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When Lu Zhengfei entered the room, Chen Qianqing was already asleep.

His body was twisted unnaturally like a cooked shrimp with his long hair hanging down, covering his pale face.
His whole body was as thin as a sheet of paper.

Five years ago, Chen Qianqing was handsome, elegant, and had beautiful skills on the piano.
When he smiled, beautiful dimples would even appear on his face.
He was like a prince from a movie, everything about him was perfect.

But now, Lu Zhengfei walked over and reached out to touch Chen Qianqing’s face.

Chen Qianqing was too thin, even the shape of his skull could vaguely be seen through his pale skin.
Being touched by Lu Zhengfei, he had the conditioned reflex to curl up his body while a soft whimper leaked from his lips.

But at the end, he still did not wake.
Or perhaps, he was awake but was not willing to open his eyes.

Chen Qianqing had beautiful eyes with thick and dense lashes.
He had clear eyes that seemed to speak to you when he stared at you.
Lu Zhengfei liked Chen Qianqing very much, and liked his eyes even more.
But no matter what, Lu Zhengfei would never receive Chen Qianqing’s attention anymore——Because his lover was now blind.

The quality of sleep that Chen Qianqing received was not great, and he had even been suffering from insomnia recently.
He needed to take a large number of sleeping pills before he could finally fall asleep.
Once he starts to grow dependent on medication, then it would be a hard habit to break.
And so, Chen Qianqing was unable to sleep at all now if he did not have any sleeping pills.

Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing were together out of a forced bond.
Chen Qianqing did not like Lu Zhengfei, and he did not even like men.
Lu Zhengfei used every means he could think of and finally shackled Chen Qianqing to his side, watching him wither down from a bloomed flower, and slowly progressing to his death.

The main culprit that caused Chen Qianqing to become this way was Lu Zhengfei, and he regretted it now.

Looking at Chen Qianqing with his shallow breaths, seeming as if he could leave him at any moment, Lu Zhengfei regretted it.
He regretted what he had done to Chen Qianqing, and regretted that he had gone too far to turn back, but there was no cure for regrets in this world.

Lu Zhengfei regretted it so much he could die, but he could not do anything about Chen Qianqing’s departure from the world.
He could snatch Chen Qianqing back from someone else, but he could not compete with the Death itself for Chen Qianqing’s life.

“Mm……” Chen Qianqing woke up.
He could not see anything, but he could still blink.
His eyes that should have been clear and beautiful was now a field of grey.
Along with his pale face, they seemed exceptionally haunting.

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“Qianqing.” Lu Zhengfei called out to him gently.

Chen Qianqing’s body turned stiff as soon as he heard Lu Zhengfei’s voice.
The man in front of him was the greatest nightmare of his life.
He could not get out of this imprisonment, nor stop the pain he brought him.
He could only be dragged bit by bit into hell by this person called Lu Zhengfei.

Chen Qianqing said: “Lu Zhengfei, am I going to die?”

At this moment, the word ‘die’ was a very sensitive word for Lu Zhengfei.
Hearing it, his body stiffened for a moment before forcing a smile: “Don’t worry, Qianqing, you won’t die.”

Chen Qianqing was silent for a moment.
Then, his pale and bloodless lips curled into a mocking curve: “I can’t wait to die.”

The forced file on Lu Zhengfei’s face disappeared instantly.
Chen Qianqing could not see the expression on Lu Zhengfei’s face.
But if he could, then he would definitely feel overjoyed.

Chen Qianqing would feel happy as long as Lu Zhengfei did not.

Chen Qianqing’s physical condition did not allow him to receive any suffering.
Even though Lu Zhengfei was angry, all he could do was endure.

Seeing that Lu Zhengfei had gone silent, Chen Qianqing continued: “I’m glad I’m blind as well, now I don’t have to look at that disgusting thing of yours anymore.”

Lu Zhengfei clenched his fists.

Chen Qianqing went on: “Get out, I can’t sleep when you’re here.”

Lu Zhengfei watched Chen Qianqing, and paused for a long time before he finally spoke in a hoarse voice: “Don’t be like that, Qianqing.”

Don’t be like that? Hearing his words, all Chen Qianqing could muster was a scoff.
Lu Zhengfei was clearly the person who initiated this, but he always made himself out to be the victim.
Chen Qianqing was the true victim of this situation, he had never developed any feelings at all for Lu Zhengfei throughout all of this——But of course, hate was an exception.

For the sake of obtaining him, not only did Lu Zhengfei threaten his family, he even locked him up like a pet.
For Chen Qianqing, these few years had been spent in suffering almost each and every day.

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But it did not matter, everything was going to end here and now.

Chen Qianqing knew that he was dying soon.
He laid down in bit and he could feel the life leave his body bit by bit.
If a person really wanted to die, then nobody could stop them from it.

Lu Zhengfei brought him the best doctors with the best medicine money could buy, and even threatened him with his family.
Still, Chen Qianqing’s health decreased with each coming day.

Lu Zhengfei knew what Chen Qianqing was thinking, but he had no way around it.
He could only say: “Qianqing, how are you going to get your revenge against me if you die just like that?”

Chen Qianqing coughed as he heard what he said, but his face bloomed into a smile.
Only, that smile was a vicious one: “If I die, would that not be the best revenge I could have against you, Lu Zhengfei?”

Lu Zheng Fei responded: “Do you really think you can get your revenge by dying? I can still find another lover after you’re dead.
I have both money and power, what can’t I get?”

Chen Qianqing sneered faintly: “Me.”

Lu Zhengfei could not refute him.
He had been rushing about like a madman for Chen Qianqing during this time, and he was even willing to die for him.
But still, Chen Qianqing did not waver at all.
All he did was watch on with his coldest expression how tormented Lu Zhengfei was as he strived.
He was like a dying fish laying in a dried up pond, sad and pathetic.

There was nothing Lu Zhengfei could do at all.
Finally, he said to Chen Qianqing: “Qianqing, are you willing to stay alive if I die?”

Chen Qianqing did not speak, nor did he move.
He was just like a wooden puppet without any life.
After a long time, he said: “Lu Zhengfei, you can’t change the past.” Not even your death can keep me here.

Lu Zhengfei’s eyes were apathetic.
The Chen Qianqing before him now was such a stranger to him, he was completely different from the him whom he was attracted to.
And he was the one who gradually twisted Chen Qianqing to become this way.

The wrong things, the wrong feelings, the wrong time, and the wrong person.
Lu Zhengfei finally burst into a soft cry.
His cry seemed so desolate, but it was still not enough to move Chen Qianqing’s heart.

Chen Qianqing who laid in bed had both of his legs crippled, and blinded.
The major depression he developed caused him to hate this person called Lu Zhengfei, there was no way his tears would ever hope to move him in any way.

Chen Qianqing had a promising future, but it had all been ruined by Lu Zhengfei.

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It was all ruined.

Lu Zhengfei sobbed on the ground, his tears wetting the carpet.
He knew that he was wrong, and he made a lot of mistakes, so many that there was no way for him to turn back.
Chen Qianqing’s voice was soft, but it was heavy like a hammer, crashing down on Lu Zhengfei’s soul.


April, Spring.

Chen Qianqing’s funeral was held on a weekend.
Few came to participate, only a few of his friends.
None of their relatives came at all.

Lu Zhengfei was dressed in a black suit with a length of black muslin draped over his arm.
Compared to before, he seemed to appear considerably more haggard, even strands of white hair could be seen growing on his head.

“Young master Lu.” A friend of Lu Zhengfei’s patted him on the shoulder: “Sorry for your loss.”

Lu Zhengfei looked silently at the tombstone before him, unmoving, and unspeaking.

That friend of his knew about the situation between Lu Zhengfei and Chen Qianqing.
There was not much he could say to persuade him, so he had just left after a sigh.

At the end of the funeral, after Chen Qianqing had been buried in the ground and all the guests had left, Lu Zhengfei stood alone in front of the tombstone.

“Qianqing.” Lu Zhengfei started: “I’m sorry.”

New greenery had sprouted from the lush flora around him, everything was so beautiful under the smell of the flowers, and the songs of the birds.
Chen Qianqing’s smile was engraved onto the cold, smooth stone of his tomb.
The dimples on his face were as pretty as flowers, exuding a refreshing aura around him just like the spring breeze.

With a grave expression, Lu Zhengfei knelt down and gently ran his fingers  over the tombstone.
He kissed Chen Qianqing’s portrait and pulled out a gun, placing the muzzle against his head: “I’m sorry, Qianqing.”

With a bang, the sound of a collision could be heard as fresh blood sprayed over the ground.
Some of it splashed onto Chen Qianqing’s photo, but the blood only served to make Chen Qianqing’s smile appear even more dazzling.

Death is never the end of the story.

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Lu Zhengfei did not know what the world was like after death, but when he struggled to pry open his eyes, he thought that death was just a fleeting dream.

In his dream, Chen Qianqing had lost his life in front of him; in that same dream, he took out a gun, and blasted his own head.

The strong smell of disinfectant assaulted his nose, and sounds of the hubbub made Lu Zhengfei uncomfortable.
But the most obvious discomfort he could feel at this moment was on his legs.
Lu Zhengfei felt a searing pain emanating from them, and it hurt so, so much.

“Qianqing, Qianqing……” Someone nearby was calling out to that familiar name.
Lu Zhenfei could not open his eyes, all he could feel was the terrible pain tearing through his body.

“Qianqing, Qianqing.” That voice was still calling out, his voice pressing down on his heart, rousing his desire to go mad.

“Chen Qianqing.” That deep voice was filled with anger and coldness: “Did you think you could run? One leg won’t be all you’ll break next time.”

Lu Zhengfei finally fell unconscious.

It was unsure how much time had passed when he finally woke up again.
Lu Zhengfei struggled very hard to open his eyes, and saw a field of white——It was the ceiling above him.

The smell of disinfectant was so intense.
Lu Zhengfei turned his head only to see a needle in his right arm, and he was unable to move his body by even the slightest.

“Are you awake, Mr.
Chen?” A nurse came to Lu Zhengfei’s side and spoke to him in a gentle tone:”Do you feel any discomfort?”

Lu Zhengfei’s eyes were disoriented, he could not understand what the nurse was saying to him for a moment.

Chen?” The beautiful nurse frowned in puzzlement, and reached her hand out in front of Lu Zhengfei.
She waved her hand in front of him, and had a fright when she found that Lu Zhengfei’s eyes were not moving.
She quickly called over the doctor attending to Lu Zhengfei.

Chen?” Seeing the unresponsive look on Lu Zhengfei’s face, the doctor seemed to be slightly anxious: “Mr.
Chen, can you hear me?”

Lu Zhengfei was silent for a long time.
It was not until the doctor and the nurse were about to go mad did he finally speak up in a hoarse voice:”What did you call me?”

The doctor looked at Lu Zhengfei in astonishment: “Are……Are you okay……Mr.

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