once the Tuoba Wei Khanate is dust, first monarch of the Heba Wei Khanate! ” The Heba Wei Khanate? That sounded as if Heba had decided to name a khanate after himself. ”Now, boy, what is your name? ”

What was his name? Chuo could not have given his own name, he had to think of an alias. But what? Quickly, he answered: ”Molu Hong. ”

”That is a stupid appellation. ” Commented Heba. Chuo could not help but think that an appellation such as Mushu or Muli would have made a worse alias. ”Still, it is nice to have you here, Molu Hong, so nice to have a fellow Xianbei, after all, we may be on the side of the Rourans, but wriggling worms are still wriggling worms. ”

From the corner of his eye, Chuo could see the guard glare at Heba. He did not blame the man. How Wuti Khan or anyone at Ting could tolerate Heba Chuo could only guess.

”I do not think it wise to call those we fight alongside that, sir. ” Stated Chuo.

Immediately the guard looked uttered: ”The boy is wise, General Heba. Perhaps you should listen to him. ”

”Bah! ” scoffed Heba. ”He is young and he will learn better! ” Looking at Chuo, the Traitor General then said: ”Come in, boy, and tell me what was happening in the Tuoba Wei Khanate when I left. ”

Chuo had every intention to do that, speaking both the truth and leaving out information that could have given Heba some sort of intelligence on his countrys host. But what would he say? He could say that he had heard that General Tuyuhun had lost his elder son, that was true for General Tuyuhun was Chuos father and he knew very well that he had lost his brother. The only question was how would Heba react to hearing of his old comrade, but Chuo wanted to know what Heba would say of him, the younger son that Heba said should have been left on the Steppe to die.

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