After Lin Bozhou left, Meng Huan called someone to fetch hot water.

Fengzhi asked, “Your Highness, do you want this servant to serve you to bathe?”

“No, no.” After all this time, Meng Huan was still not used to having young girls serve the rich, so when they brought hot water and poured it into the wooden bucket, he dismissed everyone from the room.

Meng Huan took off his clothes and soaked himself in hot water.

The hot water’s temperature wasn’t particularly high and was comfortably warm.
The ripples nourished the tired skin and stirred up the soreness and swelling that had been buried all day.
His body was weak and extremely tired.

Meng Huan rested his jaw on the barrel, frowning and wilting slightly.

He let the ripples sway around his skin and quietly felt the changes in his body.
Before transmigrating into the book, Meng Huan was an eighteen-year-old boy who had just started college less than a year ago, had never been in love, liked to stay at home, and liked to knock cp*.
Although he liked to brag and talk nonsense, he had no experience of actually falling in love with someone.

*Knock cp: the act of supporting an on-screen couple.

But now he had a husband, someone who had possession of his body.

—But they had no feelings for each other.

Moreover, the other person didn’t really like himself.

When he thought of this, Meng Huan’s eyes became despondent, and he lowered his head to flick the water.

The warm water’s sensation seemed to reflect Lin Bozhou’s figure, aloof and remote, noble and elegant.
Everything was so strange and distant, completely unimaginable.

The young man’s fair skin was pinched into many bruises, and the evidence of last night’s events hadn’t disappeared, appearing mottled and looking very tragic.

Aggression rose up again.

Meng Huan: woo woo woo qwq

Tears fell into the water pool.

Meng Huan felt he was a canary given to the powerful officials to play with, with only physical charm.
He had to desperately use his beauty to please Lin Bozhou every night to get glory and wealth, but Lin Bozhou never treated him as a human being and kicked him out when he was old and senile.

So pitiful.
The more Meng Huan thought about it, the more he sympathized with himself.

As he washed, Meng Huan’s fingers brushed his skin.
The human body temperature and the sensation of being touched felt like another pair of hands caressing him in a trance.

The undispersed fog from last night’s dream floated in his head.
At the end of the fog, Meng Huan could gradually see Lin Bozhou’s face clearly.

“So, Huan Huan likes this……?”

The man’s voice was low and hoarse; leaning on his ear, his breath blew into his ear, burning him to a gentle shiver.

Meng Huan fiercely shook his head, flinging damp water droplets.
The cold hair brushed the side of his white face, and the atmosphere was stiff and cold, making him momentarily lie in the bucket with a weird expression.

Was this what happened last night?

He could not remember, resulting in him having a strange impression of Lin Bozhou.
And Lin Bozhou……

His face emerged again in his mind.

…… From a certain point of view, Lin Bozhou indeed looked very good, the kind that both men and women liked.
It was said that adding one point would be too wild while adding another point would be too soft; presently, he was just elegant enough and as handsome as a demon.

This scumbag bigwig was so good-looking.

Meng Huan lay on the edge of the barrel, looking dejected, and waited until the water temperature gradually became cool before climbing up.
He took a dry cloth and wiped the water from his body.

When wiping, Meng Huan couldn’t help but take a look at himself repeatedly.

He couldn’t remember anything about last night, but at least he got rid of his virginity.
The aftermath was quite pleasant for Lin Bozhou, but he felt nothing.

The benefits were all taken up by Lin Bozhou alone.

Remembering it made him angry again.

Meng Huan put on his clothes in a messy mood.
When he went out, the courtyard was brightly lit, and the servants were happily packing up their things and preparing to move to the main palace where the Princess Regent lived.

To them, the master had gained favor.

Meng Huan dropped his eyes, feeling uninterested, and returned to his small room.

He kicked off his shoes and climbed into bed, lying under the covers and raising his hand to pat it.

He wished he could get a good night’s sleep.

He hoped……

There was no Lin Bozhou in the dream.

The procedure for the establishment of a princess was very tedious.

The next day, people knocked on Meng Huan’s courtyard door one after another.
Some people came to cut clothes and make jewelry, and others sent gifts to seek profit through family ties.

Meng Huan listened as patiently as possible for a while.

The news of him being brought back to the bed chamber by Lin Bozhou last night and pampered for one night was, unsurprisingly, spread again.
Everyone said, “The prince’s favor to the princess is quite deep and unprecedented.
The princess will have a prosperous life in the future.”

“Your Highness? This small person has a jade hairpin here, warm and elegant, which complement’s the princess.
It will be very beautiful when you wear it.”

“This small person also has a book of spring paintings, containing several secret techniques, which can be used to please the prince in the room after the princess learns them.”

Meng Huan’s personality was relatively easy to get along with, and they said everything outwardly.
Talking about this and that, Meng Huan’s smile gradually disappeared, but he didn’t ask them to leave, only not talking much.

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