Ruan Wenhong never thought about this.

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But that was alright, when one was the sponsor and the other the mistress, whoever would be on top or bottom should be obvious.


However, after hearing Chen Qianqing’s words, Ruan Wenhong began to doubt that Lu Zhengfei was the top.


Chen Qianqing ignored Ruan Wenhong and sat on the nearby chair.
“It’s your turn.”


Ruan Wenhong was still sullen when he picked up the cue and sent a red ball into a hole.
He then quickly turned to face Chen Qianqing.
“You’re joking, right?”


Chen Qianqing laughed.
“Of course I’m joking.”


Seeing Chen Qianqing’s smile, Ruan Wenhong suddenly felt his heart stop and a squeezing pain in his chest.
He looked at him.
“You’re really interesting.”


Chen Qianqing, “So it’s like that.”


Ruan Wenhong wasn’t bad at billiards and played often, so he won the first game by about twenty points.


After one game, Chen Qianqing said, “Do you have a cigarette?”


Ruan Wenhong glanced at Chen Qianqing.
“You can’t smoke in here.”


Chen Qianqing, “I’ll go to the bathroom and conveniently have a smoke.” To be precise, he was going to smell the cigarette.


Ruan Wenhong took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and handed one to Chen Qianqing, “Are you in a bad mood?”


Chen Qianqing still looked dispirited.
When he heard what Ruan Wenhong said, he quickly waved his hand to refute it.
“Still alright.”

As he said that he left.


Ruan Wenhong narrowed his eyes as he looked at Chen Qianqing’s back, then dialed a phone number.
By no means did he believe that Chen Qianqing wasn't bothered one bit when he saw Lu Zhengfei and that girl together.

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Did Chen Qianqing really not care? Of course he cared, but this was something far from the love Ruan Wenhong imagined.
He would never let Lu Zhengfei cheat, whether he was following his own will or otherwise.


In his previous life, Ruan Wenhong had never meddled in this matter because he knew that when his didi would come out to his family, his parents would lock him up at home.


However, this time everything was different, and Ruan Wenhong wasn’t like Lu Zhengfei’s parents; the methods he could use knew no bounds.
He just had one goal – take Chen Qianqing away from Lu Zhengfei.
As to the strategy he could adopt, as long as it didn’t harm Lu Zhengfei, anything would do.


Ruan Wenhong was a good gege, but he was definitely not a good friend.


At first, Chen Qianqing thought that going out to play billiards would increase his vitality, but he had just played one game when he started feeling tired.
He even felt that he had no energy to play a second round.


Chen Qianqing knew that this lack of energy wasn’t a physical issue, but a psychological one; he was thus looking for an excuse to dismiss the problem.


He had frequented the place where they were playing, so he was very familiar with it.
He randomly wandered around to find a seat by the window, then he smelled the tip of the cigarette.


The average person would feel very relaxed when bathing in the sun and sleeping, but Chen Qianqing still felt tired.
When he closed his eyes, he felt his entire body unwind.


However, while he was in a daze, Chen Qianqing overheard indistinct sounds.
That voice was indescribably familiar, and it instantly made the hairs on his skin stand up: it was Lu Zhengfei’s voice.


“Lu Zhengfei, are you doing alright?”

As if fireworks were going off next to his ears, Chen Qianqing abruptly opened his eyes and looked around; yet he saw no one.


At that moment, the sun just so happened to be shining.
Next to the window, he could still see the clear blue indoor pool.
Inside there weren’t any other people, let alone people greeting each other.


It was only then that Chen Qianqing determined that he really had a problem, and it was in fact a serious problem.


Chen Qianqing slowly let out a breath and wiped off the cold sweat that had appeared on his forehead.
He originally wanted to stand up; however, he noticed that there were black spots in his visual field, so he could only sit down and rest.


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Chen Qianqing said softly, “Qianqing, I’m not doing good.” If it wasn’t your body, even staying alive would make me feel tired.


Seeing his younger self doing such things, he felt like a person constantly falling from the skies into the deepest pits of hell, feeling the suffering and the pressure weighing him down.


As he was dozing off, the conversation between a man and a woman reached his ears.
This time it wasn’t an hallucination, rather it was Lu Zhengfei’s real voice.
He said, “What do you want to eat this evening? Chinese or Western food?”


Immediately after, a woman’s gentle voice came.
That voice was as light as a drop of water.
“Anything is fine.
Eating with you is enough for me to be happy.”


Following the voices, Chen Qianqing found Lu Zhengfei and that woman; they were wearing swim trunks and a swimsuit respectively, ready to go swimming.
The two were casually talking and looked very much like a pair of sweethearts.


However it only looked like it, nothing more.
In this world, was there anyone else who could understand Lu Zhengfei more than himself? That couldn’t be.


Chen Qianqing recognized that woman.
She was the troublesome yet treasured only daughter of the Jin family; her name was Jin Huanyu.
In his previous life, Lu Zhengfei sought her, but mostly for business purposes.
Jin Huanyu’s favorite thing was to cultivate handsome men.
She had probably tasted all the fresh meat in the entertainment industry: from this point of view, she was most similar to Sun Baiqi.


Jin Huanyu was a little interested in Lu Zhengfei, but only a little — she had a lot of men to choose from.
There was no use attaching herself to Lu Zhengfei.

Of course that was clear to them, but outsiders like Chen Qianqing wouldn’t be able to understand.

If Chen Qianqing liked Lu Zhengfei, watching this scene would make him fly into a fiery rage.
If Chen Qianqing didn’t like Lu Zhengfei, Lu Zhengfei wouldn’t be able to reconcile with him even more.


Chen Qianqing began to think there was something very strange going on.
How much did Ruan Wenhong pay for Jin Huanyu to help him with this?


Chen Qianqing looked down upon Lu Zhengfei and Jin Huanyu, who were in the swimming pool.
He touched the glass that was as cold as his gaze, as if the situation in front of his eyes wasn’t evoking any emotions in him at all.


But how could Chen Qianqing have absolutely no thoughts? How could that be –


Witnessing that situation, he could only admit that Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei were not meant to be together.


In his last life, Lu Zhengfei’s parents came between them.
In this life, it was Lu Zhengfei’s cousin.
Although the methods they used were different, the result was nevertheless the same.


Ruan Wenhong came up behind Chen Qianqing at some point.
“What are you looking at?”

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Chen Qianqing tilted his head, revealing a smile that wasn’t quite a smile.


“If I were you, I would also rush to go abroad,” Ruan Wenhong said.

“This cousin of mine likes new things, just like small kids.
What he can’t get, he wants.
Once it’s in his hands, he loses interest.”


Chen Qianqing was expressionless.
“It isn’t like that.”


Ruan Wenhong felt that the expression on Chen Qianqing’s face was strange.
He even thought that watching this scene unfold was exciting.
His heart trembled slightly.

He thought about Chen Qianqing saying that he had no interest in Lu Zhengfei, and his reaction being relatively small.

“I’m his ge, I’ve been with him for many years now, how could I not know him?”


Ruan Wenhong continued, “He never loved you.
If he did, how could he break your leg?”


Chen Qianqing couldn’t answer.
He turned to continue watching Lu Zhengfei and Jin Huanyu talking and laughing together.
After a while, Chen Qianqing said hoarsely, “No, Lu Zhengfei loves Chen Qianqing.”

If it wasn’t love then what was it? If it wasn’t love, then the one excuse he could use would become just another excuse.


Ruan Wenhong thought he found Chen Qianqing’s weakness and laughed.
“How could that be love? If I had someone I loved, I would definitely carry them in my arms.
Not even letting the hair on their head be harmed.
If they wanted to leave, I wouldn’t injure them.”


Chen Qianqing paled further.
If earlier on he was as white as a sheet of paper, now he was white as a corpse.
He took deep breaths, wanting to refute Ruan Wenhong’s words.


However, he realized that it was impossible.
Truly impossible.


When the original Chen Qianqing died, his face was withered and skinny, his eyes filled with hate and his words full of venom.

It felt like a heavy hammer kept hitting his soul, again and again.
His soul was pounded until it broke into pieces.


Chen Qianqing leaned his head against the glass, his entire person trembling.
“Do you all think that Lu Zhengfei doesn’t love Chen Qianqing?”


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Ruan Wenhong took in Chen Qianqing’s appearance and felt that this scene was tragic.
He hesitated for a moment, but then he thought that he couldn’t fail because of a lack of trying.
“For Lu Zhengfei Chen Qianqing is just a small toy, how could that be love?”


Chen Qianqing didn’t speak anymore.
After being apart for a moment, Ruan Wenhong realized that Chen Qianqing was crying.
He just stared at Lu Zhengfei in the pool and cried.


Tears fell from his eyes, down his cheeks, and onto the floor.
However, Chen Qianqing didn’t make a single sound the whole time.


Ruan Wenhong, “Chen Qianqing, are you ok?”


Chen Qianqing was silently staring at Lu Zhengfei.
Seeing this, Ruan Wenhong felt nervous.
“Chen Qianqing, are you ok?”


Chen Qianqing, “I never knew that it was just a joke.”


Ruan Wenhong let out a sigh.
“You just have to wish for it, then I can help you move to a different country and leave all of this behind.”


Chen Qianqing, “It’s too late.
Everything…it's already too late.”


Ruan Wenhong, “What do you mean?”


Chen Qianqing laughed.
This shift from crying to laughing seemed to be just a change of expression.
He slowly walked forward and smiled at Ruan Wenhong, who was standing in front of him.
He said, “Thank you.”


Ruan Wenhong was surprised, and thought he heard wrong.
“What did you say?”


Chen Qianqing said lightly, “I said, thank you.”


Ruan Wenhong furrowed his brow.
He felt that Chen Qianqing wasn’t quite normal, as if something was beyond his control.
“Chen Qianqing, don’t do stupid things.
You’re still young.”


Chen Qianqing laughed.
“Ruan Wenhong, if I wanted to jump into hell, I would absolutely drag Lu Zhengfei down with me.”

That is the reason for his rebirth.

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