—In the cup.

It was an aphrodisiac that could turn a normal person into an Alpha in heat, causing them to act like a wild beast frantically looking for someone to kiss, hug, and stick to.

Meng Huan didn’t expect him to pay attention to this cup of wine and happened to mention it now.
He pursed his lips and wanted to repeat the excuse of that day—

“Hold on.” Lin Bozhou raised his eyes to stop him.

Meng Huan: “What’s wrong?”

“Huan Huan is going to lie.”

Lin Bozhou’s eyes arched up as if he was smiling, but he was not.
“Because Huan Huan’s ears are perked again.”

Meng Huan: “…………?”

Is there such a thing?

When I lie, will my ears perk up?

Meng Huan looked at Lin Bozhou with suspicion and subconsciously reached out to touch his ears…… they seemed to be a little bit backward, like a rabbit’s ears.


Meng Huan stiffened his spine, restrained his ears from moving around, and his tone was strained.
“I didn’t tell a lie.
That cup was dirty, so I replaced it.
There was nothing inside.”

Although the way Lu Nanxing and Xu Ruolin slipped a drug in was too disgusting, they tried to knock down Shan Xing to give him the opportunity to escape.
On the other hand, Lin Bozhou was a murderous maniac, so it was better not to drag them to death together.

Meng Huan made up his mind not to admit it.

“Huan Huan doesn’t want to admit it, huh?”

Lin Bozhou’s tone didn’t have the intent to blame.
He ended with a low tone as if he was chatting casually and even doting a little.

Meng Huan began to act confused and dazed.
“Admit to what ah?”

Lin Bozhou said slowly, “This husband will not be angry if you admit it.
This husband only wants to ascertain the motive of the people who drugged Huan Huan.”


Meng Huan jerked his head up to look at him and repeated it, his mind a little dizzy.

His dark, moist, almond eyes widened like he hadn’t heard it.
However, the word “drug” was enough to make his heart beat wildly, stumbling and saying, “Drug…… what drug…… “

Xu Ruolin’s drug? Did he drug himself?

Lin Bozhou lowered his eyes, the corners of his lips pursing downward, and stopped the conversation with uncertainty.

“That night, did Huan Huan not remember anything at all?”

Meng Huan’s expression was blank; it was as if he had never thought of the human heart turning in that direction.

Lin Bozhou’s lips tightened slightly.

The matter of Meng Huan getting angry and ignoring people these two days occupied his mind.
In addition to the busy political affairs, he was sometimes a little lost in thought.
Shen Qingyu, the flirty gentleman who had a three-year-old child, came to congratulate him.
“Has Your Highness been very pleased recently?”

Lin Bozhou said indifferently, “How can you tell this prince was proud?”

Everyone knew you came to the south gate half an hour late that day.
This subordinate asked Shan Xing, only to learn that the prince was busy spoiling the little princess and almost suspended business at the imperial court.” Shen Qingyu clicked his tongue.

Lin Bozhou lowered his eyes and did not speak.
After a while, he said, “He was somewhat angry with me.”

Shen Qingyun then gave him an analysis of why the princess was angry.
“Shy! Definitely shy! Youngsters are made of water, especially virgin youth.
When they encounter such things, they are very shy.
Your Highness has to understand that the first time you touch the princess, you are having fun, but the princess will suffer a lot, so it’s normal to have a little temper.”

After listening to this, Lin Bozhou hummed and thought Meng Huan was angry with him for being too reckless that night.

Indeed, Meng Huan was obviously timid, psychologically fragile and sensitive, and even a little afraid of people.
Even if he took the initiative to court him, the process would make him very unhappy.
Given that he felt uncomfortable and complained about him, Lin Bozhou did not feel anything, just wanting to coax him and cheer him up.

He only wanted to ask that question to confirm whether Meng Huan took an aphrodisiac on his initiative to seduce him.

Meng Huan did not like him.
If he wanted to get more benefits, using a drug to get power and sex was indeed a good method, and it made his heart flutter.

Lin Bozhou was satisfied and had given him the deserved wealth and position after sleeping together.
He had fulfilled everything Meng Huan wanted.
But now, he found that the ridiculous thing that happened that night seemed not to be Meng Huan’s initiative; the seduction was also not Meng Huan’s original wish.

Lin Bozhou asked, “What did Huan Huan do at that time in the carriage?”

Meng Huan reluctantly recalled, appearing bewildered, and said, “I was too drunk and dizzy, so I should have been sleeping?  I can’t remember……”


Lin Bozhou gently closed his lips and no longer spoke.

His originally gentle gaze slowly took on a few cold tones and became as quiet as ancient deep water.

Lin Bozhou’s eyes were born long, narrow, and cold; the tail of his eyes slightly upturned.
When he smiled, he appeared slightly bewitching, but if the corners of his lips were slightly down, his temperament would instantly become extremely cold.

The atmosphere became cold.
Meng Huan noticed something and looked up.
“What’s wrong?”

He thought Lin Bozhou was angry with himself.

Lin Bozhou lowered his eyes and looked as if he was thinking.
A moment later, he opened his mouth, sounding as if he was laughing but not.
“Our Huan Huan seemed to have been cheated by someone again.”

Meng Huan: “Huh?”

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