You Jin pressed his thumb and middle finger together in a motherly gesture and said, “It’s good.
His Highness finally has someone by his side, ha!”

He said while wiping his tears.
“We, subordinates, can take care of  His Highness occasionally, but we also can’t care for everything.
Many things still need to be said with the person by the pillow.
I hope Madam is kind and can care for His Highness for the late princess and us.
Outsiders always view our prince in glory, but only we who stay by his side know how much suffering the prince has endured—”

He stopped talking and squatted under the dark eaves of the late night, waiting for Lin Bozhou’s summons.

This aspect was bad in ancient times.
The wooden doors were glued with paper, and the soundproofing was not very good.
It couldn’t be said as intentional, but the sounds inside would always come out a little.

You Jin grinned as he listened.
“I watched His Highness grow up and never thought I would see this day come.”

Little eunuch: “…………”

You are perverted, ah.

A while later, the hot water delivery was also standing outside, lining up in several rows.

After waiting for a while, a eunuch came out of the door.
“Send the hot water.”

Everyone entered, and two people’s figures could be seen vaguely across the screen.
The air was filled with a mixture of heat and sandalwood; it was faint but everywhere.

Pouring hot water into the large wooden bucket, You Jin asked from outside, “Your Highness, do you want this servant to serve you?”

“No.” The male voice that came was low and hoarse.

A few moments later, the beautifully carved screen was half pushed open.
Lin Bozhou came out wearing a white inner robe and put on large outer clothes, his damp hair clinging to the back of his fair neck, revealing his distinct jaw, appearing handsome like a demon.

Lin Bozhou looked languid, and the darkness between his eyebrows seemed more intense, giving off a sense of moistness by the rain, incomparably handsome.
His eyelids were half-lidded, thoughts lazily sinking, and his attention was on the wooden bucket full of hot water.

You Jin cautiously asked, “Your Highness, Madam……”

“Madam is sleeping.”

You Jin probably had a guess in his heart and did not dare to ask more questions, only fulfilling his duties as a servant.
“Then should this servant go and serve Madam–”

“No need.”

It was always the eunuchs who served people.
Eunuchs were a sad group, losing the lower part of their bodies in exchange for a chance to serve the imperial family.
Without their male sex traits, only then were they qualified to be trusted.

However, no matter who it was, Lin Bozhou didn’t want other people to go near what he cared about; this was the consensus in the prince’s residence— just like how he had to take care of any political affairs himself.

Obviously, Lin Bozhou also didn’t want anyone to touch Meng Huan now.

You Jin had nothing to say about the prince’s possessiveness and nodded.

Hot water was poured to the brim, and Lin Bozhou said, “Go out.”

You Jin stepped back out and retreated to the door.

“Hold on.” Lin Bozhou’s slightly hoarse voice called him again.

“Does Your Highness have another instruction?”

“Go and find Chen An,” He said suddenly after thinking about it.

Lin Bozhou’s long fingers rubbed his forehead; he was a little sleepy, but his narrow eyes were squinted, his mood seemingly good.
“Find him to prepare Madam’s consort promotion documents.”

Consort promotion?

Promoted to a princess?

Would the prince’s residence finally have another half of the master?

Meng Huan had not been in the prince’s residence for long and only slept with Lin Bozhou once but was already recognized as a master.
You Jin was so surprised that he could not speak, and the handkerchief in his hand almost fell to the ground.
He couldn’t restrain his excitement for a moment and nodded fiercely.

His voice was sharp.

Falling into a daze, Meng Huan felt like he had a dream.

It was a beautiful dream at first.
He dreamt he was on a boat in a green sea, drifting with the waves and going with the flow, and his body and mind were soaked by the warm wind and water, floating like Patrick and SpongeBob, sunny and happy.

But the sky gradually became covered by dark clouds, and raindrops fell in large drops, hitting his face and body, wetting him.

He began to feel uncomfortable and fiercely tried to break free of this stifling feeling, waking up amidst the suffocation—

The daylight shone into his eyes, unusually harsh.

Meng Huan gently gasped for air and widened his almond-shaped eyes, looking around.
He found himself in a magnificent bed chamber, with expensive furnishings on the display shelves and paintings hanging on the walls.
Everything was built with elegance and luxury— very different from the small courtyard he lived in.

But he couldn’t remember where this was for the moment.

Several eunuchs and maids rushed in from outside the door.
“Madam, is Madam awake?”

In an instant, Meng Huan was sure that this was Lin Bozhou’s bed chamber.
His open mouth didn’t close, and he looked down.
He didn’t know who had changed him into brand new night clothes, but the collar was neatly folded—

The maids rushed behind him, and Meng Huan shouted, “All out!”

The maids stopped in their tracks.

Meng Huan: “Get out!”

Meng Huan realized his voice was hoarse; he couldn’t scream, and his throat was painful.
A thought floated in his head, a chill rose in his back, and his heart began to beat wildly.

It couldn’t be, could it?

Everything showed that he and Lin Bozhou had tied the knot as a married couple.

Last night’s drinking at the restaurant was still vivid in his mind, but his thoughts were completely cut off after being drunk.
Meng Huan remembered being held by Lin Bozhou, saying they would return to the prince’s residence.
He couldn’t remember anything later……


Meng Huan was a little breathless for a while.

Until now, his impression of Lin Bozhou was stuck as a traitor who would kill without blinking; a cold and cruel ruler who did all the bad things and would sooner or later cause trouble in the future, but he did not expect……

Meng Huan tried to recall the events of last night, but the headache was splitting, and his memories were completely cut off after drinking, and he lost consciousness.

A thought gradually became clear—

Could it be that Lin Bozhou took advantage of his drunkenness…… and forcibly consummated the marriage?

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