Lin Bozhou changed into his court dress, a dark red mangfu with gold threads and brocade interwoven into gorgeous dragon patterns, overlaid with a crimson garment, looking extremely good-looking.
His hair was also tied up, and he wore a gold-embedded jade crown, showing an unspeakable power when he sat steadily.

When eating, Meng Huan had already roughly understood Lin Bozhou’s work schedule—

After eating early in the morning, Lin Bozhou would leave on time at 3 am.
The prince regent’s residence was within the Imperial Capital, half an hour’s walk from the Imperial City.
Thus, Lin Bozhou would arrive outside the Imperial City at 4 am.

The Imperial City’s gate was usually opened at 5 am, so the arriving minister had to wait, but this rule did not count for Lin Bozhou.
After entering the Imperial City, he first went to the Wen Yuan Court in the Wen Hua Hall to deal with political affairs.
After dealing with the matter, he went to the Taiji Hall to greet the emperor at about 5 am.

At 5:30 a.m., the ministers arrived and began to organize the morning court.

After the morning court, the emperor could go to study.
He and the other five cabinet members returned to the Wen Yuan Court.
They continued to deal with the political affairs reported by the ministers until the end of the evening before getting off work and returning to the residence in a palanquin.

After returning to the residence, Lin Bozhou spent an hour reading and another hour writing letters.

Meng Huan remembered the phrase: “How can you sleep at your age?”

Lin Bozhou slept for only one or two shichen* a day and persisted for six years.
These six years, he relied on the horrific self-discipline of a machine, methodical but meticulously organized, to hold every matter of Great Zhong’s court firmly in his hands and become the first powerful minister whose authority was unmatched.

*Shichen: two hours.

Meng Huan looked at Lin Bozhou’s departing figure with a chill at his back.

Do not fear smart people but fear self-disciplined people.

Especially Lin Bozhou, a monster who lives as a ruling machine.

—Have you ever seen the prince regent’s residence at 4 am?

Meng Huan squatted in the courtyard for half an hour, questioning his life.
He returned to bed and tossed and turned but could not sleep.

Something pinched his back, and it hurt so much that Meng Huan lifted the covers and shone a light on it.

—It was the letter he had hidden under the bed.

Lu Nanxing agreed to meet with him three days later in that letter, which was today.

In any case, Lu Nanxing was a good friend of the original host in the original book and should not be a bad person.
The other party wanted to meet him, so perhaps he would have a clue to escape.

Meng Huan was confused for a while and decided to take a chance to see if he could leave the residence, climbing up and dressing to go to the main gate.

The guards were on duty, wielding swords and iron armor.

Not recognizing Meng Huan, they said aloud, “You need a token to travel!”

Meng Huan sighed.
He should have known this result.
He turned around and prepared to return to the courtyard, but he saw a figure standing, smiling, and looking at him for an unknown time.

It was Shan Xing, Lin Bozhou’s close friend.

He looked at Meng Huan and asked with a smile, “Does Madam want to leave the prince’s residence?”

Meng Huan was afraid that he would discover his intention and incoherently said, “Not really…… I just wandered here in the morning……”

He was ready to go but didn’t expect Shan Xing to say, “If Madam wants to leave the residence, he can go out.
Madam is the prince’s concubine, the master of the house, and can go anywhere he wants.”

Meng Huan was a bit incredulous.
“Is that so?”

“Of course.
It is the prince’s order.” Shan Xing had already walked to the door and called the guards.
“This is the prince’s wife.
His Highness has ordered to let Madam  pass if he wants to go out and must not be stopped.”

The people retrieved their swords and spears and resoundingly said, “Yes!”

Shan Xing: “Madam, please.”

Meng Huan was a bit stunned.
He didn’t expect it would be so easy to leave the residence.
He stood a bit surprised for a while and said hesitantly, “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me,” Shan Xing bowed.
“This is what this subordinate should do.”

Meng Huan turned his head and stepped out of the residence.
He breathed the fresh marketplace scent that did not belong to the prince’s residence and the wonderful smell of freedom.

But after Meng Huan walked a short distance, he realized something and turned back.

Shan Xing also followed behind him with a smiling expression.
“Madam, it is very dangerous outside the prince’s residence.
There are spies, assassins, and bad people everywhere.
A pure and kind person like Madam can easily encounter misfortune when walking on the road.
The prince explained that if Madam wants to go out, it is possible, but someone must be assigned to protect him strictly.”


Like a blow to the head, Meng Huan understood that the price of freedom was being watched.

Meng Huan looked sideways and asked, “Are you the one protecting me?”

Shan Xing nodded.

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