The smooth silk cloth fell to the ground.

Although Meng Huan had long reminded himself to avoid the line of sight, he still did not have time.
The book repeatedly used “magnificent,” “murder weapon,” “dagger,” “open up a new territory,” “plunder,” “pile driver,” and so on words to describe the object close at hand.
Meng Huan hurriedly closed his eyes and mentally shouted: “Amitabha Buddha, sin, sin,” turning his head as if stung by a needle.

–The image he just saw flashed through his brain.

It was really …… unexaggerated.

Meng Huan panicked like a small cat, flustered, and scooped up a handful of water.
“Your Highness, I’ll help you see if the water is hot….”

The water splashed, and Meng Huan’s fingers shook.

“Hmm? Is it hot?” Lin Bozhou looked down at his face; his voice tinged with laughter.

He seemed to step forward and pressed Meng Huan’s back very closely.
Meng Huan almost felt the hot air fall to the side of his ear, tickling and brushing over, blowing the back of his ear wet, exceptionally alluring.

Meng Huan was now not only blushing like hell, but his fingers were also hot and red, and he could hardly tell if the water was hot or he was hot.

How could this be?

It should not be?

Could such emotions happen because of the book’s description? After all, the original text often wrote that the gong and shou’s bodies were perfectly matched.
The moment they met, there was a spark of fire… Meng Huan confirmed that’s why he would trigger this strange reaction and attraction to Lin Bozhou.

That’s right.

He was uninterested in the great traitor, ah!

Meng Huan patted his forehead to force himself to calm down.
“Not hot.
The water temperature is just right.
Your Highness can get into the water.”

The corners of Lin Bozhou’s lips were slightly raised, still with the somewhat cruel smile of a carnivore.
“Thank you, beloved consort.”

With a splash, Lin Bozhou entered the pool.

He held his jaw with one hand, like a mermaid crouching on the shore, his long and slender knuckles tapping the side of his ear, still gazing steadily at Meng Huan.

Under his gaze, Meng Huan had to constantly remind himself to get along with him to breathe to alleviate the tension in his back.

Meng Huan abided by his concubine’s duty and walked to the pool to hold up his hair, only to see some light pink haloed deep in his long, dark hair.


Meng Huan finally knew where the smell of blood on him came from.

The hair.
His hair was stained with human blood.

Meng Huan’s heart beat wildly, his small face turned pale, his fingers suddenly stiffened, his spine that had just eased up tensed again, and his eyes rolled.

The corners of Lin Bozhou’s lips were slightly raised, and he seemed amused by his frightened appearance, smiling.
“The Northern Zhenfu Division has recently caught some dishonest corrupters.
This prince just went to interrogate some of their accomplices, so his means were rough.
It has nothing to do with you, don’t be afraid.”

No need to be afraid.

When had Meng Huan ever seen these bloody scenes as a modern person?

Meng Huan nodded stiffly and continued to wash his hair.
The layer of crimson blood flowed down and gradually spread out, staining the surrounding water light red.

And Lin Bozhou sat calmly in the water, damp black hair against the skin, simply like a handsome devil Asura.

…… Indeed, the more beautiful, the uglier.

Meng Huan secretly muttered while his wrist was suddenly grabbed.
Lin Bozhou turned his head sideways, and his face fell into the shadows of the candle flame.
“Does the beloved consort want to share a bath with this prince?”

Meng Huan: “Honestly, I don’t want to.”

But after he finished, he saw Lin Bozhou’s long fingertips tapping on the edge of the pool paused and did not continue again, stopping unexplainably.

The atmosphere became silent and quiet.

Meng Huan numbly undressed without saying a word.
“This concubine will come down.”

Slender fingers resumed tapping.

Lin Bozhou smiled imploringly.
“What a good boy.”


The clothes were almost removed, but Meng Huan left the last underpants and stepped into the water.
Afterward, he was a few feet away from Lin Bozhou, like avoiding a plague, scooping up water and rinsing his body, pretending to be busy bathing.

His complexion was white and smooth, as smooth as porcelain, and the white was almost reflective.
But perhaps because of heat or shyness, his cheeks, ears, neck, the back of his hands, and joints were tinged with red, quite seductive.

Washing his body, Meng Huan secretly glanced at the completely unadorned Lin Bozhou, and the redness behind his ears became more intense.
He slowly hung his head.

Lin Bozhou’s fingers on his ears paused.
He looked on helplessly as Meng Huan’s head arched extremely low and sank into the pool.
With a puff of bubbles, he swam in a small range like a small fish.

–It seemed like he would rather drown than face him.


The corner of Lin Bozhou’s lips raised slightly.

He stretched out his arm, gently swaying in the water waves.
Soon, he seemed to grab something and slowly moved it upwards.
Then, he pinched Meng Huan’s jaw and lifted his whole face.

The young man’s eyelashes were stained with water and blotted, and his lips were moist vermilion.
His appearance was extremely handsome, but his eyes looked blankly at him.

Lin Bozhou’s eyes welled up with inexplicable emotions.
His fingerbones clenched and he gently stroked his jaw until his fingertips rose to a burning heat.

–Meng Huan.

The son of Meng Xueming, the court official who impeached him five days ago.

Meng Xueming was exiled to Fengxiang to serve as a military registry, and only Meng Huan, his son, was arrested by him and stayed in the capital.
He heard that he had scolded him in the courtyard for a few days and nights and was irreconcilable with him.
Seeing his face… it was incredibly soft and lovely.

Lin Bozhou’s long, slender fingers slowly moved down and caressed Meng Huan’s thin and fragile throat as if a gentle grip could clench the throat to pieces.

But he didn’t want to do that.

Lin Bozhou turned his head sideways and stared contemplatively at Meng Huan, who was acting like a small fish in the pool.

So cute.

What little tricks were you hiding?

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