Xu Ruolin turned the topic back to the apology.
“Your Highness, this junior drunkenly disrespected and insulted the people of the prince’s residence today.
Please forgive this junior, Your Highness.
This junior will come to the door some other day to apologize.”

Lin Bozhou answered faintly, but his attention was instead directed at Meng Huan, who was drinking a small mouthful of wine.

Meng Huan couldn’t drink, but his heart was so depressed that he gritted his teeth and took a mouthful of the spicy wine into his belly.
His eyes were a bit red from the strong taste.

At the end of a bottle of wine, the depression in Meng Huan’s head also disappeared.
It was replaced by a relaxed blankness, unspeakable dizziness, and sleepiness.
He was so lightheaded that his eyelids fell.


Meng Huan drooped his eyelids and yawned.
An alcoholic breath came from his mouth.

He rubbed his eyes and quite liked the feeling.

Lin Bozhou got up.
“Let’s return to the residence.”

Leaving behind Xu Ruolin and Lu Nanxing to stare at each other, he took Meng Huan with him and went down the stairs step by step, leaving the restaurant.

Xu Ruolin picked up the bottle of wine that Meng Huan had drunk to the bottom of and shook it.
The light in his eyes narrowed, and he returned the bottle to the table.

Meng Huan’s head was so dizzy and light-headed that he couldn’t find his way, and he ended up squatting on the street.

The prince regent’s carriage was parked before his eyes, luxurious and extravagant.
The satin canopy enveloped the body, draped with gold-woven tassels, and eight tall steeds covered with majestic masks stood in front.
The carriage was luxurious and incomparable; even the wheels were inlaid with gold and jade.


Meng Huan crossed his arms at the carriage and let out a shocked cry as if he had never seen the world.

His face flushed, and he walked in a daze, reaching out to touch the expensive body.
“It’s so beautiful.”


The stable lad holding the stool looked at the prince regent in horror.

Lin Bozhou lowered his eyes.
“Madam is drunk.
Help him up.”

“Yes.” The subordinates hurriedly helped Meng Huan up to the carriage.

With his feet stomping on the step, Meng Huan’s head went into the carriage.
The heaviness in his head suddenly descended, causing him to lunge forward as if all his strength had been drained.

“Thud.” The sound of a collision.

“……” Lin Bozhou’s jaw hurt from the bump.
He patiently closed his eyes, and his nose smelled the fragrance of Meng Huan’s ear and neck as well as the strong smell of wine.
His face was expressionless as he tried to bring Meng Huan to the seat beside him.
“Huan Huan, sit down.”

But when he held Meng Huan’s waist, Meng Huan naturally parted his legs and followed his movements, adjusting his posture to sit across his lap, face to face; it was similar to holding a child.


Lin Bozhou raised his eyes.
“ Huan Huan.”

The voice contained the pressure of authority.

If Meng Huan were sober, he would immediately understand that the prince did not like this posture and wanted to change it.

But at this time, after Lin Bozhou said these words, Meng Huan did not move.

He wrapped his arms around Lin Bozhou’s neck.
His body was soft, appearing intoxicated, and he looked at him somewhat sluggishly with raised eyes, his eyes moist and bright.

He seemed to be identifying who Lin Bozhou was.

For a moment, Meng Huan vaguely uttered a word.

*T/N: Meng Huan is saying 老公, the modern term for husband, which Lin Bozhou wouldn’t understand what it meant.
I changed it to “hubby” so that it’s easy to distinguish from the term “husband” used in ancient times.

Lin Bozhou paused.

Meng Huan found a thread of logic and looked at this familiar face of Lin Bozhou.
The most profound person that could be remembered in the recent past flashed through his mind, and there was only this person before him.

Meng Huan confirmed, “You are my hubby.”

This word “Hubby” made his drunken voice sound mushy and soft.
Although Lin Bozhou did not understand what it meant, he roughly guessed this should be a very intimate address.

“Hubby, hubby~”

Meng Huan insisted on calling, tilting his head as if he would not give up if he did not respond.

When you’re drunk, do you like to fool around so much?

Lin Bozhou closed his eyes and responded, “Mm, hubby is here.”

Meng Huan immediately became so happy in his arms, curving his eyes and laughing.
I really have a hubby! So handsome, woo woo woo woo.
The same as in the novel……”

Meng Huan was restless, and his voice was obedient and incredibly sweet.


Lin Bozhou raised his hand and stopped to caress his face, not knowing what he was saying.
“Huan Huan, be good.
Don’t make a scene.
You can sleep first if you are sleepy.
We will return to the residence in a while.”

His fingers were cool, touching Meng Huan’s hot face.

“Hubby’s body is so nice and cold……”

Meng Huan seemed to want to be close to something cold, tilted his head, and gently rubbed his face against the back of Lin Bozhou’s lean hand.

—The touch of the fingertips was tingling and cool.

Like a fur-licking kitten, Meng Huan leaned close and kissed his chin again, his voice drunken.

Lin Bozhou lowered his eyes and did not speak.

The atmosphere was suddenly bizarre to the extreme.


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