost stepped into the mortal world at the same time.
The only difference was that Xie Changan began indulging himself in sexual pleasures the moment he stepped into the mortal realm, in addition to naturally high suspicions towards things around him, he was able to get to know all sorts of unconventional ways in the few months he had been here.
Unfortunately, what goes around, comes around.
Xie Changan, who had drunk a bit too much, walked into the wrong room.
On top of Fu Wangzhi’s heat, he had been staying in the room for almost half a day with a stomach full of aphrodisiac.
Besides, since it was Fu Wangzhi’s first time, he was a bit embarrassed, so the lights in the room remained unlit.
When it was dark and nothing could be seen, Xie Changan staggered into the room covered in the smell of alcohol.
Because Fu Wangzhi had an extremely keen sense of hearing, he was able to accurately grab the lean and narrow waist, pulling the person onto the bed before the induced sexual impulses pushed him to rush towards that person’s soft lips.
He pried open those lips and teeth, conquering successfully.
Soon, a pair of tongues began tangling with all their might.

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