Lin Bozhou withdrew his wet finger.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” Meng Huan instantly became a little overwhelmed and confused, moving closer to him, as if to discover the treasure he was hiding, with a puzzled expression.
“Hubby, why don’t you let me kiss you?”

His face was red, his breathing was rapid, and his eyes were moist, looking damp.

Lin Bozhou pinched his jaw and lowered his eyes.
“Is the wine that strong?”

His movements carried a sense of rejection.
Meng Huan was slightly annoyed and threw his head hard into his arms, rubbing against him, his voice soft.
“Aren’t you my hubby? What’s wrong with kissing?”

The bottom of Lin Bozhou’s eyes flashed with emotions, and he asked interestedly, “What is a hubby?”

“Hubby…… “ Meng Huan’s head was feverish, and he changed his posture again, causing Lin Bozhou’s eyes to darken further.
Meng Huan couldn’t really think of anything.
“Hubby means hubby.”

The corners of Lin Bozhou’s lips were slightly raised.
“Does it mean Husband?”

Meng Huan nodded.
“Mm! It means Husband!”

“What about Madam?”

Meng Huan’s voice was soft and cheerful.

*Naopo: a coqquetish way to say laopo or wife.

He called out happily.

The word “wife” was recognizable from the vague tone of voice.

Lin Bozhou lowered his eyelashes, seemingly smiling, and a white finger nudged his forehead.

Meng Huan said solemnly, “I am your wifey.”

The young man seemed more frank than usual when drunk, not caring so much, and his personality was more squeamish and clingy.
Lin Bozhou could not help but tease him, “So what Huan Huan was calling around for just now was this Husband?”

The drunken Meng Huan had little consciousness, the word “hubby” spinning in his head.
Hubby meant it was the person he was the closest with.
He looked up at Lin Bozhou.
“Yes, calling Husband.
Husband, hug me.”

The voice was lovely and cute.

Lin Bozhou slowly raised his eyebrows.

When sober, he was full of guard and feigned civility, but he had less thoughts when drunk and was unexpectedly clingy.

It was quite interesting.

The interesting Meng Huan rubbed his forehead, tugged his clothes with both hands, and muttered softly, “Hubby, I seem to be drunk.”

“You did drink a lot.” Lin Bozhou said indifferently.

Meng Huan subconsciously squeezed the lapel of his clothes.
“It’s a little hot.”

This was a carriage driving in the middle of a main street.
The attendants and coachman were just a few steps away, so they could hear all the movements.
Lin Bozhou’s tone was sterner: “Huan Huan, be good.
Watch your manners.”


Meng Huan was really hot, his whole body’s blood surging and boiling, with a little red face.
He laid down in Lin Bozhou’s arms and gave in momentarily.
“Then go back to fan the fan*.”

T/N: Not sure if this is supposed to be intentional or if the author made a typo in the raw.

The little drunkard appeared to have calmed down.

Lin Bozhou lowered his eyes and felt relieved.

But Meng Huan began to press close to him in his arms dishonestly.

The prince regent held the authority and power of the dynasty, wearing a blazing crimson upright mangpao, but his body temperature was low, and his fingertips were ice-cold like a cold jade.

Meng Huan’s forehead gently pressed forward to Lin Bozhou’s forehead, drawing in the coolness while he let out a “Huhu~” sound from his pouting lips.



The breath ruffled the hair on Lin Bozhou’s temples.

The young man didn’t feel childish at all, and his eyes were bright, huffing and puffing.
He grabbed Lin Bozhou’s hand and put it on his face, his tone drunken.
“I’m so hot, but you don’t even care about me.”

Lin Bozhou paused momentarily, his voice containing a smile.
“Isn’t Huan Huan trying to escape from the prince’s residence and leave this husband? Then how can this husband take care of him?”

When he said this, Lin Bozhou straightened the embroidered cuffs he had messed up, raised his knuckles, and lazily propped his forehead.

He put on a noble and graceful posture, and his eyes didn’t bother to look at Meng Huan.
If things were as usual, Meng Huan would have been like a cat with a shrunken neck, choking on these words and staring at him dumbly.

But this time, Meng Huan’s voice was confused.
“When did I want to escape?”

He frowned, as if thinking hard for a while, and said seriously, “I like Husband the most.”

The voice was clear and sweet.

For those who didn’t know, they would think he was in love.


Lin Bozhou unconsciously raised his eyebrows.

— If not for the assassination letter a few days ago, Lin Bozhou would have thought so.

But Meng Huan was quite an interesting person.
The assassination letter was intercepted by the prince’s residence’s servant, and he had to communicate with people outside the house.
He busied around anxiously but still made a total mess.
He didn’t seem too smart.

Lin Bozhou arranged his sleeves and lowered his eyes.
“Love this husband the most?”

“Mm-hmm.” Meng Huan propped himself and stood up drunken and drowsy, and a shadow fell towards Lin Bozhou’s face.


The kiss that fell very lightly on his lips.

The young man’s lips were soft with the faint smell of wine.
It brushed against his lips with a cool watery feeling, like a dragonfly touching the water lightly, so fast that Lin Bozhou didn’t have time to avoid it.

Meng Huan warmly said.
“Like you the most.”


Lin Bozhou had initially sat indifferently in the chair.
When he heard these words, he found that Meng Huan had truly become muddle-headed from the drunkness, his brows knitting into a frown.

The two servants serving Lin Bozhou in the carriage lowered their eyes, looking down at their noses, and pretended not to see all this with cold sweat running down their foreheads.

Lin Bozhou had never taken anyone in the carriage before, especially to do such an unethical thing in the street like now.
If a corner of the curtain were blown up by the wind, revealing a hint of light, Prince Regent Lin Bozhou’s reputation would become a tyrannical lord who was not only dictatorial but also licentious.

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