Fengzhi and A-Qing had to nod at each other.
“As you wish, Madam.”

Meng Huan breathed a sigh of relief; indeed, with money came productivity, and with money came everything.

A knock sounded at the door as he watched the people in the courtyard do their business.

The manservant said, “Is Madam here?”

Meng Huan stepped closer.
The man bowed and stood in the dark.
“There is a letter for Madam.”

A letter?

Meng Huan’s mind thumped at the mention of the letter.
Another one from Lu Nanxing? He hurriedly put the letter into his pocket, said “Thank you,” and looked around to ensure no one else saw it.

His sweaty fingers crumpled the paper and secretly placed it under his clothes.
Meng Huan went to the light and looked at it.

“&%$#2! (&%$*+$#@)……”

He frowned.

—Could it be that Lu Nanxing’s writing was too scrawled?

Behind him, A-Qing carried the dishes.
“Madam, the food is ready.”

Meng Huan hurriedly put away the letter.

Sitting in the courtyard, Fengzhi calculated the account.
“Madam, if we don’t eat the food from the main kitchen and cook for ourselves, we must ask someone to buy vegetables outside.
The daily and monthly expenses are recorded in the account so we can pay them together, all right?”

Meng Huan.

He nervously picked at his chopsticks and replied slowly.
All he could think of was the letter, and after a moment, he said, “Fengzhi, how much money do I have left?”

“There’s still thirty taels.”

Meng Huan asked cautiously, “Is it enough to hire a reading teacher?”

“Enough, Madam.
This is…?”


Meng Huan took a deep breath, “I want to learn to read and write.”

That night, Meng Huan did not hold back and sought out the manservant who helped him read and write last time.

The manservant entered the door.
Once he saw him, he looked uncomfortable.

Meng Huan coughed.
“Come and read a letter for me.”

The manservant’s legs buckled.
“Madam….” Did Madam still not know that he had already ratted him out?

He shuddered.
“Those affairs of Madam, this servant doesn’t dare to participate… this servant also dares not read the letter….”

Meng Huan took out a bracelet.

The manservant silently received it while taking the letter, thinking about why the prince didn’t handle this daring assassin.

“Read.” Meng Huan urged.

The manservant went under the lamp and looked at the letter.
He thought that the assassination of the regent would not cause his hands to shake anymore, but he did not expect his hands to shake when he saw the letter.

“What does the letter say?” Meng Huan looked at him.

The manservant took a deep breath.
“The letter expresses admiration and care for Madam, then asks if there is any progress in assassinating the prince and passing information.
Finally, it asks if Madam can come out of the residence to chat with him.
The time is three days later, and the address is at Li Shi Restaurant in Anhe Lane on Dongsheng Street.”

Meng Huan frowned as he listened but then relaxed.

On the one hand, he felt that Lu Nanxing’s request for himself was outrageous, but on the other hand, he suddenly found that he had the option of running away from the residence.

He put away the letter and looked up at the manservant.
“Keep this matter confidential.
Don’t say a word out.
I might use you again in the future.”


The manservant.
“Thank you, Madam, for nurturing me.”

After leaving the courtyard door, the manservant did not hesitate and went to Lin Bozhou’s bed chamber.

The chamber was brightly lit.
Lin Bozhou had just returned from the Imperial City, leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed, his hem lifted, and his feet dipped in a wooden basin.

The eunuch accompanying him brought his feet into the hot water, adding some herbs to relieve fatigue and nurse health, and curved the backs of his fingers to push the acupuncture points on the soles of his feet.

The only sound in the room was the water and Shan Xing’s voice reading from  <>.

After reading, Shan Xing closed the book.
“Your Highness, the Governor of Zhejiang Province replied to the letter today, saying that food is being bought from merchants and government officials.
It will be shipped to Huanghuai when thirty ships are gathered, so you should not worry.”

Speaking of this letter, Lin Bozhou tapped his forehead and remembered something.
“How is Madam these days?”

“I heard from the subordinates that Madam is either in the courtyard or painting in the various Water Pavilions lately.”

After saying that, Shan Xing remembered.
“Also, it seems that Madam intends to find a reading teacher to teach him to read and write.”

“Hmm?” Lin Bozhou lifted his eyes.

At the door, the subordinate said, “Your Highness, Xisun requests to see you.”

The same manservant who helped Meng Huan read the letter entered the door and knelt on the floor.

Shan Xing laughed.
“So that’s what happened.”

Lin Bozhou managed not to laugh.
“What letter is it this time?”

The manservant recited the contents of the letter.

The candle flame flickered, and the atmosphere was a bit quiet.
Lin Bozhou’s fingers tapped on the back of the chair as if contemplating the letter’s contents.
After a long time, he said, “Fine.
It’s indeed good to find a teacher to learn reading.”

But Shan Xing’s attention was on the second half of the letter.
“Your Highness, will Madam really sneak out to meet this person?”

To put it in a bigger way, it was a premeditated assassination of Lin Bozhou.

To put it in a smaller way, it was also a private meeting between a married man and another person.

Lin Bozhou gently pressed his fingers until it formed a snapping sound; the tone was a bit cold.

“Secure the watch on the residence’s gate for this prince.”


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